Pakistan: Eucharistic congress counters conversions to Protestantism

Pakistan: Eucharistic congress counters conversions to Protestantism

[A good aim although not articulated in the best possible manner – not in countering conversion to Protestantism but in speaking of receiving Communion to give one a sense of belonging to the family of Jesus (Prots can be “heavy” on fellowship); some would call the event and its goal “un-ecumenical” – especially since FrankenPope and his minions are willing to allow non-Catholics, adulterers and sodomites receive Communion “in good conscience”]

Catholic World News – July 22, 2016

An Islamabad parish has hosted a two-day Eucharistic congress, described by AsiaNews as Pakistan’s first.

1,500 mostly young people were in attendance at the congress, and two bishops celebrated Masses.

“Protestant pastors are attracting many Catholics,” said Father Yousaf Amanat, pastor of Our Lady of Fatima church. “We hope to counter this trend through greater awareness. You can become part of the family of Jesus only by receiving the communion. The Blessed Sacrament will give you a sense of belonging,”

Pakistan’s Catholic Church has long been struggling for a while, as its numbers decline.
For example, in 2009 the Archdiocese of Lahore, Pakistan’s oldest diocese, had the most Catholic with 390,000 members. At present, Church records indicate 377,000 baptised, even though the population grew by 1.89 per cent.

Reference: The first Eucharistic Congress ends with an appeal to Catholics’ “awareness” (

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