Pope Francis’ Vatican is a den of Narcissistic decadence

Pope Francis’ Vatican is a den of Narcissistic decadence: Cardinal Baldisseri – the Synod Thief – spends $$$$ on parasitic indulgences

These men do not have Christ and His Church at heart.

These men do not devote their lives to humble living.

These men do not live in evangelical poverty.

These men care nothing about preaching the Gospel.

These men are corrupt.

These men are evil.

These men are narcissists.

These men are malefactors and corrupters.

These men are preparing the way for the False Prophet, who will sit upon the Chair of Peter and serve the Antichrist.

Posted by Barona on 6/23/16

Catholic News Service carries an article about Lorenzo Cardinal Baldisseri. With the Catholic Church collapsing on all sides; with rampant homosexuality in the priesthood, with millions of Catholic couples dissenting on the sacredness of Holy Matrimony, with our young people led astray by ignorant parents, and parish priests, what does Baldisseri spend his days doing?

Baldisseri, playing his grand piano in his luxurious apartment in the Apostolic Palace

Wasting his days tinkling pathetically on his grand piano, this disgusting self-styled Renaissance “prince” lives the life of a typical jet-setting clerical parasite that seem to infest Vatican City. The CNS article informs us that Baldisseri has proudly transported his grand piano around the world, an undertaking that would have cost thousands and thousands over the years. One presumes the Cardinal is independently wealthy, otherwise it means a very hefty bill for the innumerable widows across the Catholic world.

A disgusting display of narcissism! So vain and arrogant is this man, (who claims he has recorded three CDs!) that he has no conception that Catholics will be outraged about his lifestyle. While so many are unemployed, so many families are struggling to put food on table, or try to save a few dollars for an education – this man, and his enablers (including the re-tweeting Thomas Rosica CSB, who recently lectured people about helping the poor) continue to live in their clericalist fantasy world.

Notwithstanding Pope Francis public outcries about indulgent clerics, it would seems that those in his entourage get a free pass. If anything, Rome under this Pontificate has become more self-indulgent, more outrageous than ever. It is a fact that the Pope’s “modest” accommodation in Santa Marta House, is actually far more indulgent that the traditional Papal Apartments.

Baldisseri even conceded with incredible arrogance that he did not have the time to play the piano as much as he wanted during the Synod. Perhaps some of this time was consumed by his criminal activities of stealing books from the Vatican Mail Office. This action was mail fraud, and Baldisseri should have been charged, tried and sentenced to jail time.

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4 comments on “Pope Francis’ Vatican is a den of Narcissistic decadence

  1. Glad Toronto don’t know me. I pamper myself every day: my fav breakfast, shave with my old double edge, eat my fill at lunch and dinner, and go to sleep on a comfy bed with a nice pillow.

  2. See my post entitled ; “TURN OFF THE SPIGOT! below.

  3. I agree totally with phaley about turning off the spigot. But as long as you have open boarders, with illegals and refugees along with drugs coming into this Country, the CASH COW , for the Church, settling illegals and refugees , and collecting NARCO ALMS from the Mexican drug cartels, continue to finance their lavish lifestyle . Wuerl lives in a penthouse on Embassey Row in DC , Dolan runs his Diocese , like a San Francisco Bath House, and Cupich is continuing the Bernadine Tradition and yet nobody in the Vatican says anything . Why ? Because American tax payer money and drug money continues to fund the Vatican ‘s coffers . Not only are these clown in the Vatican , narcissistic ,but totally corrupt and criminal !

  4. Even the great, and I mean TRULY great, St Catherine of Siena spoke bluntly to cardinals in Avignon, telling them that the stench of satan was quite noticeable upon her arrival.

    It is no charity to excuse sin, including mail fraud. It merely encourages it unto an epidemic.

    Liberals are cowards and effeminate. Period.

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