Orlando, Florida: how sins that cry to Heaven for Vengeance created a Hell on earth in the homosexual bath house

Orlando, Florida: how sins that cry to Heaven for Vengeance created a Hell on earth in the homosexual bath house

Posted by Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness

Vox Cantoris rightly called the shootings yesterday in Orlando as “Satan eating his own”. Indeed, the devil loves to double-cross those who he has deceived. So it was in the early hours of the morning when a man inspired by Satan to commit one of the four sins that cry to Heaven for Vengeance (Murder) opened fire upon hundreds of others equally inspired by Satan to indulge in another of the four sins (Sodomy).

Bishop Robert Morlino was one of the few Catholic voices who simply called for prayer in the face of grave sin. Others, such as Archbishop Cupich, adapting homosexualist language, wrote about “gay and lesbian brothers and sisters”. Not to be outdone, the dissident Jesuit, James Martin droned on about “homophobia” and “LGBT brothers and sisters”. This latter reaction by a growing crowd of churchmen only demonstrates the degree of homosexual infiltration of the priesthood and the hierarchy of the Church.

The Vox is correct: what happened in Florida was nothing but evil consuming evil. These homosexuals are not martyrs, their lives are not to be celebrated, but wept over. They received both natural and supernatural gifts from God. The supernatural they seemingly rejected. Humanly speaking, the gunman and the murdered homosexuals were all dragged into Hell by Satan, where they will spend eternity tormenting each other. That is humanly speaking…. but we can and should pray that in those fleeting moments before death, there was repentance, thereby opening the opportunity for the mystery of God’s Mercy.

I shall be praying for these homosexuals and the Mohommedan gunman that they repented of their grave sins in the few seconds they had before they faced the Judgment seat of God.

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39 comments on “Orlando, Florida: how sins that cry to Heaven for Vengeance created a Hell on earth in the homosexual bath house

  1. [A blunt but true warning]

    When Bad People Get Murdered By Other Bad People, It Doesn’t Make Them Good, It Makes Them Dead.

    Ann Barnhardt

    Oh, satan is one wily chess player.

    Pitting the musloids against the sodomites (but I repeat myself…) – wait let me make a precision: Pitting the musloids against the western sodomites is already bearing hellish fruit. (N.P.I.)

    Look folks, when bad people get murdered by other bad people, it doesn’t make them suddenly good. It makes them DEAD.

    The 50 killed in that SODOMITE NIGHT CLUB, unless they fully repented of ALL of their sins and died contrite for for what they were ENTHUSIASTICALLY EMBRACING AND PRACTICING just seconds before, died in unrepentant mortal sin. While certainly possible, the odds are LONG, to put it mildly.

    Their fates were locked-in at the moment of death. The fact that they were murdered by musloids DOES NOT REHABILITATE THEM or DISPENSE THEM FROM THEIR SIN in any way. The ultimate tragedy is that there are now 50 more people who no longer have any chance to repent of their sins, to avail themselves of God’s Holy Church, the Sacrament of Penance, and to die in a state of grace, in friendship with Christ. 50 people have faced Jesus Christ in their particular judgment, having died enthusiastically enjoying a SODOMITE NIGHT CLUB. Tremble and quake at the thought – it is horrifying.

    Canonizing these people, painting them as martyrs, is EXACTLY what satan wants. Because if active, enthusiastic, unrepentant SODOMITES are martyr-saints, then the entire notion of sin and judgment is completely bled of all meaning, as is the entire notion of true martyrdom. True martyrs are people who die witnessing to the truth of Jesus Christ and His Holy Church. Period. These people died literally witnessing to SODOMY. Heck, for that matter, if everyone who is murdered gets to go to heaven, then isn’t the murderer actually doing the people he kills a favor by, according to this logic, “absolving” them of their sins and guaranteeing them the Beatific Vision?

    Do you see how when we stray, even a little, from the true teaching of The Church and start building logical truth tables upon FALSE PREMISES, we end up careening down into the pit within just a couple of corollary steps?

    And the next thing you know sodomites are heroic saints, and murder is an act of charity.

    And satan squeals, “Checkmate!”

