US cardinal says ‘Christian nations’ in West must counter Islamic influx

US cardinal says ‘Christian nations’ in West must counter Islamic influx

By David Gibson | 7/21/16

(RNS) Amid heightened tensions over ISIS-fueled terror attacks and anti-Muslim rhetoric, a prominent U.S. cardinal says Islam “wants to govern the world” and Americans must decide if they are going to reassert “the Christian origin of our own nation” in order to avoid that fate.

Cardinal Raymond Burke, a Rome-based prelate known as an outspoken conservative and critic of Pope Francis’ reformist approach, said in an interview on Wednesday (July 20) that Islam is “fundamentally a form of government.”

While Catholic teaching recognizes that all Abrahamic faiths worship the same God, Burke criticized Catholic leaders who, in an effort to be tolerant, have a tendency “to simply think that Islam is a religion like the Catholic faith or the Jewish faith.”

“That simply is not objectively the case,” he said.

Burke, who was once archbishop of St. Louis, stressed that he did not want to be “disrespectful” of Islam or “generate hostility.”

But he said he worries that many people do not understand that, in his view, “when they (Muslims) become the majority in any country they have the duty to submit the whole population to Shariah,” as the Islamic code of law is known.

The cardinal is a canon lawyer who headed the Vatican’s court system before Francis named him chaplain of the Knights of Malta, a Rome-based charitable order.

Burke was speaking by telephone from his home state of Wisconsin, where he was spending time this summer while doing interviews for a new book, “Hope for the World: To Unite All Things in Christ.” The book is an extended interview with a French journalist and it covers a range of often controversial topics.

Speaking to RNS, Burke said that individual Muslims “are lovely people” and can speak “in a very peaceful manner about questions of religion.”

“But my point is this: When they become a majority in any country then they have the religious obligation to govern that country. If that’s what the citizens of a nation want, well, then, they should just allow this to go on. But if that’s not what they want, then they have to find a way to deal with it.”

He said that in some cities in France and Belgium with large Muslim populations “there are little Muslim states” that are effectively “no-go zones” for government authorities – an assertion that is widely disputed.

But Burke claimed “these things aren’t anomalies for Islam. This is the way things are to go. … And if you do understand that and you are not at peace with the idea of being forcibly under an Islamic government, then you have reason to be afraid.”

He cited historical examples of famous military clashes between Muslim forces and the forces of Christian nations of Europe, such the Battle of Lepanto in 1571 and the Battle of Vienna in 1683, both of which marked defeats for the Ottoman Empire.

“These historical events relate directly with the situation of today. There’s no question that Islam wants to govern the world,” Burke said.

When asked how the West should respond, the cardinal did not cite or endorse specific proposals, like those championed by the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and other conservatives, to ban or limit Muslims coming into the U.S.

“I think the appropriate response,” he said, “is to be firm about the Christian origin of our own nation, and certainly in Europe, and the Christian foundations of the government, and to fortify those.”

He said that form of government permits all people to exercise their religious faith – “as long as it’s not against good order” – and “practices that tolerance which follows from Christian charity.”

“I think we have to insist on that. We have to say no, our country is not free to become a Muslim state.”

Those comments elaborate on an answer that Burke gives in the new book, in which he says of Islam that “the (Catholic) Church really should be afraid of it.”

That is a marked contrast to the approach of Francis and most other church leaders, who have called for dialogue with Islam and a welcoming attitude toward Muslim refugees fleeing strife in many lands.

Official church teaching has for decades also recognized Islam as an Abrahamic faith whose followers worship the same God as Jews and Christians.

Burke has frequently made news with his sharp criticisms of Francis’ pontificate (he once called it “a rudderless ship”) and the pope’s more pastoral approach. The cardinal has also called on church leaders to be more forceful in battling abortion rights and gay marriage and has said the church has become too “feminized.”

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16 comments on “US cardinal says ‘Christian nations’ in West must counter Islamic influx

  1. [Islam is more than a religion, more than “fundamentally a form of government”; according to Ann Barnhardt, it’s a Diabolically Narcissistic political system similar to Communism]

    “But, But, But, Mohamed Bouhlel [the Orlando shooter] Ate Pork and Drank Alcohol … Was A Sodomite.”

