Petition for new Brexit vote gets 39,411 signatures from Vatican City – pop. 800

Petition for new Brexit vote gets 39,411 signatures from Vatican City – pop. 800

[Stuffing the ballot box in the papal palace?]


This reminds me of Left-fascist Nick Lowles’ Hope Not Hate petition to ban me from the UK, which gained an extraordinary number of signatures in a very short time, no doubt including many more people than had ever actually heard of my existence — and was never examined by parliamentary authorities. Clearly the European political and media elites are scrambling to maintain their hegemony amid increasing popular discontent with, among other things, their suicidal Muslim immigration policies. Even if they force what is already a shattered dhimmi Britain to remain in the EU, their hegemony is inexorably crumbling.

Second referendum petition: At least 77,000 ‘fake’ signatures removed hours after inquiry launched,” by Luke Heighton, Telegraph, June 26, 2016:

Parliamentary authorities have moved swiftly to remove around 77,000 allegedly fake signatures from an online petition which calls for a re-run of the Brexit referendum.

It follows a formal inquiry launched less than three hours earlier, amid claims some of the more than three million signatures it has gained since Friday may be fraudulent.

A statement posted on the House of Commons’ petitions committee Twitter account on Sunday afternoon said: “We are investigating allegations of fraudulent use of the petitions site. Signatures found to be fraudulent will be removed”.

It came as the ‘EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum’ petition posted on the UK Government and Parliament Petitions website showed a suspicious number of signatures attributed to places outside the UK – in some cases more than their total population.

Some 39,411 residents of Vatican City, home to Pope Francis, appeared to have signed the petition by Sunday morning, despite the tiny city state having a total population of just 800.

In isolationist North Korea, one of the least internet-connected countries in the world, 23,778 people had apparently gone online to express their frustration at the UK’s decision to quit the EU.

Located 800 miles south east of the Falklands, and with a permanent population of zero, the South Atlantic British Overseas Territory of South Georgia and the Sandwich Islands was responsible for more than 3,000 signatures

That was some 300 more than those coming from the British Antarctic Territory, which though home to some 400 researchers also has no settled population of its own.

Signatories are also recorded in places as far flung as the Caribbean island of Aruba (101), Bermuda (564), China (432), Hong Kong (2,089), Japan (742) Venezuela (24) and the South Pacific Islands of Tuvalu (18), Wallis and Fortuna (8) and Vanuatu (31).

Overall, close to 2.5 million signatures had been added from within the UK by midday on Sunday, making up an overwhelming proportion of the whole….

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  1. “Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.”

    If there were 39,411 signatures out of a population 800, how many signed against this, the other way?

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