English cardinal warns priests against ‘ad orientem’ liturgy

English cardinal warns priests against ‘ad orientem’ liturgy

[Cardinal Sarah’s suggestion DOA in England: English cardinal-primate over-rules Vatican cardinal-prefect with papal mandate; we will have to wait and see what happens when (and if) the next version arrives with a Vatican protocol number]

Catholic World News – July 11, 2016

Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster has written to his priests, advising them not to follow a Vatican official’s recommendation to begin celebrating Mass ad orientem.

Reacting to an address delivered in London by Cardinal Robert Sarah, the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, Cardinal Nichols said that current liturgical guidelines assume that the priest will celebrate Mass facing the people. He said that it would be inappropriate for priests to “exercise personal preference or taste” by changing their mode of celebrating Mass.

Cardinal Nichols acknowledged that the Congregation for Divine Worship has said that it is permissible under current liturgical rules to celebrate Mass ad orientem. But he observed that the Congregation also says that “the position toward the assembly seems more convenient inasmuch as it makes communication easier.” [Hasn’t His Eminence heard of sound systems? Many NewChurch priests use the hardly-visible, wireless headset microphone when celebrating Mass facing the people and especially for peripatetic preaching.]

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4 comments on “English cardinal warns priests against ‘ad orientem’ liturgy

  1. It seems that that this Cardinal Nichols knows how to pray to pagan gods.


    [Hat-tip to Vox Cantoris]

  2. [Also DOA in Rome?]

    Just after the announcement that he is being replaced by a layman, professional journalist Greg Burke, Federico Lombardi said:

    There are therefore no new liturgical directives foreseen from next Advent, as some have wrongly inferred from some of the words of Cardinal Sarah, and it is best to avoid using the expression ‘reform of the reform’ when referring to the liturgy, as it’s sometimes been a source of misunderstandings.

    [Hat-tip to Vox Cantoris]

    • According to later published reports, not only is Cardinal Sarah’s suggestion of Missa ad orientem DOA in Rome – but also His Eminence’s self-claimed papal mandate to study the reform of the reform, because if (as Fr. Lombardi says) there is no such reform, then there can’t be a study of something that doesn’t exist as well as papal mandate to do such.

  3. Regarding the prelate in question, I can do other than refer you to the blog of “Eccles & Bosco”!

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