Pass the Popcorn: Papal Memoir

Pass the Popcorn: Papal Memoir

Published Saturday, July 2, A.D. 2016 | By Donald R. McClarey

Well, this is interesting:

The Italian daily Corriere della Sera, which has acquired the rights to publish excerpts from the book, offered a preview in a July 1 article that disclosed:

Pope Benedict recognized the presence of a “gay lobby” at the Vatican during his pontificate. He says that only four or five people were involved, and believes that he defeated their efforts to influence Vatican policy.

The former Pontiff realizes that he lacked the firmness required to govern effectively. He confirms that, while working under St. John Paul II, he submitted his resignation several times, only to stay on at that Pontiff’s request.

No one pressured Pope Benedict to resign, and very few people knew of his plan to step down until he made his historic public announcement.

He was surprised by the election of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, having expected one of several other cardinals to be chosen as his successor. But his second reaction to the election was joy, because of his high regard for the Argentine prelate.

He kept a diary throughout his pontificate, but plans to destroy it, although he recognizes that historians would see it as a “golden opportunity.” (Interestingly, the former Pope indicates that he had not yet destroyed the diary, at least at the time of the interview.)

Go here to read the rest.

Lots of nervous people in the Vatican right now I should think. What I would give to get my hands on that diary! I wonder if it still exists, and how many surreptitious copies have been made. The lavender mafia still appears to be alive and well. Will the Pope name, names? Unlikely that is not the way things are done in Vatican Land. However, he may give hints for insiders to understand. A papal memoir is yet another reason for a pope retiring being a lousy idea.

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2 comments on “Pass the Popcorn: Papal Memoir

  1. Pope Benedict secretly canonized Pope Pius XII

    by Lucia Chaouqui, July 13, 2037

    Pilgrims at Fatima were stunned today with the finding of a secret diary kept by the late Pope Benedict XVI. It seems that the old controversy surrounding the “Third Secret” was invented by the pope himself. The pope wrote, “I just love to watch the Grunerites go on a frenzy like an dug-up ant colony.” But that was just one entry. For the entry of October 9, 2008, the pope wrote, “Lombardi, Kasper and I secretly canonized Pope Pius XII today. We kept it secret out of fear of the Jews.”

  2. Gibberish has now formally replaced not only Latin but all common sense in Rome.

    I believe NOTHING I read from “official” and “unofficial” sources alike, anymore.

    Deo gratias, we still have Denzinger, Ott, the Catechism of the Council of Trent, the OLD translations of the writings of the Saints, the Fathers, the Doctors, etc.

    As for the rest – basta!

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