Archbishop Sacrifices Priest Who Cites Saint Paul to the Homo-Zeitgeist

Archbishop Sacrifices Priest Who Cites Saint Paul to the Homo-Zeitgeist

Posted by Tancred on 6/24/16

(Rome) “Die Bibelfäscher” is one of the most remarkable books of recent literature in the field of religion and theology, written by the leading New Testament scholar Klaus Berger. “Bible Counterfeiters” do not only appear in the field of professional theologians. The Archbishop of Cagliari in Sardinia, Mgr. Arrigo Miglio, issued a priest of his archdiocese a permanent ban on preaching and another such ban, from taking a public position. In addition, the priest must close his YouTube channel with his sermons.

Don Massimliano Pusceddu was found guilty of having quoted the Apostle Paul in a sermon on May 28 in opposition to the “gay marriage” approved by the Italian Parliament. For this he was lynched verbally by the media. The “Corriere della Sera” wrote of the “Anti-Gay priest” who demands the execution of homosexuals. Numerous media ran the headline: “Priest wants death of homosexuals”.

The Apostle Paul on Aberrosexuality, Sin and Death

Don Pusceddu had quoted the letter of Paul to the Romans, here represented by the translation of Klaus Berger:

“As a punishment, God has delivered them to their immoderate desires, so that they mutually desecrate their bodies.

People have traded the reality of God for deceit and structures created, revered and worshiped instead of the Creator. But the Creator will outlast them and be praised.

Because people have therefore swapped created and Creator, God has delivered them their desires, with which they do dishonor only themselves. So it was that women became lesbian and have exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural.

Thus it was that men became gay. Instead of following the nature and have sexual relations with women, they burned in their perverse desire for their peers and fornication with other men, which they received at first hand the condign punishment.

Because people had chosen not to know, he abandoned them to their foolish, so that they do evil.

They are brimming with injustice, malice, greed, corruption, envy, lust for murder, strife, intrigue and wickedness. They play a double game and bearing tales, insulting God, are fully overbearing in swaggering conceit. They have only evil in mind and refuse obedience to their parents.

Intellect, loyalty, love and compassion are alien to them.

They know very well that according to God’s statutes, such conduct is punishable by death. Yet they not only act this way, but even clap in applause when others do it.” (Rom 1.24 to 32).

Whoever is able to listen and read, recognizes the connection of who is worthy of death in the eyes of God. What God judges in the hereafter, who people defy, even if some do not want to admit it and they do not want that God rules now or in the hereafter.

The focus of the sermon of Don Pusceddu was the importance and beauty of the family, which was being damaged by the legalization of “gay marriage.” In this context, he cited the apostles to reveal the perversity of homosexuality.

Tragedy: Archbishop kneeling down before the “Lord of the World”

The journalists seem, even in a Catholic country, not to know the difference between sin and sinner. The distinction belongs to an essential element of Catholic doctrine. What the media does not know, at least should be understood by the bishop. However, he knelt before the undignified media and homosexual campaign.

Homo representatives held a protest vigil in front of the priest’s church and demanded the removal of Don Pusceddu in a petition to Pope Francis. What does not suit them must be eliminated. Another opinion is not tolerated, not even God’s revelation. This was already realized in what St. Paul wrote to the Romans.

Archbishop Miglio was moved after a few days to intervene. To defend his priest? To protect the Church from spurious attacks? To demand the right of Catholics to read, ponder and proclaim the word of God? Not at all!

With a long press conference the Archbishop attacked Don Pusceddu frontally and from the side. Him, he accused of having “distorted the thought of St. Paul,” and begged the aberromosexuals “in my name and on behalf of our diocesan Church, pardon.” At the same time he made known the list of punitive measures against the priest of his diocese.

“The spectacle of a bishop who comes running to kneel before, ‘Lord of the World,’ is really sad,” says Riccardo Cascioli, the editor of the Catholic Internet newspaper, Nuova Bussola Quotidiana .

Surrender without fighting

Archbishop Miglio even cited the Apostle Paul himself in his letter to prove that Don Pusceddu had quoted him incorrectly. It could only come out the opposite of what the Archbishop wanted but he did not notice or did not want to notice. In chapter 5, Paul points to the exact relationship between death and sin: “Through one man, Adam, sin found its way into the world and in its wake, death” (Romans 5:12). “But where sin blooms, grace blooms even stronger” (Rom 5:20). Paul Chapter 8 then says that for those who are in Christ Jesus, there is no more condemnation.The key message of the apostles is to cry repentance and to warn of the dangers of doing wrong.

But Archbishop Miglio has preferred to capitulate to the world and to raise the white flag without fighting. He sacrificed his priest to please the spirit of the world. The other priests of the Archdiocese are now careful not to take a position on this issue. Thus, the only remaining warning voice will be silenced. Whoever announces the revealed doctrine of God, will be punished and removed from the pulpit, whoever bends on this issue and twists to please, or proclaims heresies of all kinds for decades, he can continue undisturbed and is the darling of published opinion.

