Francis mandates wide changes for contemplative women religious, requests revision of all constitutions

“In a new apostolic constitution titled Vultum Dei Quaerere (“Seek the Face of God”) and addressed to Catholic women religious in contemplative communities, the Pope calls for  changes to be implemented in 12 diverse areas from prayer life to work habits. Archbishop Jose Rodriguez Carballo says contemplative men’s communities have not been considered in such a manner by the Pope and that the document replaces the 1999 instruction Verbi sponsa”

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2 comments on “Francis mandates wide changes for contemplative women religious, requests revision of all constitutions

  1. The same attitude toward contemplative religious life as toward the liturgy: “If it ain’t broke, let’s tinker with it and see if we can break it.”

  2. My daughter is in a contemplative order, the Discalced Carmelites.
    I will NOT be very happy if this Pope does anything to damage her order.

    I am not saying that his observations may not have some merit.
    For example I believe he said they must not lose sight of their work of prayer. As an excellent point for contemplative orders in particular.
    Also I have noticed, when visiting my daughter and joining the Sisters for Evening Prayer, ( they at the other side of a grill, me in the Chapel next to the grill), some very dangerous tenedencies. They are replacing terms with gender neutral words. For example, they replaced the ending of the Magnificat, “…as he promised to our forefathers, Abraham and his seed for ever, ” with “…as he promised to our ancestors, Abraham and …”. This sort of thing occurs several times in their Book of Offices. Also they have literally banned the “difficult” psalms, like Psalm 137. I understand that certain words in this Psalm ring badly to Christian ears, but I believe that we need to understand the sentiments expressed as being a general horror at sin and the enemies of God. If they are bound to recite the Psalter, as Religious should be, then it is not their place to censor it.

    So there are problems in the various orders, all is not well. I understand that. If the Pope’s intention is to fix these problems and get them back on the right path then I wish him well.
    However, I have unfortunately got to the stage where I simply don’t trust this Pope. So much of what he has said is contrary to the Faith that I don’t trust him anymore to do the right thing.
    As I said, if he does anything to damage the order my daughter is in, I will NOT be impressed.

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