Pro-abortion Catholic politicians: an avoidable crisis

Pro-abortion Catholic politicians: an avoidable crisis


With her support of same-sex marriage, abortion, and so on, it is clear that Nancy Pelosi despises all things Catholic.

[Will Nancy soon be President Hillary’s Speaker of the House?]

Judie Brown

August 9, 2016 (American Life League via LifeSiteNews) — Catholic-in-name-only (CINO) Nancy Pelosi has persisted in her politically charged but morally bankrupt posturing as this year’s election draws closer to reality. I was curious, therefore, when I saw a story quoting Pelosi, who said to PBS reporter Judy Woodruff, “I think that, so many times, white—non-college-educated white males have voted Republican. They voted against their own economic interests because of guns, because of gays, and because of God, the three G’s, God being the woman’s right to choose.”

Her idiotic remark highlights a fact that many of us who love the Catholic faith find totally repugnant. With her support of same-sex marriage, abortion, and so on, it is clear that Pelosi despises all things Catholic. Yet she continues to make public statements that she is a “devout Catholic.” It makes no sense at all.

Her scandalous statements over the years caused one Catholic commentator, Deacon Keith Fournier, to write:

She is intentionally and publicly leading others into error. The Catechism of the Catholic Church she professes to embrace calls this kind of action heresy, “Heresy is the obstinate post-baptismal denial of some truth which must be believed with divine and Catholic faith.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, par. #2089).

I know that using words as heresy in an age of political correctness—and in the face of a growing syncretism within segments of what still calls itself Christianity—may be considered controversial or inappropriate for civil discourse. However, I write as a concerned Catholic Christian who works with other Christians, across confessional lines.
Fournier tells us that Pelosi’s bishop has publicly corrected her on numerous occasions, but really, that is so far from being good enough that it hardly matters!

I prefer to side with Jerry Newcombe, who has written, “I really do wish Nancy Pelosi’s policies were truly impacted by the word of God. When I see the legislation she pushes for, including all the pro-abortion laws—as just one example—I just have to wonder: Why is she so pro-abortion, when she knows God opposes it?”

Indeed, it is a wonder that among all the members of the hierarchy who have discussed Pelosi’s inane positions, not one has courageously stepped forward and told her point blank that she may not receive the body of Christ in the sacrament of Holy Communion until she repents in public of her public proclamations of support for actions and laws that defy God Himself.

What sort of problem does this create for the average Catholic who will not read this commentary—or others like it—and thus may not ever realize that what Pelosi is peddling is straight out of hell? We worry about that and we have very good reasons for being concerned.

If it isn’t Pelosi bloviating about sins she does not believe are sins, it is Vice President Biden, another CINO, taking time to acquire the credentials needed to officiate at the “wedding” of two homosexuals.

Or it is Democrat Tim Kaine receiving a standing ovation at his parish—a parish where Father Arsenault excuses Kaine’s support for abortion and tells PBS that Kaine is “personally pro-life.”

Over and over again so many priests, including bishops, have avoided the truth for the sake of their personal comfort, their political judgments, or their pride.

So when average Catholics see the Kaines and Bidens and Pelosis of our nation doing and saying things that defy the Lord and His Church’s teachings, those Catholics are either confused or convinced that the very idea of sin itself is debatable.

This is a tragedy that cannot be ignored. It is the cause of an avoidable Catholic crisis. With the passing of each day, the disgrace increases and the nation’s Catholics sink ever deeper into the abyss of ignorance at best, chosen acceptance of evil at worst.

And who is to blame? The silence of those who should never be silent is the answer.

This avoidable Catholic crisis waits for heroic Catholic shepherds to step up and crush it. Where are they?

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2 comments on “Pro-abortion Catholic politicians: an avoidable crisis

  1. Quote: “Why is she so pro-abortion, when she knows God opposes it?”

    There are a few possibilities which could explain this problem. One is that Pelosi may think that the Catholic Church’s teachings on marriage and sexuality are unreasonable and outdated, that unwed teenagers cannot possibly be expected to abstain and, in her mind, need legal abortion as a form of birth control (“because of the costs” of supporting unwanted children, in her words). So she thinks the Catholic moral teachings on abortion are unreasonable. She also has very little respect for the authority of orthodox Catholic bishops. In her mind, these are old men who just don’t understand how things really are, particularly on sexual matters. As a street-smart girl from a political Democrat family connected with urban machine politics, she knows how boys are and, well, you just always need “safe, legal abortion” just in case, you know, with how unreliable condoms are.

    Liberal political history is on her side. Even before Harvard, the Kennedy boys were taught by their father that there are two kinds of girls. The first kind is those that you marry. The second kind were easy sluts who might need an abortion every now and then. That Houston ministerial speech in 1960 had already included the pivot away from speaking for the Church in the public arena on political matters. In the minds of JFK’s handlers, Catholic teachings were to be privatized and hidden.

    But Pelosi is allowed to persist in her errors because the modernist hierarchy lets her carry on as a pro-abortion Catholic, doing nothing in the way of penalties, and there are plenty of liberal progressive modernist priests who embrace the JFK Houston speech solution on separation of Church and State, enough to give her the confidence that liberal Catholics are right on this issue. No prelate to date has come out publicly to explain the issue correctly on television naming Biden, Pelosi and Company for their errors. The Catholic teaching on abortion is not an obscure theological mystery or article of faith, as Biden contends, preventing him from being against abortion politically due to “Separation of Church and State” and the secular triumphalism of a liberal Supreme Court.

    The other factor to consider is the hubris of pro-abortion liberal politicians who just happen to be Catholic as a private matter. They want political power and they want it so bad they are willing to compromise their alleged Catholic faith on important issues of grave matter. Maybe there is a problem with the way that faith is being taught and in its most familiar form – the Novus Ordo folk liturgy. It is possible that this communicates the lack of seriousness shown by the progressive modernist liberals in public life who think we just can’t enough abortion.
    Whatever Pelosi was taught at IND and Trinity College, it did not penetrate very deeply into her soul or her reason. Maybe that is the problem that needs investigation.

    Kaine will be carrying the towels for the “personally opposed” pro-abortion cabals this year, as he enables the most monstrous pro-abortion candidate in her quest for the presidency and control of the Supreme Court. It will present a terrible example of what modernist American Catholicism has become for children and non-Catholics. Will any modernist bishop explain the abortion issue this year?

  2. Nobody really likes it.
    It’s a private matter.
    It’s very personal.
    The gov’t shouldn’t get between …
    — a raghead and his wife when he pours on gasoline sets her ablaze.

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