    Judica me, Deus, et discerne causam meam de gente non sancta

    Of course he did. Because as I keep saying and BEGGING people to comprehend, islam is not a religion, it is a political system. All of the seemingly-religious aspects are pure theater, which only the truly gullible (due often to low IQs resulting from centuries of epidemic inbreeding) follow. The 9/11 hijackers spent their final days as fixtures in strip clubs, drinking like fish. The largest cultural block of pornography consumers is musloids. The highest per capita rates of homosexuality, pedophilia, and bestiality are among musloids.

    Think of it in terms of Communism. I mean by-the-book Communism. NO ONE believes in actual Communism, most especially the psychopaths at the top. Communism is simply a false facade behind which power-mad Alpha Diabolical Narcissists hide and run their evil hustle. And the people who live under Communism become Diabolical Narcissists themselves, again, not subscribing in any actual way to the tenets of Communism-on-paper. They simply have all of the love beaten out of them by living under evil tyranny, and thus descend into evil themselves.

    Islam is the same. Islam, first and foremost KILLS HUMAN SOULS. It foments and even explicitly encourages lying, , fornication, rape and murder. It is a political system that sets up a culture wherein pretty much every human being is in a perpetual state of antagonism and/or war with every other human being: parents against children (honor killings), husbands against wives, men against women, children against adults, neighbor against neighbor, clan against clan, and even “god” against men within the context of the faux-religious motif. Remember, the “allah” thing is supposed to be pure will, a liar, and frankly, a capricious prick that can change its mind ad infinitum, or as Antipope Bergoglio calls it, “the god of surprises”. How convenient for a bunch of psychopaths running a hustle. What all of this does, like Communism, is drive human beings into madness, manifested by the intentional purging of love from their souls.

    The islamic political system is nothing less than a massive, 1400 year old furnace of Diabolical Narcissism production. And so, what you get are psychopaths that break, and commit atrocities, not motivated by religious fervor per se, but very simply because they are EVIL.

    Anger, hatred, jealousy, fear.

    And NOTHING else.

    Take that to its conclusion, and you get men crashing jets into skyscrapers and driving trucks down crowded promenades out of pure spite.


    If you have a culture, dominated by a political system that wrings every last bit of love out of the human soul, that rapes, physically and spiritually, its childrens’ souls to death, you get demoniacal humans who do evil things, both subtle and grandiose, for no reason other than hatred and spite. Russia. Romania. Nazi Germany. North Korea. Red China.

    Do you want to know what motivated the “non-observant” musloid Bouhlel? Ponder what motivates satan and the demons to prowl throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls, and you will find the answer. An all-consuming spite borne from the total absence of love.

    That is the entire premise and goal of the islamic political system, just as with the Marxist political systems. Until this is understood and dealt with, there will be nothing but more death, terror and war.

  2. “While Catholic teaching recognizes that all Abrahamic faiths worship the same God…..”

    It should read “While post Vatican II catholic teaching recognizes that all Abrahamic faiths worship the same God….”

    Real Catholic teaching only recognizes the Holy Trinity as the true God.

    • At the philosophical level one might barely opine that the Allah of Arabic speakers is something like Deus or God. Even this breaks down when you consider that Allah is changeable, and therefore imperfect.
      But at the theological level — the analysis of supernatural revelation– this opinion becomes completely untenable. In the Koran, whatever is supernatural is either plagiarized or misquoted from the Bible or dictated by the Devil.

      In Xto,

  3. Rag heads kill 8 more in Munich. Police confirm “Islamist background.” The Satanic murder cult continues unabated.

    Our Islamist-in-Chief got on the tube to address this, and joked “about concern over his daughter leaving to college soon.” Surreal. But the blood is real.

  4. The funny (sad and annoying) thing is the media, including homo and leftist faux news host Shepherd Smith, were going out of their way to try and blame this on some German neo-Nazi individual or group.
    At least that’s who they were hoping were the perpetrators, and not the Muslims.

    • With the Dallas cop killer, the media had their choice of 1) black supremacist white hater, 2) New Black Panther Islamist, 3) lone wolf. Guess where Germany is trying to go with three shooters now down to one. Remember that “lone wolf” blew up on them in Nice.

    • While reeling from the Munich attack, where officials are suppressing the clear report of “allahu akbar,” now a Syrian refugee in southern Germany has murdered a pregnant woman using an assault rifle truck explosive machete. Sweet. Can’t imagine what motivated this otherwise fine young man.

