Pope and pop rock Catholic youth party

Pope and pop rock Catholic youth party

Agence France-Presse
July 31st, 2016

BRZEGI, Poland — Saints dropping disco moves and nuns belting their hearts out rocked the final night of a Catholic youth extravaganza headlined by Pope Francis in Poland on Saturday.

A grinning Francis was cheered on by over one million pilgrims from around the world as he arrived and walked through a special Holy Door with six youngsters he then insisted hitch a lift with him in his pope-mobile.

He used his prayer to urge “dull kids” to swap their sofas and video games for walking boots so life does not pass them by, and got everyone to hold hands, forming a human chain across the vast plain near Krakow.

Youngsters got up and danced as Italy’s famous singing nun Sister Cristina rocked a hymn and performers acted out a scene in which Poland’s Saint Faustina feels her calling during a night out dancing.

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9 comments on “Pope and pop rock Catholic youth party

  1. Pope Francis used his prayer to urge “dull kids” to swap their sofas and video games for walking boots so life does not pass them by …

    This reminds me of …


  2. This isn’t from The Onion or some other parody site?

    We may need someone to get a clarification on that. Perhaps Mister Spock and Captain Kirk could investigate. Or Kwai Chang and Master Po. One of the difficulties in following the progressive modernist Spirit of Vatican II is that progressive modernists have a habit of exploring new areas of stupidity and silliness that seem like they have to be fictional.

    “Rumors persisted that eating Pop Rocks and drinking soda would cause a person’s stomach to explode. This was, in part, caused by the false assumption that Pop Rocks contain an acid/base mixture (such as baking soda and vinegar) which produces large volumes of gas when mixed through chewing and saliva. One of these myths involved a character named Mikey from the Life cereal commercials. Mikey, played by child actor John Gilchrist, was falsely rumored to have died after eating a Pop Rocks and Coca-Cola mixture—namely, a six-pack of Coca-Cola and six pouches of Pop Rocks.”

  3. Captain Kirk: Mister Spock! Although we no longer speak of logic as being superior so as not to be accused of excessive ultra-conservative rigidity or neo-Pelagian triumphalism
    by those modernists patrolling the Catholic blogosphere who favor ecumenical dialogue and multicultural diversity, taking time to issue citations to rigorists, but if you could analyze using your usual advanced Vulcan logic without making any claims to superiority or logical exceptionalism for the Aristotelian point of view which used to inform Catholic opinion…

    Spock: Fascinating, Captain. But in the version of the tale that I heard, Mikey from the “Hey, Mikey!” Life cereal commercial suffered a fatal injury by a combination of Pop Rocks and Diet Pepsi which triggered the internal explosion. Of course, deviations are normal in the oral traditions of urban legends and a confusion of sodas might be understandable as part of that folklore process. We could always consult Professor Brunvand who has studied tales of such phenomena in The Vanishing Hitchhiker and The Choking Doberman and Other “New” Urban Legends.

    Captain Kirk: Mayor Bloomberg might be able to get to the bottom of which soda drink did Mikey from Life cereal in. Just warn the crew about the dangers of Pop Rocks.
    What about the papal Disco dancing and Footloose-style PopRockpalooza of youth silliness?

    Spock: In terms of modernist evangelization of culture, it could pose some problems for ecumenical dialogue with non-Christian migrants if the pope maintains his position on refugees, Captain. As for the style, perhaps Lieutenant Sulu or Doctor McCoy would like to weigh in on this to share their comments….

  4. Mr. Roarke: Yes, but my favorite is The Mexican Pet: “New” Urban Legends.

    Tattoo: That’s a good one, Boss. I like The Mexican Pet. And the Chupacabra! But poor Mikey. As soon as the Diet Pepsi hit those Pop Rocks, he never had a chance…

    Mr. Roarke: You must always be cautious of a large woman who tells you that she has won the lottery, but cannot collect the prize money for the ticket because her immigration status is not legal….

    Inspector Clouseau: I think I have met that woman….

  5. Captain Kirk: Mister Spock! It has been brought to our attention that the modernist requirement of downplaying the superiority of Vulcan logic in the interests of avoiding excessive rigidity and neo-Pelagian triumphalism may become problematic.

    Spock: Fascinating, Captain. Perhaps you are aware that the scolding of alleged ultra-conservatives for excessive rigidity and neo-Pelagian triumphalism that is delivered by neo-Catholic modernists and some neo-Protestant converts in the blogosphere, combined with their virtue signalling on social justice issues and what they perceive as the correct modernist Spirit of Vatican II coming from Pope Francis in his airplane interviews, also implies a claim to moral and spiritual superiority.

    Captain Kirk: Oh, yes, that could be a problem for them, Mister Spock. I see your point. They would be making a claim of superiority for modernist exceptionalism while prohibiting such claims by their opponents. That’s quite a problem if Aristotelian logic is banned out of some modernist preferential option for emotivism.

    Spock: Affirmative, Captain. Many problems follow once Aristotelian logic is tossed aside by the modernist regime of novelty.
    By the way, did any of the liturgical dancing nuns do The Twist , The Mashed Potato, or The Monkey?

    Father Mulcahy, S.J.: Oh, yes, I see where that’s going. Very good.
    Modernists would counter that there is nothing wrong with priests and nuns dancing in popular dancing styles in an effort to pander to youth in the new evangelization of culture. Of course, jitterbugging was considered immodest at one time…

    Hans Küng: I would like to address that….

    Prof. Alasdair MacIntyre: As long as we swing back to virtue, emotivism, and the foundations of modern ethics…

    • Micky Did someone say the ‘Monkee’?

      Davy: Naw, Micky. We don’t have any neo-Pelagian triumphalism. We’re too busy singing to put anybody down. Do you think we could hire that nun?

  6. Hans Küng: Maybe ze Pope vuz searching für ze inner Monkee….

    Hans Küng: It could be, no?

    Hans Küng: All of modernism ist fundamentally searching für ze inner Monkee, ze child-like spontaneity und playfulness zat adulthood usually cuts off at some point due to ze existential Angst und Geworfenheit of modernity und existence, ja? Vee must return to ze child-like spontaneity und playfulness before excessive rigidity und rigorism sets in, re-arranging ze Lacanian decentered egos of modernity into ze mess vee have now.
    But, first, vee must identify ze Enneagram numbers of each member of ze Monkees so zat vee can see ze patterns und archetypes of ze Enneagram zat apply here to ze modernist evangelization of culture, ja….

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