Will SSPX get Personal Prelature? Could be, but obstacles remain.

Will SSPX get Personal Prelature? Could be, but obstacles remain.

[An edited and commented version from Fr. Z; Tancred at the Eponymous Flower has another version, which he notes is from a neo-Catholic source hostile to the SSPX]

Posted on 29 July 2016 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

From Christ und Welt, which is in German, via an English translation at Sunesis Press.

The Secretary of the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei” said that (with some added emphases and comments [in brackets]).

Note the references to doctrinal questions.


C & W: Recently there was an acceleration of relationships, why?

Pozzo:I would not speak of an acceleration, but by a patient process of rapprochement. The Vatican is not demanding, insisting on ultimatums, instead we jointly planned some steps to reach full reconciliation. Since the stages were agreed upon, the way is easier to tread. [NB] We are still interested in clarifying some doctrinal and canonical questions. It is very important to promote a climate of mutual knowledge and understanding. In this respect, much progress has been made. [Doctrinal questions remain.]

C & W: What has changed in the attitude of the Vatican since the beginning of the pontificate?

Pozzo: Several new perspectives were integrated. 2009 to 2012 was primarily a theological debate in the foreground. There were doctrinal difficulties which hindered the canonical recognition of the Fraternity. We know, however, that life is more than doctrine. For through the theological discussion in the past three years we have come to know the desire and understand the reality of the Fraternity. [Interesting.]

[…]C & W: Bergoglio knew the Fraternity from Argentina.How crucial is this personal contact for the Pope?

Pozzo: This is certainly an important element. When he was still Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Pope Francis had contacts with the Fraternity. He saw how much effort they put in evangelization and in charitable work. The Fraternity does not, as is often claimed, only value the traditional liturgy, but also has substantive work.

C & W: Francis always stressed the pastoral aspect. Is this also the key to an understanding with the SSPX?

Pozzo: Pastoral and dogmatic theology are inseparable. The style and concrete willingness of Pope Francis to help the unity between the people not only to think but also to learn. Of course, some gestures are important. He has allowed the Priests of the SSPX to hear confessions of the faithful, he has received the Superior General of the Fraternity, Monsignor Bernard Fellay in private audience. The rapprochement and resumption of talks was all made possible by the [lifting of the] excommunication by Benedict XVI.

C & W: Why is a Personal Prelature appropriate for the SSPX?

Pozzo: That seems to be the appropriate canonical form. [NB] Monsignor Fellay has accepted the proposal, even if in the coming months details remain to be clarified. Only Opus Dei currently enjoys this canonical structure, which is a big vote of confidence for the SSPX. [HOWEVER…] It is clear that the solution of the canonical form requires the solution of the doctrinal questions.

So, it seems that IF the doctrinal questions can be worked out, THEN the SSPX could get a Personal Prelature.

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14 comments on “Will SSPX get Personal Prelature? Could be, but obstacles remain.

  1. “By their fruits ………. .”: the fruits of Franciscus to date would dictate extreme caution in dealing with both him and his cohorts – not to mention the problem at diocesan level and the [masonic-like] modernist priestly associations?

  2. The Pastor at OLV Chapel in Davie, Fl has expelled and threatened with arrest a long time Parishioner who began praying the Leonine Prayers after Low Mass. Father Brookes insists these prayers aren’t necessary during hurricane season, explaining the weather blessing is necessary.

    The Francis effect?

    • This is SSPX, right? Makes no sense.

      • This is SSPX, right. Our Lady of Victory, Davie, Fl. Pastor Rev Fr. Thomas Brooks. Had his subordinate Priest publicly read, before Mass last Friday, a statement expelling this Parishioner and threatening his arrest for praying the Leonine prayers after Mass. He was joined by several others. Including the father of a Society Priest who currently serves in S America. Btw, the father of the Priest stopped the choir 2 weeks ago from singing the last hymn quietly telling them the Mass isn’t over until these prayers are prayed. Prayed the Leonine prayers, and then sang the hymn.

        Make any more sense? To me neither. I go to the SSPV now.

        • There’s got to be a better way than going *bleep*. Maybe write the district superior?

          • SSPV aren’t sedes. The sedes split off awhile back. the 3 priests who regularly serve our Chapel preach the way the Society priests used to back when I first started going to them 8 or 9 years ago. Sound doctrine along with, when necessary, pointing out the errors coming from Rome. I’m not interested in erring on the side of modernism, as seems to be the case with the SSPX lately. Stopping the Leonine prayers after Mass was the first thing to go back in 66 or 67. That clinched it for me. I hadn’t been back since.

  3. Cardinal Pozzo:” Pastoral and dogmatic theology are inseparable”.
    From statements at the Synod on the Family” and Cardinals Kasper and Shonboern, and Pope Francis’ support for them, you would think otherwise. Aparently, the dogmatic matters only when the theology is anti-modernistic/ anti-Left.

  4. Our Lady of Victory Chapel in Davie, Florida. Pastor’s name is Father Thomas Brooks. He has ceased praying the Leonine prayers after Low Mass. He has expelled a parishioner, under pain of arrest, for praying, with a group of like minded men, including the father of an SSPX Priest who serves in S America, the Leonine prayers after he, Fr Brooks, has left the Sanctuary.

    Not sure if I can be any clearer than that, Cyprian. He explained that these prayers are not necessary when the weather blessing is prayed.

    Welcome to the personal prelature?

  5. Re: Leonine Prayers

    “The Holy See’s 26 September 1964 Instruction Inter Oecumenici, which came into force on 7 March 1965, simply declared: “The Leonine Prayers are suppressed.”

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