Trumping Hillary: The Catholic Position

Trumping Hillary: The Catholic Position

Written by Michael Matt | Editor

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton raise arms after Clinton addressed the Planned Parenthood Action Fund in Washington D.C., June 10.

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Michael Matt and Christopher Ferrara consult moral theology, historical precedents and practical considerations in order to answer the fundamental question: Can Catholics vote for Donald Trump?

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4 comments on “Trumping Hillary: The Catholic Position

  1. One can win the popular vote but lose the election due to the electoral college. Is that affecting anyone’s vote?

  2. Here’s a movie length video about the Clintons.

  3. The idea that any Catholic would consider voting for Hillary is repulsive to me. She is an abomination IMO.


    This link shows how close Mr. Trump is to the Catholic position on the sanctity of human life and his intent to defend it. Can we believe him? We shall see but one thing is crystal clear – he is worlds apart from the views of Hillary Clinton.

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