Pelosi and Pelosi’s God

Pelosi and Pelosi’s God

By Phil Lawler | Jul 29, 2016

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi told a PBS audience this week that white male voters have been stupid:

They voted against their own economic interests because of guns, because of gays, and because of God: the three G’s. God being the woman’s right to choose.

That last sentence is stunning, isn’t it? After this week’s Democratic convention, it does almost seem that the party’s leaders are preparing to make abortion an object of worship. But I think that Pelosi intended that remark to be ironical; I think she meant that dumb white male voters see abortion as an offense against God.

But there’s another remarkable facet of Pelosi’s argument. She is—fairly clearly—saying that white male voters acted irrationally, because they put God ahead of their own economic interests.

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2 comments on “Pelosi and Pelosi’s God

  1. She seems to be paraphrasing from Barry’s stereotype line on redneck conservative voters “clinging to guns and religion.” This is the condescending way that liberals of the cultural elite and inside-the-beltway circles caricature their conservative opponents. It fits a certain narrative they like about defending science, enlightened thought, tolerance, diversity, multiculturalism, progress, and the secular progressive dictatorship of relativism and secular humanism. It helps their self-esteem to imagine that they are in a struggle against backwoods yahoos thumping Bibles and promoting Creationism with shotguns in the windows of their pickups emblazoned with Confederate flags because this fits the fantasies and fears of their voting base who fantasize about Yosemite Sam as their main opponent.

    Pelosi should know better but she seems to get a thrill from this kind of liberal narrative and its liberal mythology of oppression.

  2. “Pelosi’s God” would make a good title for an opera, stage musical, or play satirizing the diva of pro-abortion liberalism and her errors. Agnes of God Meets The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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