Churches Defaced With Satanic Images

1. Slovenian Church Defaced With Satanic Graffiti


by Christine Niles, M.St. (Oxon.), J.D. • ChurchMilitant • June 16, 2016

CELJE, Slovenia – A Catholic church in Slovenia was defaced with satanic words and symbols early Wednesday morning.

The Cathedral of St. Daniel in Celje, a historic church erected in 1306, was spray painted with upside-down crosses, pentagrams, profanities — including the slurs “whore” and “b***h” — the numeral 666 and the name Satan.


The graffiti was found on the front wall of the church building, the bishop’s residence, some tombstones and a historic column on which a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary stands. The vandals also burned and destroyed part of the property from a nearby pub.

According to Matevž Hribernik, a parishioner who spoke with, the sacristan was the first to see the damage, and alerted Bp. Stanislav Lipovšek, head of the diocese of Celje, before his 7 a.m. Mass.

“The cathedral and Virgin Mary’s column are protected as part of our cultural heritage, with national significance, which makes this even more troubling,” Hribernik told ChurchMilitant. “Some of the gravestones that were spray painted are from the Roman-Early Christian era, and we are still in the process of determining how to clean them.”

This marks the second time this year the Catholic church in Slovenia has been attacked, with two churches in Ljubljana — the Franciscan Church of the Annunciation and the cathedral Church of St. Nicholas — spray painted with pro-abortion slurs during the churches’ 40 Days for Life Lenten campaign. Messages included “Church, get out of my womb” and “RCC out of our vaginas.”

Police are investigating the crime at St. Daniel, and issued a statement Wednesday estimating the damage to be around 3,000 euros ($3,300). The vandals have yet to be apprehended.

Parishioners are in the meantime trying to repair the damage, and are even considering performing an exorcism after the satanic vandalism.

“We’ve already painted over the graffiti on the church wall,” Hribernik explained. “We’re now thinking that some sort of exorcism must be done.”

In the wake of the incident, Tadej Strehove, spokesman for the Slovenian Bishops Conference, is calling for respect to be shown towards communities of faith.

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2 comments on “Churches Defaced With Satanic Images

  1. [What’s the difference? – except that one desecration was perpetrated on a church and the other by a church on itself]

    2. Cathedral of Orleans, France, fabulously covered with [satanic] homosexual rainbow


    Posted by New Catholic at 6/16/2016 @ Rorate Caeli

    The Cathedral of the Holy Cross of Orleans [Cathédrale Sainte-Croix d’Orléans] was lit in the LGBT colors in honor of the victims of Orlando!

    A correspondent contacted the Cathedral. The reception was rather chilly. The decision on the lighting was taken by City Hall, but, in a general manner, the Cathedral has consulted. In the present case, it was Bishop Blaquart who personally approved the request of City Hall.

    The Cathedral of Orleans is a late Gothic treasure that had to be almost completely rebuilt after being the object of terrorist attacks by French Protestants (the violent Huguenots), who blew apart with explosives the four main columns of the transept, on March 24, 1568. It is particularly important in French history for the Masses heard there by Saint Joan of Arc during the Siege of Orleans, in 1429.

  2. Satanic Temple’ Joins Planned Parenthood in Pro-Abortion Crusade
    by Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D.,17 Jun 2016

    In the face of growing pressure on Planned Parenthood after revelations that it was selling human body parts, the Satanic Temple has launched a pro-abortion crusade to come to the aid of America’s largest abortion provider.

    The Satanic Temple, an organization that combats Christian influence in American society, has staged a series of counter-protests at pro-life rallies and filed a lawsuit against the state of Missouri on behalf of one of its members who had to wait 72 hours to get an abortion due to Missouri state law.

    According to reports, legislators have passed nearly 300 abortion restrictions in the past five years, resulting in the closing of “hundreds of clinics.”

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