Pope Francis Thinks Facing Mecca During Mass A Great Idea

Pope Francis Thinks Facing Mecca During Mass A Great Idea


Responding to Cardinal Robert Sarah’s suggestion that priests celebrate Mass ad orientem, or facing east, Pope Francis today praised the idea, asking all priests to face Mecca while saying Mass.

Speaking to a large crowd at his weekly Wednesday Audience in St. Peter’s Square, the Pope said that facing Mecca during Mass could be the ecumenical boost the Church and the east need “in these dark times.”

“It is very important that we return as soon as possible to a common orientation, of priests and the faithful turned together in the same direction, toward Mecca, the holiest site in all of Islam. This will accomplish two things…first, it will be as a sign of unity between east and west. Second, when we kneel at Mass, we will not only be kneeling for Christ’s forgiveness, but kneeling to those we harmed during the Crusades, which was our fault. They will, thereby, act in pseudo persona Christi as we humbly ask for God’s forgiveness.”

Francis went on to ask all priests to “implement this practice wherever possible, unless of course you’re already located somewhere in the east, in which case, ad populum will be permissible.”

After close to a ten second paused, Francis smiled, saying “Man…Sarah’s so smart, right? How does he come up with this stuff? He’d make such a great pope. He’s nothing like the Burke idiot I got rid of.”

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2 comments on “Pope Francis Thinks Facing Mecca During Mass A Great Idea

  1. “Truth is stranger than fiction” (or satire): While not during Mass, both Francis and Benedict have prayed facing Mecca.


    And their predecessor JP2 kissed the Koran:


  2. Pope Francis instructs on how to face Mecca

    Francis clarified what it means for a modern Catholic to properly face Mecca. “Because the Church was dominated by backward Promethean flat-Earthers until Vatican II, it is best to put our mind on GPS, thus lifting us up to see what we’ve been missing. To this end, priests will face Mecca along the shortest “great circle” route to Mecca. For example, if he is in San Francisco (with some flowers in his hair), he should face north-north-east, 18.76 degrees to be precise, but I’m not suggesting rigidity. Here’s an app for priests to calculate the correct orientation.” williams.best.vwh.net/gccalc.htm He added, “Did I say orientation? I meant direction, and no offense to east Asians, or men who think they’re women.”

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