Do Catholics Still Believe?

Do Catholics Still Believe?

[Yes for Catholics but no for Catholyks; hat-tip to gpmtrad]

Written by Michael Matt | Editor

The photograph of Grace Kelly, Hollywood superstar turned princes of Monaco, always makes me sad. What happened to us! Grace Kelly wouldn’t have dared receive Communion in the hand. So what happened? We became too sophisticated? Too sensible? Too holy?


But Padre Pio didn’t deem himself too holy to receive Communion on the tongue.


Neither did Mother Teresa


Even Pope John Paul himself, the pope that eventually capitulated to progressives and allowed the abuse in ‘certain countries where it was already established,’ received on the tongue.


As did Catholics back over thousands of years of Church history.


Consider what protestantized liturgy and Communion in the hand has done to the faith of the Catholic people. Clearly, it has destroyed it:

Queen Sofia of Spain leans over the prie-Dieu forcing Pope Benedict XVI to give her Communion in the hand.

A return to Catholic Tradition is the only way to get it back.

I shot this video this year during the 3-day, 2-night pilgrimage to Chartres, France. You’ll have to forgive me, I forgot to orient my phone properly, but you get the idea–10,000 young Catholics kneeling on the hard and rocky ground, receiving on the tongue and from priests only.

Dear God, help us to recover what we’ve lost — a faith in you that could change the world, a hope in you that would banish all fear, and a love for you that meant more to the children of God than anything else in this world.

Please, God, teach us to become Catholic again.

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2 comments on “Do Catholics Still Believe?

  1. That image of Queen Sofia is disgusting. How dare she deliberately lean over the Prie-Dieu, sticking her backside in the air, to ignore the clear message that she was to receive kneeling and on the tongue, and make the Pope give her Holy Communion the way SHE wanted it given.
    Modern feminism has much to answer for.
    Communion in the Hand can only have come staright from Satan. It has lead to so many abuses. It is in itself an insult to the Holiness of God.

  2. A recent TV item on UK immigration showed a ‘Polish’ Mass in Blackpool. All took Communion on the tongue, provision for kneeling had been removed under re-organisation of that parish church. “Do we still believe”? My PP emeritus [ill and needs our prayers] when Celebrating the NOM, takes great care at The Ablutions and to pray the Tridentine prayer in Latin – which is demonstrative of that which he believes has taken place. Would we all believe that prayer.

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