      • They can thank Angela Merkel and the other liberal idiots running Europe.
        Including the morons running the Vatican.
        Haven’t been to Europe in about 10 years, but when I was there even the “good” and “tourist” parts of Europe Ie London, Rome etc were getting bad.
        Even here in the USA the brain dead liberals can never blame the true reason for all of this terrorism (Islam), they blame guns, poverty etc.
        Here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (peoples’s republic of) our AG took it upon herself to ban certain “assault” rifles because she doesn’t like them or how they look.
        Too bad these lefties weren’t that aggressive when it comes to fighting Islamic terrorism, oh that’s right, they can’t even say “Islamic” !
        What a world we live in ha?

      • [Just another random machete assault; BTW: BBC Scrubs ‘Ali’ From Munich Killer’s Name On TV, In Articles, AND On Social Media (Hat-tip to Jihad Watch: “The political and media elites are doing all they can to mislead you into thinking that the problem of jihad terror is not as large and urgent as it is … The fact that the BBC omitted mention of his Islamic name is suspicious in the extreme, and demonstrates that the media has an agenda far beyond simply reporting the facts.”)]

        Germany: Muslim migrant murders pregnant woman with machete


        “Police said they do not suspect any terror links.” Of course not. A Muslim with a machete murdering a non-Muslim — who ever heard of such a thing? The idea that we are in a war is inconceivable; these are all separate and unrelated criminal acts. Nothing to be concerned about, and certainly no relation to the Islamic State’s repeated calls for the murders of civilians in the West. The benign, peaceful Muslims of Germany would never heed such calls, now, would they?

        Syrian asylum-seeker kills pregnant woman with machete in Germany,” by Emily Saul, New York Post, July 24, 2016:

        BERLIN — A Syrian asylum-seeker killed a pregnant woman with a machete and wounded two others Sunday outside a bus station in the southwestern German city of Reutlingen, as the country remained on high alert after last week’s massacre in Munich that left nine dead.

        German authorities said the 21-year-old man behind the fatal slashing was known to them and had an argument with his victim, a kebab-stand worker, before attacking her around 4:30 p.m.

        The unidentified victim was pregnant, the German magazine Bild reported.

        The suspect wounded another woman and a man as he fled. He was quickly captured nearby after he was run over by a man driving a BMW. Police said they do not suspect any terror links….

        • Tom said:

          Just another random machete assault.

          [It also happens on this side of the pond and possibly by our kind of out-of-status migrant]

          Chicago Police: Machete-wielding man cuts woman, may be targeting others engaging in ‘high-risk’ activities

          Rosemary Regina Sobol
          Chicago Tribune

          Police are warning the public after a man who may be targeting his victims used a machete to cut a woman several times, seriously injuring her early Sunday in the Logan Square neighborhood.

          It happened at 2:45 a.m. in the 1600 block of North Springfield Avenue when the woman, who was engaging in “high-risk activities,” encountered a man on the street sitting in a green minivan, police said. The victim had a conversation with the man and agreed to enter his vehicle. Once inside, the assailant physically attacked her, but she was able break free and fled the vehicle, police said. The attacker was armed with a machete-type knife and he chased the victim on foot. When he caught up to her, he cut her several times throughout the head and body causing serious injuries, police said. He then got into a green minivan and fled.

          The attacker is described as a Hispanic man …

      • {The brain dead and far left pro-Muslim BBC still doesn’t know what the motive is for this explosion. Translation: We know it’s another Muslim but we don’t want to say. These people are just as dangerous as the Muslims}

        • [Just another unhappy customer expressing his dissatisfaction]

          Germany blast: Syrian man behind Ansbach explosion …

          … that killed himself and injured 12 other people after setting off a bomb outside an open-air music festival in the German city of Ansbach. Bavaria’s interior minister said the 27-year-old man detonated his device after being refused entry to the festival.

    • And one more in Germany today: A Syrian just blew himself up at a bar killing himself and injuring a dozen. No motive will be found. No recognizable M.O., either.
      These things just happen, folks. Suck it up.

      • OK, but I conclude with this analysis posted by Oakes Spalding on SUNDAY, JULY 24, 2016:

        5 Reasons Why Germans are Insane

        Marx was right: history repeats itself as farce. That doesn’t help its victims.

        This isn’t an anti-German thing. (I would be happier if it were.) After four “terror” attacks in the last few days, the Germans are merely the most prominent exponents of the insane beliefs afflicting many in all Western countries.

        1. The Ansbach bomber – a 27-year-old Syrian migrant – was denied asylum in Germany. That fact was announced by the Bavarian authorities as if it were a mark in their favor. But he had been nevertheless living in Germany for two years – perfectly free, obviously, to among other things, walk into festivals and wine bars with a bomb strapped to his body. To further their case, the authorities announced sternly that those “seeking protection in Germany, must show full respect for the German legal system and the German population.” It is insane to think that those words or the policies they refer to have any meaning or force whatsoever in terms of protecting German citizens from getting (among other things) blown up.

