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[I still have a bookmark for PewSitter and consult it on a regular basis – along with Canon212. – AQ moderator Tom]



I’ve never met Frank Walker, but I owe him a lot.

In March of 2014, I had never heard of Pewsitter. All of a sudden, though, people started telling me that they had linked to something on my personal blog, when 1P5 was still just a tickle in the back of my brain. Sure enough, the traffic came rolling in. Then I got a note through my site contact form from a guy named Frank Walker:

Thank you Steve for your wonderful article. We’ve headlined with it tonight. Sometimes a think piece is an event. You’ve been indispensable in the past year. God bless you.


So began a correspondence that has spanned over two years and who knows how many links. If I had a story that was big and needed to get out, I would always send it to Frank first. Often enough, he’d politely reply that it was already up on their home page. More times than I can count, 1P5 stories sat there with the big Drudge Report-esque headline and the big Drudge Report-esque picture, dominating the big Drudge Report-esque front page of Pewsitter. Since August 1, 2014, Pewsitter links have initiated 71,378 new “sessions” on 1P5, according to Google.

In other words: Frank Walker helped build 1P5. Day in and day out, he drove traffic to our door. He put a permanent link on the Pewsitter homepage.

And then, at the end of March of this year, he sent me a note: “Starting in May I’m no longer going to post PewSitter.” But it wasn’t the end. “I’m planning to launch a new site in June,” he said, “but I haven’t made any announcement yet.”

Well, quietly, earlier this month, was launched, with Frank Walker at the helm. should look familiar – it’s a news aggregation site in a Drudge Report-esque style. In a Pewsitter-esque style. But whereas Pewsitter (which still regularly links to our stories) has taken on a more American political overtone in addition to Church news, has that unmistakable Frank Walker style. As of this writing, the front page is emblazened with a story I’m going to need to cover tomorrow (and have touched on before):


This is not a paid advertisement. Nobody sent me a check in the mail. In fact, Frank didn’t even ask me to do this. I asked him. I don’t make recommendations of other sites here often, if ever. I certainly don’t do it lightly. But Frank has a nose for news, and he finds all the most important stories Catholics awake in a time of crisis need to read. I’m going to do podcast with him soon, because I want to know what makes him tick. How he finds the stories that matter. How he spends his days reading all this stuff and isn’t guilty of substance abuse. Hopefully, we’ll get that scheduled soon.

Until then: if you haven’t bookmarked, what are you waiting for?

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One comment on “ A Great Place to Get Your Catholic News

  1. What an article on Cardinal Zen, true prince of the Church! And LaStampa maligns him for going against Wojtyla and Ratzinger’s capitulation to the ChiComs.

    It’s Vatican II, folks. Commies are people, too, and you have to try to get along with them, right? Cardinal Zen has had enough of it. His fellow faithful bishops and priests languish in prison, some for decades! But Rome runs the traitor team, just as Roncalli did at the Council.

    There is no way to save your soul in the Patriotic fake Church. If it is possible, then you have to wonder why so many martyrs never gave in in order to receive their crown. Is it possible that there are two ways to save one’s soul in China? One way is to languish in prison, the other is to sleep on a nice bed in a rectory provided by the Commie gov’t. God will not be mocked. Not by Wojtyla, Ratzinger, or Bergoglio.

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