‘Green teams’ coming to churches

‘Green teams’ coming to churches

San Francisco parishioners plan to put ‘Laudato Si’ into action

Emerging parish “green teams” from almost a dozen parishes participated in a half-day workshop on July 30 hosted by St. Teresa of Avila Parish on San Francisco’s Potrero Hill.

[With the archbishop’s blessing and representatives from liberal parishes such as Most Holy Redeemer]


The following comes from an August 9 Catholic San Francisco article by Christina Gray:

Parish ‘green teams’ designed to help Catholics walk the talk of Pope Francis’ environmental encyclical have taken root if not yet sprouted at a dozen parishes in the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

Members of the nascent green teams came together on July 30 at St. Teresa of Avila Parish in San Francisco to share progress, aspirations and obstacles during a “green team workshop” led by members of the parish’s own green team.

“We came here today to find out what is working in other parishes so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel,” said Verna Shaheen, a parishioner at Most Holy Redeemer. She and friend Barbara Applegate got the nod from their pastor before talking to parishioners about recycling and composting at after-Mass coffee hour. “Some people are on board and others are resistant,” she said.

The archdiocese encouraged laity to “be the driving force” in forming a parish response to the imperatives of “Laudato Si’: On Care For Our Common Hame” at an April 23 conference organized at the behest of Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone. He and an overflow crowd of 100 pastors, parishioners and staff at St. Anne of the Sunset parish hall collectively unpacked the pope’s historic messages.

After going around the room and listening to team members, organizers identified four topics of greatest interest for discussion: how to start a green team, how to work with pastors, how to benchmark energy savings, and how to bring “Laudato Si’” into the Mass and other liturgies.

Another popular discussion led by Father Ken Weare, pastor of St. Rita Parish was focused on weaving the concept of caring for creation into the Mass and other special liturgies.
You really have to help your pastor more than ever if you want to bring the encyclical into the liturgy because there are fewer of them now and more work for them to do, he said. “Approach your pastor with a plan set out ahead of time and even homily ideas,” he said.

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4 comments on “‘Green teams’ coming to churches

  1. Is this like … proselytizing?

  2. From In Vatican’s worldview, it’s ‘now or never’ on climate change by LifeSiteNews’ Steve Weatherbe:

    Why … the climate change shibboleth? The National Post’s Peter Foster provides an answer in his column. After the collapse of the Soviet Union discredited socialism, Foster says its adherents have migrated into the environmental movement, justifying their undying goal of government control over the economy and individual action with calls … for suppression of fossil fuel use combined with wealth redistribution. “Radical socialism has far from disappeared. It has simply gone green,” Foster writes.

    Read more at www.lifesitenews.com/news/in-vaticans-view-its-now-or-never-on-climate-change

  3. Robin: Gosh, Batman, is this some kind of test?

    Batman: Possibly, Robin. We can never be sure what progressive modernists might pull next. Always be cautious of unusual women promoting Enneagram seminars.

    Catwoman: I’ve never heard that one before, Batman.

    Batman: Well, you need to get out more and spend some time in modernist parishes, Catwoman.

    Father Fitzgibbon: What’s an Enneagram? Is it like Bingo?

    Captain Kirk: Mister Spock! The progressive modernist crusade against air conditioning reaching the parish committee level of eco-socialist vigilantes in the hermeneutics of the Spirit of Vatican II… analyze using your usual superior Vulcan logic which we no longer claim to be “superior” out of a concern not to be accused of excessive rigidity or neo-Pelagian triumphalism by progressive modernists with self-esteem issues or passive-aggressive neo-Catholic charismatics getting sidetracked by baiting traditionalists while Europe is being invaded, sacked, and taken over by anti-Christian homicidal maniacs…

    Spock: Fascinating, Captain. Perhaps the campaign against air conditioning is similar to other progressive posturing such as combining same-sex marriage advocacy with sanctuary city status for refugees from anti-Christian countries known for exporting terror.

    Secretary Kerry: Your air conditioner and refrigerator are the greatest threats in the world today.


    Robin: Holy Absurdistan, Batman! Can they do that?

    Batman: Many things are possible when logic has been eliminated, Robin.

    Hans Küng: I would like to address that and issue a microaggression warning…

    Captain Kirk: What about air conditioners and refrigerators, Spock?

    Spock: Do you want me to roll around on the floor, shouting and yelling as if speaking in tongues?

    Captain Kirk: That won’t be necessary, Mister Spock. We’re not quite to the passive-aggressive stage of neo-Jansenist or charismatic breakdowns and tantrums yet. I’ll let you know when we get there.

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