    • [Another from the same source]

      #TOLDYA The Damned All Hate Each Other

      Ann Barnhardt

      Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

      Don’t let let anyone tell you that the musloids, faggots, dykes and fag hags in that gay disco in Orlando were “heroes” or “martyrs”. They were, as previously discussed here, denizens of hell on earth who got shot by another denizen of hell on earth. The only difference is that it was possible, in those final moments, that the baptized among them could have repented and made Acts of Contrition before being slaughtered. But, let’s be frank, they were all so young as to have been raised in the Novus Ordo, if in The Church at all, and thus almost certainly had no sorrow for their sin, much less knowledge of how to make an Act of Contrition and die well.

      Acknowledge this for what it is: a foretaste of hell – the damned hating the damned. No “good guys.” No “martyrs”. Just pure Godless, loveless evil.


      Don’t go there.

  2. Gay Orlando

    Posted by Susan Matthiesen at LES FEMMES – THE TRUTH

    Once again the “religion of peace” proves that that statement is a lie. When will the West ever ever wake up? Omar Mateen, a Muslim, orchestrated the largest mass murder in US history just hours ago at Orlando’s gay nightclub Pulse when he opened fire killing 50 people inside the club and injuring more.

    Photos of the inside of the club (from the internet before the shooting) could not be posted here on Les Femmes in good conscience since most of them on Google images were pictures of naked men.

    Pulse gay nightclub is just a few blocks south of where I went to elementary school as a child when Orlando was a sleepy Florida town that no one had ever heard of before. (Orlando? Where’s that?) Then came Disney, and everything changed, bringing with it murder, crime and an enormous gay culture. Disney hosts the infamous Disney Gay Days and across the area are various gay functions and parties for Bears, transvestites, femmes, lesbians, even a Leather Fetish Expo and a Mr. Leather Gay Days…a sort of “you name it, they have it” list of perverse gatherings, activities and parties, parties, parties non stop all year.

    With even their majestic palm trees decorated in rainbow crepe paper, the infamous Parliament House is situated a mile from St James Cathedral, and the Cathedral itself is two blocks from Lake Eola where Orlando’s gay parade is held. On the opposite side of Lake Eola is the gay neighborhood of Thornton Park, just a few blocks up from where our family lived. My father worked first in downtown Orlando which now is filled with gay hotspots, then he worked in old Colonialtown, which again is another gay area today. There is a gay Chamber of Commerce, gay restaurants, gay bars, gay plays, gay porn movies – an entire gay industry in Orlando, as well as Miami, and especially Key West where permanent rainbow crosswalks were installed.

    Key West’s permanent cross walks

    Of course, I realize this is no different that that which has happened to San Francisco, San Diego, Philadelphia, New York City, Chicago and so on all over the world, even the Holy City of JERUSALEM!

    Jerusalem Pride Parade

    How did we normal people ever let this happen? How and WHY did we let perversity take over normalcy? And why are people still not willing to admit that Islam is the religion of the Lord of the World who reigns and will continue to reign as long as normal people let him. WAKE UP!

  3. The assembled leadership in the Orlando area just finished a news conference on Fox News and the one question they did not answer (and the press would not ask) is: Why did this happen? Those familiar with the degradation to which our society has sunk know full well the answer – because we have tolerated Evil instead of stamping it out. Meanwhile, the boneheads congratulate themselves for doing a good job in the aftermath of what is easily one of the most embarrassing moments in our history as a Christian nation. May God have Mercy on the innocents

  4. Recent West Catholic Grad Among Those Killed In Orlando Shooting


    June 13, 2016

    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A local female died in the mass nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida.

    Eighteen-year-old West Catholic grad Akyra Murray was shot and killed Sunday morning at Pulse nightclub.

    West Catholic wrote on the school’s website:

    “West Catholic Prep is terribly saddened to report that Akyra Murray ’16 has been confirmed as a victim in the mass shooting in Orlando this weekend. Akyra was on a family vacation to celebrate graduation and visit her brother. A recent graduate, Akyra was a superstar who was a leader amongst her classmates and teammates. She was a solid student in the classroom and a 1,000 point scorer on the Lady Burrs basketball team, and recently signed a letter of intent to play basketball at Mercyhurst College next year. May God bless Akyra’s soul and provide comfort to all family and friends during this very troubling time.”

  5. Cupich in statement to the public and separate letter to LGBT community Mass: ‘I stand with you.’

    Tom Roberts | Jun. 13, 2016 | NCR Today

    A letter from Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich expressing solidarity with the Catholic gay and lesbian community in that city, following the mass shooting in Orlando, was read prior to a Sunday night Mass for the lay organization AGLO (Archdiocesan Gay and Lesbian Outreach).

