Vatican to Take Over Administration of Medjugorje?

Vatican to Take Over Administration of Medjugorje?

Pope Francis is expected to name a special administrator for Međugorje

[Not necessarily Cardinal Schonborn, but this seemed an interesting photo to post from MysticPost/, juxtaposing His Eminence’s quote on Medjugorje with that of His Holiness on the Lord Cardinal’s theological expertise]

By Vedran Pavlic, 03 Jul 2016

Pope Francis will reportedly soon appoint a special administrator of the Holy See for Međugorje. The unofficial information has not yet been confirmed, but it is assumed that the Vatican could take over in the next few months. It is assumed that this would mean that Međugorje would get a status of a shrine which would be managed by the pope’s administrator, while the parish of Međugorje and pastoral activities would remain in the hands of the Franciscans of the Herzegovinian Franciscan Province, reports Večernji List on July 3, 2016.

It would seem that the decision would be a win-win situation for everybody. Herzegovinian friars would lose a part of their autonomy in decision-making, but they will no longer have to deal with the local bishop because the Vatican would take over all responsibilities. Međugorje would become “extraterritorial” in a way, which would mean the end of 35 years of problems in relations between local bishops and the Međugorje phenomenon. On the other hand, the Bishop of Mostar-Duvno Ratko Perić can also be satisfied, because the authority of the Vatican would guarantee that there would be no deviations in Međugorje.

The Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Georg Muller, recently issued a ban to the visionaries to host meetings with the faithful throughout the world, including at Međugorje. The visionaries accepted the decision, but no one could prohibit the faithful to gather at the Apparition Hill.

A lot has changed in Međugorje in all these years, including the local economy which has profited from the number of pilgrims coming there. “All this annoys and bothers people so internet websites write negatively about Međugorje”, said a local resident. Until four to five years ago, Međugorje was dominated by small hotels which could accommodate 50 to 60 pilgrims. However, with the arrival of about a million and a half pilgrims a year, investors appeared who have built large hotels that can accommodate about 200 people, which encouraged many rental owners to expand their capacities as well. However, many of the hotels are empty. “Foreigners came with money, and our people took out loans, and now many are drowning in debt. Apparently, banks have already taken over some smaller hotels”, said a local inhabitant.

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2 comments on “Vatican to Take Over Administration of Medjugorje?

  1. Međugorje “too big to fail”? Is the Vatican emulating the U.S. federal govt. in bailing out questionable enterprises? Social justice for all, help the poor, blah – blah….

    Međugorje is big business. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw some “devotee” hawking hand-made “blessing bracelets” made by “pious village women” from Međugorje on some home shopping channel when I was watching TV last month. See:
    They even come in designer colors to match any (immodest) outfit! Funny thing, they didn’t have an image of Our Lady but the Jubilee Medal of St. Benedict – but hey any holy charm is as good as another!

  2. Fr. Lombardi: Reports of Vatican Administrator for Medjugorje ‘Premature’

    by Edward Pentin

    The Vatican has said reports that Pope Francis is to soon name a special administrator for Medjugorje are “premature”, but it is a hypothesis among others currently under consideration.

    In a note to journalists today, Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said “in recent days rumors have been circulating about the possible appointment of an apostolic administrator for the Medjugorje shrine”, one which would “report directly to the Holy See.”

    Such a possibility is a “hypothetical subject for study among others,” Father Lombardi said, but added “there has still been no decision” about it “and so it is premature to speak of it as a direction already taken, or as an imminent decision”.

    Read more:

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