Hillary for President? Are You Kidding?

Anyone who thinks Hillary Clinton should be elected to the Presidency should read what is contained in the following:www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-07-05/peak-fbi-corruption-meet-bryan-nishimura-found-guilty-removal-and-retention-classifi
This is not about the first woman to be elected to the Presidency but about whether she is, in fact, qualified ethically and morally, to even be a candidate for such an office. The link also points out the obvious discrepancy in the FBI Director’s statement to the American People re: prosecution of cases involving the mishandling of classified information. It poses a valid question about whether Director Comey should be retained in office. But, even more it poses numerable questions about the ethics or lack thereof of those occupying the highest offices in our land. May Almighty God Help Us!

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One comment on “Hillary for President? Are You Kidding?

  1. Director Comey seems to be resting his case on whether there was criminal intent regarding the mishandling of classified information by Hillary et al but the law says nothing about “intent.” The hearing descended into a verbal battle between Dems and Repubs as usual. The voters will have to make up their minds on election day.

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