    Addressing the group as “Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,” Cupich wrote:

    “For you here today and throughout the whole lesbian and gay community, who are particularly touched by the heinous crimes committed in Orlando, motivated by hate, driven perhaps by mental instability and certainly empowered by a culture of violence, know this: the Archdiocese of Chicago stands with you. I stand with you.

    “Let our shared grief and our common faith in Jesus, who called the persecuted blessed, unite us so that hatred and intolerance are not allowed to flourish, so that those who suffer mental illness know the support of a compassionate society, so that we find the courage to face forthrightly the falsehood that weapons of combat belong anywhere in the civilian population.”

    According to a statement on the organization’s website, AGLOChicago was founded in 1988 “through the efforts of several members of Chicago LGBT community working together” with the late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin “to provide a ministry of outreach.”

    Cupich’s letter to the gay and lesbian community gathered for mass was separate from an earlier statement the archbishop released decrying the violence against gays and lesbians in Orlando, as well as the ongoing gun violence in the United States.

    “The people of the Archdiocese of Chicago stand with the victims and their loved ones and reaffirm our commitment, with Pope Francis, to address the causes of such tragedy, including easy access to deadly weapons,” Cupich said. “We can no longer stand by and do nothing.”

    • Posted by Oakes Spalding on MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2016

      Cupich: Orlando Should be a Teaching Moment on Mental Illness

      Yesterday, Archbishop Blase Cupich wrote a letter to AGLO–the Archdiocesan Gay and Lesbian Outreach at Our Lady of Mount Carmel–referencing the Orlando terrorist attack (full text below). He did not mention Islam, radical Islam, ISIS or even the words “terrorist” or “terrorism.” Rather, he called it a “senseless, horrific and preventable tragedy.” However, in just four short paragraphs he did find space to explicitly mention or allude to at least ten of his pet political buzzwords and causes:

      Lesbian and gay rights

      Hate (in general)

      Intolerance (in general)

      Allowing hate and intolerance to flourish (perhaps by voting for Trump or whatever)

      The culture of violence

      Gun control

      Mental Illness (as far as I know he is the first to try this angle)

      The duty of a compassionate society to provide adequate social services, among other things to prevent tragedies like this

      Solidarity and peace

      Changing our nation and our world for the better

      “I stand with you,” claimed the Archbishop to the gay community. I disagree. Cupich stands for no one but himself. If he really stood with gays, he wouldn’t be in effect collaborating with an ideology that wants to kill them. And he wouldn’t be making political speeches over their corpses.

      The man is a complete embarrassment–not merely as a bishop, but as a human being.

    • [Another bleeding-heart bishop speaks out to advance the liberal agenda of gay rights, gun control, and unrestricted, unvetted immigration]

      Florida bishop on Orlando attack: Sadly, religion [“including our own”; i.e., Catholicism] ‘often breeds contempt’ for LGBT people

      Brian Roewe | Jun. 13, 2016 | NCR Today

      In the wake of the terrorist attack on a gay Orlando nightclub, St. Petersburg, Fla., Bishop Robert Lynch lamented the role religion has played in breeding contempt for the LGBT community.

      “Sadly it is religion, including our own, which targets, mostly verbally, and also often breeds contempt for gays, lesbians and transgender people,” Lynch wrote on his blog Monday. “Attacks today on LGBT men and women often plant the seed of contempt, then hatred, which can ultimately lead to violence.”

      The bishop’s comments came a day after a gunman, Omar Saddiqui Mateen, killed at least 49 people and injured another 53 early Sunday morning at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando. While the federal investigation into Mateen’s motives is not complete, his father has told media outlets his son had recently expressed anti-gay sentiments.

      “Those women and men who were mowed down early yesterday morning were all made in the image and likeness of God,” Lynch said. “We teach that. We should believe that. We must stand for that.”

      Lynch, 75, began the blog post saying he wrote “with a heavy heart,” and that a day earlier he could only muster a sympathetic text to neighboring Bishop John Noonan of Orlando. The St. Petersburg bishop offered his prayers for those who died and who are still in recovery. ​

      Lynch has previously spoken out against anti-gay sentiments and has advocated a greater pastoral response to same-sex couples.

