Catholic Theological Society Gives Top Honor to Openly Gay Scholar

Catholic Theological Society Gives Top Honor to Openly Gay Scholar

The happy couple:

Ricardo Gallego

Orlando Espin

[Hat-tip to PewSitter; if Ricky is the hubby, then Orlando is the happy wife; thus s/he/it promotes only “Latina” theology and not along with the “Latino” variety]

–Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry

The most prestigious U.S. Catholic theological organization for the first time has awarded its highest honor to an openly gay scholar, the first.

The Catholic Theological Society of America (CTSA), the primary professional associations for this area’s scholars, presented its John Courtney Murray Award to Orlando Espin, a professor of systematic theology at the University of San Diego, a Catholic school in southern California. Espin, who was awarded the honor at the society’s meeting in June, was cited for his work on intercultural issues. The citation announcing the award praised him for having “wrestled with problems associated with the historical and contemporary legacies of colonization, slavery, racism, and prejudice against LGBT persons.”

In his acceptance speech, Espin included thanks to his husband, Ricardo Gallego, who was present at the meeting, which occurred in Puerto Rico. Gallego is director of Latinoa Services at the San Diego LGBT Community Center. They have been married since 2008, though they have been a couple for 23 years.

Espin said that he thanked Gallego for his work with vulnerable minority populations, noting: “I write theology. He lives it.” His speech received a standing ovation.

The citation additionally praised Espin for being “a pioneer and leader in the field of Latino/Latina theology” who “has played a central part in promoting the highest scholarly standards for Hispanic/Latino theology.” …

Theologians have been one of the groups leading the way on moving our church toward an appreciation of the fact that LGBT equality and justice are not just accommodations of the Catholic tradition, but are intimately linked to the Catholic tradition. The events of this year’s conference show that LGBT issues are becoming part of the central fabric of these scholars’ discussions.

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  1. How appropriate giving the “John Courtney Murray Award” to a fag. “For unspeakable acts?”

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