English Cardinal-Primate praises new British Prime Minister

English Cardinal-Primate praises new British Prime Minister

[His Eminence’s favorite kind of “practicing Anglican”? She supports homomarriage and killing unborn babies “only” up to 20 or 22 weeks!]

Catholic World News – July 14, 2016

Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster welcomed the appointment of Theresa May as the United Kingdom’s new prime minster.

As Home Secretary, May, 59, has worked with Cardinal Nichols to combat human trafficking. The daughter of an Anglican vicar, May attended a Catholic convent school for part of her childhood. She remains a practicing Anglican today—albeit one who pushed for the legalization of same-sex marriage [and “limitation” of abortion from 24 to 22 or 20 weeks].

“I am personally delighted at your appointment,” Cardinal Nichols said in a letter. “I know from the work we have done together that you have so many qualities to bring to the service of our countries at this time. I appreciate the maturity of judgement, the steely resolve, the sense of justice and the personal integrity and warmth you have always shown.”

Cardinal Nichols added:

I thank you for the remarkable work you have accomplished for the victims of human trafficking, including your strong personal support for the establishment of the Santa Marta Group, demonstrated through your presence at its first meeting in Rome. This is a clear indication not only of your determination to use high political office for the protection of some of the world’s most vulnerable people but also of your willingness to work with the Catholic Church at its highest levels.

As you take up this new and demanding office of Prime Minister, I assure you of my personal support and I look forward to working with you across a wide range of issues in service of the common good.

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  1. The stench of Londonistan has now attained an intergalactic level.

    What a pant load.

  2. Thatcher earned the nickname, “The Iron Lady,” by sitting in the “hostage chair” in a SAS target house used for live fire, forced entry training.

    She never flinched when the troops blew down the door and entered, firing live rounds.

    Just sayin’ …

  3. ***Nichols a faux Catholic!

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