Vatican doctrine chief limits expectations for women deacons

Vatican doctrine chief limits expectations for women deacons

[I predict that Pope Francis will “restore” (or rather, establish) the office or ministry (not holy order) of “pastoral” deaconess, into which women will be “installed” (rather than ordained). They will have the duties of ordained male deacons (see list below) but not the privileges (such as clerical status and wearing the deacon’s stole)]

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2016

VATICAN CITY – The head of the Vatican’s doctrine office is suggesting little new will come from a study commissioned by Pope Francis into the role of women deacons.

Cardinal Gerhard Mueller says the Vatican is putting together a list of experts for the study. But he says the focus will be historic in nature, studying the role of women deacons in the early church, and that regardless a comprehensive study was completed in 2002.

That study found that female deacons of the early church cannot be compared to the ordained male diaconate of today.

Francis made headlines when he agreed to a request by a nun to set up the commission.

Ordained deacons aren’t priests but perform many of the same functions as priests, such as presiding over baptisms, marriages and funerals as well as reading the gospel and preaching at Mass.

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One comment on “Vatican doctrine chief limits expectations for women deacons

  1. This “limitation” on the role will make no real difference to what the introduction of deaconesses will do. In my church there are two female EMHCs. These two regard it as their right to distribute Holy Communion regardless of how many priests and acolytes are on the altar. They strut around with self given importance and woe betide anyone who questions their right to go up to the altar each week and administer Holy Communion.
    Similarly, the female readers regard this as their right, even if they can’t proclaim the reading properly.

    I know that parishes have females leading services in the form of habit less nuns.
    I also attended a Confirmation recently where an aged female in an alb, did all the duties of an acolyte, setting up the vessels and cleaning them after Holy Communion, even though female acolytes have been expressly banned.

    I can just imagine what we are going to experience if deaconesses are introduced. All Rome’s restrictions will mean nothing as they prance around the sanctuary letting us know that they should really be priests.

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