      “I do not wish to lend our voice to notions which might suggest that same-sex couples are a threat incapable of sharing relationships marked by love and holiness and, thus, incapable of contributing to the edification of both the church and the wider society,” he wrote in a January 2015 op-ed column following Florida’s legalization of same-sex marriage.

      In his blog Monday, the bishop also echoed calls for a ban on the sale of all assault weapons, which he said extended beyond the scope that the Constitution authors [“our founding parents”] envisioned when adding the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights.

      Lastly, Lynch labeled attempts to bar Muslim people from entering the U.S. as “un-American, even in these most challenging of times and situations.”

      He concluded, “Until the above three points [gay rights, gun control, and unrestricted, unvetted immigration] are taken seriously by society, sadly, tragically, we can expect more Orlandos” [sic; nonsequitur unless those points of the liberal agenda are advanced].

      • Addendum [What “omitted references” to the LGBTQUEers? What “silence” about “homo-/trans-phobia”? More than enough is said in favor of the former and against the latter]:

        In a statement Sunday, New Ways Ministry, a national Catholic LGBT outreach ministry, criticized church leaders that omitted references to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in their conciliatory statements.

        “The Orlando murders should move all Catholic leaders to reflect on how their silence about homophobic and transphobic attitudes and violence contributes to behaviors which treat LGBT people as less than human and deserving of punishment. This sad moment in our history should become a time when Catholic leaders speak loudly and clearly, with one voice, that attacks on LGBT people must stop,” said its executive director Frank DeBernardo.

        • “LGBTQUEers”: You know for what LGBT stands. Concerning the rest: Q is for “questioning”, U is for “undecided”, E is for “equivocal”, and “ers” is for those who do it. Put it all together and you get “QUEers”.

      • Posted by Vox Cantoris at Monday, June 13, 2016

        Robert Lynch – another episcopal liar and deceiver

        The Sunday morning attack on a night club in Orlando was an attack on Americans. It was also, no doubt, targeted by the Mohammedan murderer because the club was full of people attending who were “gay” and “lesbian” and “transgendered,” which their unholy book orders to be killed. He was simply following his creed.

        This was another case of terrorism inspired by Mohammed. This is how Islam spread across the Middle East and North Africa and into parts of southern Europe. By murder, mayhem and butchery. Those who refuse to see history repeating itself will eventually be victims of this same evil.

        Robert Lynch is the Bishop of St. Petersburg. He has just tendered his resignation to Pope Francis, having turned 75.


        He writes on his blog.

        “Sadly it is religion, including our own, which targets, mostly verbally, and also often breeds contempt for gays, lesbians and transgender people. Attacks today on LGBT men and women often plant the seed of contempt, then hatred, which can ultimately lead to violence.”

        His pathetic attempt at drawing an equivalence between the truth of the Catholic faith and vile, act of one Mohammedan inspired by an evil ideology is despicable.

        This is the same Bishop who stood by in silence whilst Terry Schindler-Shiavo was murdered by the courts of Florida.

        Robert Lynch has been the focus of this blog in the past. He is a disgrace to the Church and has lead many astray. What will he say to Our Lord for Terry and for the past actions and inactions which you will find at this link.


        • Bishop Blames Catholicism for Orlando Massacre

          Written by Michael Matt | Editor

          In his blogpost Monday, Bishop Robert Lynch said that Catholicism “targets” and “often breeds contempt for gays, lesbians and transgender people.” The seed of contempt, he said, turns into hatred, “which can ultimately lead to violence.” Unless this attitude changes, he states, “we can expect more Orlandos.”

          “Sadly, it is religion, including our own, which targets, mostly verbally, and also often breeds contempt for gays, lesbians and transgender people. Attacks today on LGBT men and women often plant the seed of contempt, then hatred, which can ultimately lead to violence.” …Bishop Robert Lynch

          In Breitbart’s report on this bizarre blogpost, author Thomas D. Williams notes: “In his post, the bishop made no attempt to explain how a 29-year-old Muslim who never stepped foot in a Catholic Church would have been motivated to carry out his deed by a supposed Catholic “contempt” for homosexuality.”

          REMNANT COMMENT: Such reckless irresponsibility on the part of a Catholic bishop at a time like this is nothing short of dangerous. Bishop Bob Lynch should be forced to retire for trying to politicize this horrific tragedy even before the police and FBI have discovered the facts of the case.

