I am sorry to “Gays”

I am sorry to “Gays”

Posted by Vox Cantoris at Sunday, July 03, 2016

I am sorry to all “gays.”

I am sorry that Pope Francis said the words “who am I too judge” and because he did not understand that the media would leave out the first part and only concentrate on the second. I am sorry that this made you think that it is okay to continue on in a life choice that will result in your spending an eternity cut off from God, in Hell.

I am sorry to “gays” that the Pope has called you “gay.” You see, you are not “gay” any more than you are a one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple-people eater. You are a man or a woman made in the image of God and destined for something greater than what you think yourself to be.

I am sorry that Jesuits such as James Martin and bishops such as Blase Cupich and countless others preach that the best way to minister to you is to meet you where you are in the sewer of sodomy and leave you there to die and spend an eternity in Hell.

I am sorry that the priests and prelates of the Catholic Church abused many of you physically and now continue to do so spiritually.

I am sorry that Raymond Lahey, a man who was once the Bishop of Antigonish was a chronic masturbator and did so by exploiting boys through the purchase of child pornography.

I am sorry that you “gays” will die sooner, be sicker, suffer from the most disgusting diseases as a result of perverted behaviour against God and nature and will be more susceptible to drug abuse, partner-abuse, mental health issues and suicide and then you will spend an eternity in Hell.

I am sorry to “gays” that you have been swindled and lied to by a corrupt and degraded culture and society that has not been challenged by the Truth of Christ and His Church.

I am sorry that you think it hate speech to say that your same-sex desires are “objectively disordered” against nature and that the acting out on these desires is “intrinsically disordered” because it is not hate speech but love speech meant to educate to prevent people from going to Hell.

I am sorry that Mohammedans want to kill you and send you to Hell.

I am sorry that you hate Catholics who want you to convert so that you do not go there.

I am sorry that you suffer loneliness but I am not sorry to tell you that the loneliness can be filled by Our Lord Jesus Christ who alone can save you from your sins.

I am sorry that you will ignore this writing and not heed it and then will spend an eternity in Hell.

The number 7 is mentioned nearly 500 times in the Holy Scriptures. It is the number of divine perfection and completion; and it is the number of colours in God’s rainbow.

The rainbow was a promise from God. It has become a symbol of the sin which cries out to heaven for vengeance.

That rainbow is six colours. It is inferior to everything. It is an inferior number, less than whole, less than perfect. It is a lie.

And it will be burnt, in God’s good time.


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3 comments on “I am sorry to “Gays”

  1. Lord Jesus,
    “Deliver us from the power of perversion ,virulent in Church and State.”

  2. Kwai Chang: Master, must you apologize to the grasshopper for cultural appropriation?

    Master Po: Ah, white trash Promethean! Apologize for your people building their railroads on the backs of Chinamen — er, Asian illegal aliens — er, undocumented slave labor!

  3. A wise philosophy professor from my college days once said: “An apology that is unwarranted is an accusation.” So what exactly is Cardinal Marx and Pope Francis accusing the Church – or as the Pope “clarified” – Christians of?

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