Martyrology-July 9th
Roman Martyrology-July 9th- on this date in various years-

At Rome, at the Ever-flowing Spring, the birthday of St. Zeno and ten thousand two hundred and three other martyrs.

At Gortyna in Crete, in the persecution of Decius, under the governor Lucius, Bishop St. Cyril. When he was thrown into the flames his bonds were burned, but he was not injured. The judge, struck with awe at so great a miracle, set him at liberty, but as the saint began again immediately to preach with zeal the faith of Christ, he was beheaded.

At Briel in Holland, the passion of the nineteen martyrs of Gorcum. Of these, nine priests and two lay brothers were of the Order of Friars Minor, four were secular priests, two Premonstratensians, one Canon Regular of St. Augustine, and one Dominican. For vindicating the authority of the Roman Church and the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, they endured various insults and torments from the Calvinist heretics, and their great suffering was ended by all of them being hanged. Pope Pius IX included them in the number of holy martyrs.

In the town of Thora, on Lake Velino in Italy, the martyrdom of the Saints Anatolia and Audax, under Ermperor Decius. Anatolia, a virgin consecrated to Christ, cured many persons afflicted with various infirmities throughout the province of Piceno, and made them believe in Christ. By order of the judge Faustinian she was condemned to different kinds of punishment. She was cured of the sting of a serpent to which she had been exposed, a miracle that converted Audax to the faith. At last, praying with outstretched hands, she was pierced with a sword. Audax was sent to prison, and without delay sentenced to capital punishment, thus obtaining the crown of martyrdom.

At Alexandria, the holy martyrs Patermuthius, Copres, and Alexander, who were put to death under Julian the Apostate.

At Martula in Umbria, St. Brictius, bishop. Under the judge Marcian, after having suffered much for the confession of our Lord, and having converted to Christ a great multitude of people, he rested in peace, a confessor.

At Tiferno in Umbria, St. Veronica Giuliani, a nun of the second Order of St. Francis and abbess of the monastery in that town. Born at Mercatello in the diocese of Urbania, she became illustrious by her great love for suffering and other virtues, and by her heavenly gifts. She was inscribed among the holy virgins by Pope Gregory XVI.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.

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