          Nothing is known for sure, other than that lots of people are dead after a Muslim shooter started spraying lead in a gay nightclub in Orlando. Reports are coming out today that the shooter himself may have been a homosexual, with the Associated Press reporting that Omar Mateen is reported to have been a regular at the nightclub. One witness told the AP that Mateen tried to pick up men there.

          So, what now? Is His Excellency going to blog blame the entire gay community (like he did the Catholic community) for this mass shooting, because the gay community didn’t do enough to make this nutter feel good about himself? No, of course not. The Bishop’s agenda is all about one thing: ingratiating himself with the far-Left.

          For Bishop Bob the politically correct message is: “Catholicism is homophobic, and aren’t I something for admitting the truth!” This on the very day when criminal proceedings were initiated against the Archbishop of Valencia, Cardinal Antonio Canizares—the “Little Ratzinger”—for inciting ‘hate crimes’ in a recent homily in defense of the Christian family in Spain.

          “The family is haunted today in our culture,” said the Cardinal, “by an endless threat of serious difficulties, and this is not hidden from anyone. We have legislation contrary to the family, the action of political and social forces, with added movements and actions of the gay empire, of ideas such as radical feminism or the most insidious of all, gender theory.”

          On June 3, 2016, a criminal complaint of hate speech was filed against the Cardinal by a coalition of pro-LGBT associations in Spain (including the Communist party). Would Bishop Lynch agree that those charges should indeed be filed against his brother bishop for defending the ‘homophobic’ moral theology of the Catholic Church? Apparently so.

          As for the merits (or lack thereof) of Bishop Bob’s statement, is it even necessary to respond to such crude and transparent kowtowing to the gods of political correctness? Are we to believe that His Excellency has suddenly developed amnesia, and just clean forgot that the whole revolutionary idea of the Catholic religion is to turn the other cheek, to love the sinner, to work for the salvation of all, to hate no one, even our greatest enemies?

          Remember all that, Bishop Bob? And this is to say nothing of the fact that the vast majority of Catholics today have more or less abandoned the Church’s moral teaching on homosexuality anyway. So what Bishop Bob is actually targeting here is a strawman. He’s doing what American bishops do best—kissing up to the far-Left, which is why his blogpost also calls for more gun control, less enorcement of immigration laws and an end to Islamic profiling.

          The reality is this: The Catholic Church has never taught, suggested or implied to anyone, anywhere or at any time that hate is okay, that murdering those who do not believe is an option, that slaughtering sinners and, objectively speaking, sending them straight to hell is somehow pleasing to Almighty God.

          The idea of murdering unrepentant sinners is arguably more repugnant to Catholics than to the followers of any other religion. We are the ones who still believe in the ‘antiquated and medieval’ notion of everlasting hellfire. We revere the Sacrament of Extreme Unction, whereby sinners are given one last chance to make themselves ready to meet God and save their immortal souls. For faithful Catholics, very few things on this earth are more terrifying than the thought of sudden and unprepared death for themselves and indeed for any and all of God’s children.

          Not all religions share this sentiment. The Sword Verse, for example, is the fifth verse of the ninth sura of the Qur’an. It is the Qur’anic verse widely-cited by critics of Islam to suggest the faith promotes violence against “pagans” (“idolators”), because it orders believers to “fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them.”

          But Bishop Bob says nothing about this in his blog post, of course, since it was so much easier for him to tell the world that Catholicism is to blame for Omar Mateen’s rampage. Political animals like Bishop Bob refuse to connect the dots, even if and when the shooter is standing in the doorway, AR-15 in hand, shouting “Allahu Akbar and “death to the infidel” as he mows down his fellow human beings.

          It’s Christianity’s fault, says Bishop Bob. Why? Because Muslims might take umbrage at the truth, and Bishop Bob is a coward who is using hate speech against soft targets. Christians can be counted on to do what Christians always do–turn the other cheek. So Bishop Bob has no problem making grandiose statements against Christians, which, by the way, are so very pleasing to the kids at MSNBC. He even asks us to make the monumental leap that an Islamic guy shooting up a gay nightclub is the result of the teachings of the Catholic Church. There’ll be no consequences for his outrageous claim, of course, and Bishop Bob knows it. In fact, he counts on it — that’s how “dangerous” Christians are in the real world.

