Martyrology-August 10th
Roman Martyrology-August 10th- on this date in various years-

At Rome, on the Tiburtine Way, the birthday of the blessed archdeacon Lawrence, martyred during the persecution of Valerian. After much suffering from imprisonment, from scourging with whips set with iron or lead, from hot metal plates, he at last completed his martyrdom by being slowly consumed on an iron instrument made in the form of a gridiron. His body was buried by blessed Hippolytus and the priest Justin in the cemetery of Cyriaca, in the Agro Verano.

In Spain, the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title of our Lady of Ransom, foundress of the Order for the Redemption of Captives. Her feast is celebrated on the 24th of September.

At Rome, the passion of one hundred and sixty-five holy martyrs, who were soldiers under Emperor Aurelian.

At Alexandria, the commemoration of the holy martyrs who in the persecution of Valerian, under the governor Emilian, were long tormented with diverse and sharp tortures, and obtained the crown of martyrdom by various kinds of deaths.

At Bergamo, St. Asteria, virgin and martyr, in the persecution of Emperors Diocletian and Maximian.

At Carthage, the holy virgins and martyrs Bassa, Paula, and Agathonica.

At Rome, the holy confessor Deusdedit, a labouring man who gave to the poor every Saturday what he had earned during the week.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.

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