Protests threatened at Catholic churches in Mangalore

Protests threatened at Catholic churches in Mangalore

[The protesters have no fear that the Hindu students may convert to Catholicism!]

Catholic World News – August 05, 2016

Sixteen members of Sri Ram Sena, a right-wing Hindu group, have been arrested for trespassing at a Catholic school in Mangalore, a city of 500,000 in southwestern India.

The Hindu activists entered a classroom because they were angry that Arabic is being taught at the school– making it more likely, they believe, that students may convert to Islam.

Melwyn Braggs, the headmaster of St. Thomas School, said that he is a Catholic “and the school is a Catholic institution. When that is the case, how can conversion to Islam be carried out in the school?”

Sri Ram Sena’s state leader threatened to conduct protests at Mangalore’s Catholic churches unless the trespassing charges are withdrawn.

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One comment on “Protests threatened at Catholic churches in Mangalore

  1. Sri Ram Sena firmly opposes any Hindu converting out of Hinduism, regardless of what religion the convert goes to. Try being a Hindu who converts to Catholicism and go up to people like Sri Ram Sena members to inform them of this, and see what happens.

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