          As the situation goes from bad to worse in our country, let’s not forget that Bishop Robert Lynch chose to ignore the facts about this horrific act of violence in order to issue a statement in support of his leftist ideology that further polarized people on all sides. Instead of bringing people together, he pointed fingers of blame, using hateful rhetoric that could so easily inspire still more violence, this time against people who had absolutely nothing to do with this twisted terrorist act. In other words, the Bishop is part of the problem, not the solution.

          Please pray for the victims of this truly ungodly and grotesquely anti-Christian act of terrorism in Orlando.

        • More on Bishop Lynch as “lair and deceiver” from chapter 14 of Randy Engel’s book The Rite of Sodomy: Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church quoted in
          The story of Bishop Robert Lynch by Matt C. Abbott, RenewAmerica, March 29, 2007, and excerpted from Bishop Lynch Accuses Christ of Breeding Contempt by Carol McKinley, The Tenth Crusade, June 16, 2016 (with her comments in brackets):

          The sexual misconduct charge against Lynch involved former diocesan employee Bill Urbanski, 42, who reported to Church officials that Lynch had sexually harassed him on numerous occasions.

          [Lynch later gave this context to following the man around like a dog in heat,]

          Later, Bishop Lynch admitted that he may have crossed the line between friendship and work. He made a vague reference to getting some “counseling.”

          [Lesson learned. Always chase your eyecandy outside of your place of employment.]

          [The contractor was a much better fit:]

          In addition to reporting on the Lynch-Urbanski story, the St. Petersburg Times and the Tampa Tribune were looking into rumors of Bishop Lynch’s intimate relationship with bachelor David Herman, a contractor who had moved from Fort Lauderdale to St. Petersburg with Lynch when he was installed as bishop. The two men had vacationed together in Hawaii, San Francisco, Key West, Bermuda, Israel and Rome, sometimes accompanied by Urbanski.

          Herman had several things in common with Urbanski, one of them being that both men were triathletes. In March 2000, all three men, that is Herman, Urbanski and Lynch went to West Palm Beach for a weekend. Urbanski said the bishop pressured him to go. When they got to their hotel, Urbanski said that Lynch made him take a steam bath together. Herman, who joined the two men said that Urbanski clearly did not want to be there.

          Urbanski said that when Lynch began to make sexual overtures towards him, he tried to avoid the bishop as much as possible. “I tried to avoid him as the years progressed, without him getting mad at me. I couldn’t have him mad at me. It was a tough day at work if he was mad at me, yet I couldn’t leave. He went as far as to tell me how to wear my hair. If I got my hair cut, he would say, ‘Oh, Bill. You need to grow your hair back. It’s not a flattering haircut for you.'” He said that when he and Bishop Lynch traveled together the bishop always insisted on sharing rooms, and sometimes appeared naked from the shower.

          In April 2002, Urbanski gave a lengthy interview to Brad Smith of the Tampa Tribune in which he elaborated on his four and a half-year relationship with Bishop Lynch. He said that Lynch was a lavish spender who always traveled first class and that he (Urbanski) was frequently the recipient of the bishop’s largesse — watches, designer clothing and other expensive items. Urbanski said at first he was grateful, until he realized that the gifts came at a price — more time, attention, and ultimately sexual favors for the bishop.

          It is interesting to note that reporters following the case appeared to be unfazed by the homosexual overtones of the Lynch-Herman relationship or Lynch taking sexual familiarities with Urbanski, a married man with two small children baptized by the bishop. They were upset, however, by the accusation that Lynch, as Corporation Sole of the Diocese of St. Petersburg, had awarded Herman highly inflated new construction contracts totaling $30.3 million on a non-competitive bid basis even though diocesan regulations mandate open bidding for church construction work.

          [He certainly had some innovative programs in place to help, as he put it,]

          Homosexual relationships present no risk to the Church, and in fact can be godly and elevate society and the Church.

          [As I’ve said a million times before – if they are preaching it, the likelihood it is a public confession is very high. It is so scandalous that the Holy See empowers this man and the thousands just like him.]

      • Florida bishop blames Orlando jihad massacre on Catholic ‘contempt’ for homosexuality


        Along comes Florida Bishop Robert Lynch to absolve the Islamic jihad ideology that threatens our public safety and endeavors to force terror and subjugation upon us.