        2. The Bavarian Interior minister said, “We don’t know if this man planned on suicide or if he had the intention of killing others.” He was wearing a bomb. After being denied entry to a music festival, he walked into a wine bar. It is insane to believe that there is even any question that the bomber meant to kill others. Has any suicide, Muslim or otherwise, in the history of the world, attempted to kill themselves (and only themselves) by wearing a bomb filled with metal components?

        3. “The investigation has found no evidence of an attempted political assassination or extremism.” Granted, extremism is a dodgy term, but it has been elevated to being a supremely important term by the powers at be. Given the implicit definition offered by those same powers at be, it is insane to believe that wearing a bomb is not evidence of extremism.

        4. At this point it is insane to believe that the most important question is whether or not a suicide bomber (or axe wielder or machete wielder) had concrete terrorist links. Pronouncing on that question, yay or nay, has obviously become an obsession. According to government authorities, if there are no concrete terrorist links, we should all breathe a sigh of relief. Again, not to repeat, but that is insane. It’s bad enough to know that there are ISIS cells of trained soldiers and terrorists all over Germany (and the rest of Europe). But it’s much worse to know that at any time, virtually every day, some random Muslim or recent Muslim migrant (who may or not have been an actual practicing Muslim, etc. etc.) might just grab an axe or machete or gun or steering wheel and attempt to murder innocent people. Were some of them mentally ill? No doubt, at least on some definition of “mentally ill.” That doesn’t make it any better. And then of course there are the “non-fatal” rapes, sexual assaults and other crimes. The Cologne New Year’s attackers weren’t terrorists. That doesn’t make it any better. It makes it worse. It is insane to think otherwise.

        5. Most Muslims aren’t terrorists or criminals (it is said). It is insane to believe that that makes any difference. Even if we assume that most Muslims do not sympathize or collaborate on some level with the violence (which would be a misleading assumption), it is still not reassuring. Let’s assume that only 1 in 1000 Muslim migrants are part of this (and we know that the true number is much much higher). Out of 1 million migrants that’s still 1000 axe wielders, machete wielders, shooters, bomb wearers, homicidal truck drivers, etc. In a year, that’s three attacks per day. It is insane to believe that that is something to relax or cheer about.

        At this rate, civil war in Western Europe is coming. It is arguably here now at a low level. Denying that fact is insane (or just plain dishonest). At this point we must rule out ignorance. As I understand it, virtually no Western Europeans still live in caves.

  5. After the Nice attack a news commentator in my country, Australia, said that perhaps we should stop Muslim immigration for a while.
    The media went bananas.
    They said she was a racist. They said she was not helping. They said this type of comment could make things worse. Her TV station ordered her to retract – she wouldn’t.
    She then said that she was particularly concerned because she was a mother and she was worried for her children.
    So the media went bananas again and said she was playing the “mum” card.
    After all the women of the left never play the woman card do they? The idiginous people of my country never play their race card do they? The homosexuals never play their sexual identity card do they?
    And we wouldnt want to suggest limiting the huge number of Muslim migrants we have here would we? After all it is not as though they are proportionally over-represented in our crime statistics are they? (I believe something like 85% of the crime in Sydney is now commited by “Middle Easterners”).

    And it’s not as though Muslims are more prone to terrorist attacks are they?
    After all, aren’t we hearing all the time about bombings, beheadings, shootings and truck attacks by Budhists, Jews, Catholics, Hindus, Baptists etc?
    What? We aren’t? What, you say that 99% of terrorist attcks are by Muslims?
    Well, be that as it may, don’t you dare suggest retricting how many of them come into the country – you might offend them.
    In fact, by suggesting there is a problem with Islam, you might upset them and drive them to commit more terrorist attacks. They are obviously very sensitive people and racists like you are hurting their feelings with your negative talk. In fact, perhaps you are the real problem, perhaps you, and your anti Muslim rhetoric are the cause of all this mayhem.

    That’s it! I have worked it all out now. It is our fault. We have hurt their feelings and forced them to bomb, behead and kill. No more harsh talk. Welcome them with open arms, Change our whole society to please them.
    And also, by doing this, you will also please the left wing academia and media. Nothing pleases them more than to see another nail in the coffin of the Western Christian civilisation.

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