Is Boston Cardinal O’Malley a Democrat Hack, Asks John Snyder

Is Boston Cardinal O’Malley a Democrat Hack, Asks John Snyder

[Hat-tip to Canon212: “Dear ‘Democrat Hack’ Cardinal O’Malley, The best way to prevent pro-death Hillary is the Trump-Pence ticket”]

John Snyder

WASHINGTON, Aug. 2, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ — “Is Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley a Democrat hack,” John M. Snyder of Telum Associates asked here today.

“O’Malley criticizes Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for his immigration rhetoric but ignores Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s promotion of abortion, euthanasia and same sex marriage,” Snyder added.

O’Malley told Radio Teilifis Eirearn of Ireland July 17 he is worried about Trump’s rhetoric on immigration, according to the Catholic News Service. “I worry about his rhetoric,” said O’Malley. “It’s very easy to stir up resentment and to blame groups of people.”

Snyder noted, “Immigration is a matter of opinion but abortion is a matter of Catholic doctrine.

“Catholics cannot in good conscience vote for a political candidate who promotes abortion. That means Clinton. Why doesn’t O’Malley tell it like it is? Is this prince of the Church an acolyte of the left?”

“Unfortunately,” Snyder continued, “O’Malley is not alone in this episcopal recalcitrance. American Catholic bishops in general are ignoring a major moral responsibility.

“The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and individual ordinaries so far have failed to indicate that Catholics in good conscience may not vote for the presidential candidacy of abortion supporter Hillary Clinton,” he added.

Snyder noted, “Father Stephen F. Torraco, Ph.D., in his EWTN analysis of catechism voting requirements for Catholics, states clearly that to vote for a candidate ‘with the knowledge that the candidate is pro-abortion is to become an accomplice in the moral evil of abortion. If the voter also knows this, then the voter sins mortally.’

“If Clinton became president, she surely would nominate abortion promoting justices to the United States Supreme Court at any and every opportunity. She also would nominate abortion promoters to lower federal courts. She would appoint supporters of abortion and other heinous practices to various positions throughout the federal bureaucracy.”

Snyder said, “A Clinton presidency would feature legal persecution of Catholics and the Catholic Church for upholding traditional Christian morality. This probably would include criminal penalties for conviction.

“Bishops should inform Catholics they cannot in good conscience support Clinton for president. The best practical way to prevent Clinton from becoming president is to elect the Trump-Pence ticket. Catholic Church officials and others can support the Trump-Pence ticket to preserve freedom of religion.”

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4 comments on “Is Boston Cardinal O’Malley a Democrat Hack, Asks John Snyder

  1. One issue is fashionable for liberals, the other isn’t.

    Imagine if he had said, “I worry about Hillary’s rabid, hysterical, anti-life, pro-abortion rhetoric and rage. It’s very easy to stir up homicidal, anti-child hatred of the unborn and to blame pro-life groups for liberal women’s bitterness and adjustment problems.” Of course, that would be much closer to the ugly truth about Hillary’s anti-Catholic pro-abortion liberalism.

  2. Can we officially declare Joe Biden excommunicated now that he’s officiated at a homosexual “wedding”?

    Hillary will just be picking up where Joe left off…

  3. Would it be considered sacrilegious for any Catholic to officiate a non-Catholic wedding which does not meet the moral standards, matter and form, required for a valid marriage? Is he going to claim that he didn’t know that was against the rules? Or is this another “personally opposed, but” modernist liberal preferential option for social justice? What’s the thinking here? Will his bishop punt on this as well?

  4. Wouldn’t it be simpler to ask which of the Bishops were NOT Democrat hacks?

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