US Catholic voters [especially Hispanics] lean [or rather, landslide] toward Clinton, survey shows

US Catholic voters [especially Hispanics] lean landslide toward Clinton, survey shows

[Liberals in church, state and the media have done their job well]

Catholic World News – July 14, 2016

American Catholic voters lean strongly toward Hillary Clinton in this year’s presidential contest, according to a new Pew Forum survey.

The Pew poll found that Clinton held a 56-39% advantage over Donald Trump among Catholic voters. That 17% margin was markedly different from the results of a similar poll in the last presidential race, when then-Senator Barack Obama was virtually even with Mitt Romney among Catholic voters in June 2012.

However, Clinton’s margin among Catholic voters was entirely attributable to a huge (77-16%) advantage among Hispanic Catholics. Among white Catholics, Trump had a slight (50-46) edge.

Among all voters surveyed, Pew found that Clinton had a 51-42% lead. Trump enjoyed his best results among white Evangelical voters, who gave him a massive 78-17% advantage; Clinton did best with black Protestants, who broke even more dramatically (89-8%) in her favor.

Among voters who attend church services weekly, Pew found that Trump had a slight advantage: 49- 45%. But among Catholics who attend Mass weekly, Clinton led by 57-38%.

When asked which questions they considered most important in the presidential campaign, Catholics provided answers that did not differ significantly from the overall national sample.

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