An Open Letter to Donald J. Trump

I would like to vote for you, Mr. Trump, but I cannot. Why? Because you claim to be pro-life but you do not believe that Life begins at the moment of conception and is sacred from conception to the moment of natural death. You see, we believe that Our Creator, whom we call God, is the author of all Life and is the only one that can take a life, an innocent life, from anyone. Who is to say that a Life in the womb does not deserve protection? Certainly not the so-called Supreme Court or any other such entity on earth.

Now, there are many who believe they or others have the right to take such an innocent Life; most certainly we do not. When you declared your candidacy for the Presidency, many of us felt you could be a viable option to the incompetent and downright dishonest politicians we have had at the highest levels of our government for far too long. We still hope that will be the case but unless you declare that Life, innocent Life, is a gift from God and must be protected until natural death, I and many of my friends will able to vote for you. May Almighty God give you the grace to be the One candidate who will defend human life without exception.

There are other matters that concern us too – like the 10 Commandments God gave to Moses on Mt. Sinai are being treated today as the “Ten Suggestions.” I’m referring to the concepts of Marriage and the Family which are so desecrated in today’s Culture. But, that is for another time. Suffice it to say, we hope that is not the case with you.

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4 comments on “An Open Letter to Donald J. Trump

  1. On the “natural death” side of the coin, this is where there is likely a distinction. Trump will likely end ObamaCare, at least returning freedom and self-determination in health care for those who desire it. That means an end to gov’t death panels. HRC, on the other hand, has been clamoring for full gov’t control, meaning that end-of-life therapy will include suicide, and restriction on treatment via “death panels” will funnel the sheeple into the final option.

    I wish Trump would be more clear on ObamaCare. Preventing the extermination of the elderly, the ill and unwanted could be a positive reason to vote for Trump. But you’re right, pro-life he is NOT.

  2. While Mr.Trump has many faults, please remember that if Hillary Clinton wins it’s OVER!

    • In the inimitable words of one Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra: “It ain;t over ’til it’s over.” What’s to prevent Mr. Trump from having a “Come to Jesus” moment? There’s only One who can truly say: “It’s OVER!”

  3. I will be voting for the Donald. I consider it a vote against the succubus. Unfortunately, I live in a Blue state that gives all the electoral votes to the winner. It should be illegal- winner taking all AND the electoral college.

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