Catholic Charities CEO (And Other “Catholic Social Justice” Leaders) – Donating To Pro-Abortion Candidates

Catholic Charities CEO (And Other “Catholic Social Justice” Leaders) – Donating To Pro-Abortion Candidates

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Let’s look at Catholic Charities as a whole. We see the majority of contributions going towards pro-abort candidates (there are a few pockets of sanity in that list). Most notably, we see that Msgr John Enzler, president and CEO of Catholic Charities, gave $250 to pro-abortion John Delaney last November and Kathleen Matthews a few months prior. In addition to being pro-abortion herself, Matthews is the wife of Chris Matthews.

There’s more to this Enzler-Matthews situation than meets they eye. Let me recall some history. Msgr John Enzler was pastor of Blessed Sacrament in DC. It sits on the south side of Western Avenue. On the north side is Chevy Chase MD. I think it was in the very early part of 2012 that he left Blessed Sacrament to take the reins of Catholic Charities. In February, despite our many pleas, Chris Matthews did a book-signing at Blessed Sacrament. The timing of the event was such that caused us to believe that the invitation to Matthews occurred while Enzler was still at Blessed Sacrament. At any rate, we were there when Matthews appeared and we protested quite unmistakably. See here for some reports on that. So now we can see what appears to be a rather cozy relationship between the CEO of Catholic Charities and a prominent pro-abortion “katholyc” couple.

Looking at Just Faith, we see that the little that was contributed went to Barack Obama and John Kerry. Put the word “Jesuit” in the employer box and you’ll see that most of their recipients are pro-aborts, with a few pockets of sanity sprinkled throughout.

There are a number of people named “Charles Short” on this page, but the one of interest is in Rockville, MD. Currently Special Assistant to the County Executive, he was a director of social concerns for the Archdiocese of Washington. He recently gave money to pro-abortion Chris Van Hollen as the latter runs for the Senate seat being vacated by Barbara Mikulski.

Let’s look at contributions from those who draw paychecks from [the “re-Catholicized”] Catholic University of America. Stephen Schneck is the Director of the Institute for Policy And Catholic Studies at CUA – at least he was at one time. In addition to his many other lapses of judgment, he has seen fit to donate solely to pro-abortion politicians. Why on earth was he ever put in a position where he could corrupt young Catholic minds?

Until very recently, Barbara Early was an associate professor of social work at Catholic University of America. As you can see at this link, she contributed a total of $1500 to Obama/Biden and four months ago to Clinton/Kaine. Leah Wortham, a law professor, has contributed thousands to Obama/Biden throughout the years. Eric Jenkins, another professor, gave $2000 to John Kerry.

These people are so-called “movers and shakers” in the “social justice” crowd within the US hierarchy. As we see where they literally put their money, we get a clear indication regarding their not-so-hidden socialistic and anti-God mindsets. Their “social justice” is not Catholic by any stretch of the imagination.

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2 comments on “Catholic Charities CEO (And Other “Catholic Social Justice” Leaders) – Donating To Pro-Abortion Candidates

  1. Sad. Apostate pro-abortion modernists are bad enough. But the kookier anti-Catholic bigots have trouble hiding their agenda even when they are not quoting anti-Catholic Marxists in liberal publications or slandering the pre-Vatican II Catholic Church. The Paul Blanshard and vulgar Jack Chick anti-Catholic bigots are pretty miserable. Yet even conservative pro-life Protestant writers are wondering out loud why Biden is not disciplined by the USCCB Catholic bishops. When Protestants are calling upon Catholic bishops to do something about crazy pro-abortion liberal Catholics of the Biden and Pelosi type, you know there’s a problem. Has the Spirit of Vatican II gone too far for pro-life Protestants:

    “Good grief, if even Protestants think the time has come…” (Catholic World Report)

  2. Would it be too much to point out that “Catholic Charities” with pro-abortionists in key positions adds yet another “equivocation” to progressive modernism or would that be excessive rigidity and neo-Pelagian triumphalism again? Why aren’t they really Catholic?

    With the politics of abortion in focus, how is the so-called Benedict Option, invoking St. Benedict of Nursia and Benedictine tradition, going to work without a Catholic Church to declare sainthood or even to explain what the problems with modernity and secularism might be? Is someone from a yahoo Bible College that declares every Pope in history to be “the Antichrist” going to lecture Catholics about that with condescension (like the one trolling recently who has no idea what is going on in the Catholic Church or at places like Notre Dame)? How is that going to work? Maybe someone in Rome should ask Pope Francis, or at least a journalist in one of the airplane interviews.

    The modernist bishops of the USCCB need to start thinking about how the scandal of pro-abortion “Catholics” damages the Church and affects non-Catholics. You have to feel sorry for the latter, sitting on the outside wondering what is really going on, with mostly crazy modernists in charge with their heads buried in the sand. You are starting to see what kind of world emerges when the Catholic Church is out to lunch. The sin of Biden and Pelosi, along with that of these appalling pro-abortion modernists connected with Catholic Charities, is that by setting such a bad example to non-Catholics they are preventing Catholic evangelization in this country. Who wants to “convert” to pro-abortion modernism of the Biden and Pelosi flavor?

    Why is a professor at a supposedly “Catholic” university donating THOUSANDS of dollars to a pro-abortion candidate when there are students who need scholarship funding? Some student could not afford to attend CUA that semester, while professors are donating money to pro-abortion fanatics? They have some BIG problems on that campus.

    Pray for vocations and the Church, but pray for this college and the pro-abortion apostates on its faculty.

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