The bishop has the first obligation to be like a father to his priests, then his faithful. If a bishop can let a priest down in such a way, the faithful of the whole Church are uncertain. For Archbishop Miglio to punish Don Puscheddu in such a brutal way, ultimately falls upon the movement founded by this priest, “Apostles of Mary”, which is now represented in all of Italy and many other countries and their charism, in the dissemination and promotion of the Rosary in the family. Don Puscheddu, a former boxer, exorcist of the Archdiocese and priest with a charismatic aura, will know the humiliation of being stuffed away. The damage from the Archbishop goes far beyond that.

It was not unnoticed that this sad statement by the Archbishop took place on the eve of the “Sardegna Gay Pride.” The archbishop clearly offered up a priest in order to be able to continue to live undisturbed. The archbishop would have only to view the commercial put up by organizers for the aberrosexual-spectacle in which a little boy appears, to recognize who has been subjected since.

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2 comments on “Archbishop Sacrifices Priest Who Cites Saint Paul to the Homo-Zeitgeist

  1. Here’s a repost of an earlier comment

    Ex-priest of the Maciel cult, Tom Williams, gives the passive reply, “Saint Paul never permits that Christians should commit any violence whatsoever against homosexuals.” While that’s correct, it fails to address what the Church taught about the crime of sodomy. The fact is that The Church has endorsed the death penalty, though not universally.

    For an excellent summary of teachings and ordinances on the “libidinous crime against nature,” see the Appendix of In the Murky Waters of Vatican II by Atila Sinke Guimarães. The punishment of this crime prior to our modern times was always severe, and can be summarized as follows.

    1) Punishment by death is not universal. This is based on the severe penances, e.g., 15 – 25 years, found in the early Church. While the Church does not execute law, it informs rulers and judges. As we see in (2) below, popes have exhorted the death penalty. That the Church legislated penances at times rather than delivering the offender to the executioners proves that Our Lord did not require the latter, as is the case with willful murder. (Hence, St. Paul is speaking of eternal death.)

    2) Pope St. Pius V exhorted the state to severely punish sodomites, even to burn them at the stake, according to Guimarães. Quoting Ludovico von Pastor in Historia de los Papas:

    On April 1, 1566, [St.Pius V] ordered that sodomites be turned over to the secular arm … The various imprisonments of sodomites … impressed Rome and frightened especially well established people, for it was known that the pope wanted his laws enforced even against the powerful. Indeed, to punish for vices against nature, the torments of the stake was applied throughout the pontificate of St. Pius V … An earlier papal Brief mandated that clerics who were guilty of that crime be stripped of all their posts, dignities, and income, and, after degradation, be handed over to the secular arm.

    3) The death penalty is found throughout the history of western culture. From Guimarães: “The influence of the Justinian Code (ca 538) continued for centuries. It can be noted in Blackstone’s Comment on the Laws of England in the nineteenth century. Blackstone states: ‘The crime against nature … [must] be punished with death as required by the voice of nature and of reason, and the express law of God.’

    One might ask, then, what is the difference between the Church and Islam, between St. Pius V and Omar the ISIS terrorist, on this issue? One obvious reply is that the Church always offers forgiveness and restoration of grace, reserving the most severe punishments only for the resolutely impenitent. The Church relies on the legitimately established secular government to implement the punishments, and does not tolerate that an individual would take the law into his own hands.

    Islam, on the other hand, does not admit a secular court, but is one teaching and one law under a dictator. While there are many factions, the punishment of sodomites is universal (excepting men’s “use” of boys, of course), and the individual is free to implement the law, e.g., a husband setting his wife aflame for transgressions. The current climate in America is to ignore such distinctions.

    Sodomy should be punished severely. However, we are very far from having the will to do so, and it cannot be changed overnight, nor without the conversion of America. We must remain resolutely opposed to the vice and be willing to suffer the consequences.

    The bottom line is, it’s us or them, no in between (I’m speaking of homos here, but it’s true of Islam also.) Today, they understand this better than us, and they are moving rapidly to to subjugate and exterminate us.

  2. We must own up to the fact that the Church has endorsed the death penalty for obstinate homosexuals, not to call for that penalty today, nor to apologize. This gets to the seriousness of the offense that “cries to Heaven for vengeance.” I say not to call for it today because there first needs to be 1) a restoration of doctrine, 2) a restoration of penalties in the Church, and 3) a removal of all queer and queer-friendly priests, bishops, and pope(s), and 4) a conversion of the country to the true Catholic Faith.

    And, to be clear, this is not intended to incite individual vigilante attacks on homos, as such behavior is wrong. We offer help to get out of the sin, conversion and grace.

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