        Lynch stated in a blogpost that Catholicism “targets” and “often breeds contempt for gays, lesbians and transgender people.” The seed of contempt, he said, turns into hatred, “which can ultimately lead to violence.” Unless this attitude changes, he states, “we can expect more Orlandos.”

        Islamic jihad terror was responsible for the deadliest mass shooting on American soil at the Pulse Nightclub, when Omar Mateen pledged his allegiance to ISIS and gunned down his victims. Not Catholicism.

        Jihad Watch has been reporting on radicalized mosques and Islamic societies nearby, and exposing their disdain for and calls for violence against homosexuals, which is rooted in traditional Islamic teachings about homosexuality. This is why the killings of homosexuals is sanctioned in Islamic states.

        Mateen clearly had murderous tendencies, as it is now reported that he threatened to bring a gun into his elementary school and kill everyone when he was only 10 years old. Omar also cheered as terrorists flew jumbo jets into the Twin Towers on 9/11, according to former classmates. His proclivity for violence was nurtured by Islamic jihad doctrine and counsel and ultimately found expression at the Pulse nightclub through his killing spree. Yet Bishop Lynch Robert Lynch blames the Catholic Church in its disapproval of homosexual acts for the brutal slaughter.

        Faith and free speech are human rights to practice in our societies. The Catholic Church is not inciting violence and hatred toward gays from the pulpits today. Lynch is demonizing, accusing and attempting to marginalize those in the Church who believe that homosexuality is wrong but who have no intention or desire to bring any harm to gays; and as an opportunist, he chose the worst tragedy to drive his agenda.

        To think that a man of the cloth would exonerate the evil of Islamic jihad ideology and heap its guilt on the back of his own Church is ghastly at best.

        Since Bishop Lynch parades as a Christian, he just may be interested in what Proverbs 17: 17 states (or maybe not): “He that justifies the wicked, and he that condemns the just, even they both are an abomination to the LORD.” Back to the secular realms now, Lynch’s view is an abomination to his faith, an abomination to society and an abomination to the truth. He has earned a place on the elite list of useful idiots.

        Florida Bishop Blames Orlando Massacre on Catholic ‘Contempt’ for Homosexuality,” Breitbart, by Thomas D. Williams, June 14 2016:

        The Catholic Bishop of St. Petersburg, Fla, has blamed Catholic disapproval of homosexual acts for the brutal slaughter of 49 people in the Pulse nightclub on Sunday.

        In a blogpost Monday, Bishop Robert Lynch said that Catholicism “targets” and “often breeds contempt for gays, lesbians and transgender people.” The seed of contempt, he said, turns into hatred, “which can ultimately lead to violence.” Unless this attitude changes, he states, “we can expect more Orlandos.”

        In his post, the bishop made no attempt to explain how a 29-year-old Muslim who never stepped foot in a Catholic Church would have been motivated to carry out his deed by a supposed Catholic “contempt” for homosexuality.

        Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, the Catholic Church teaches that homosexual acts are “intrinsically disordered” but that homosexual persons “must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity” and that every “sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.”

        It is “religion,” Lynch wrote, “including our own, which targets, mostly verbally, and also often breeds contempt for gays, lesbians and transgender people. Attacks today on LGBT men and women often plant the seed of contempt, then hatred, which can ultimately lead to violence.”

        Regarding the shooter’s affiliation with Islam, the bishop said that Muslims wishing to enter the country should not be treated differently than people of any other faith, which would be “un-American,” adding that there are “as many good, peace loving and God fearing Muslims to be found as Catholics or Methodists or Mormons or Seventh Day Adventists.”….

  6. For the Record: Omar Mateen, G4S Armed Security Guard

    [“Guns don’t kill people. Brainwashed/radicalised G4S employees do.”]

    Posted by That The Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill on 6/13/16

    It is unlikely that either President Obama or the influential Bilderberg Group, who have been meeting this weekend in Dresden, would find this information of great interest, since it is clear from his statement that the terrible shooting in Orlando, Florida will be exploited by Obama, among others, to further a particular agenda for the US in regard to gun laws.

    US readers will understand that I personally have an antipathy towards gun ownership as a subject, as it is something that we here in the UK do not have to debate. That decision, for better or worse, was made for us a long time ago and gun culture is alien to most of us English. Despite this, facts must be made known and made widely available when an event such as that which has taken place in Orlando occurs because of the issues it raises with regard to the second amendment in the US.

    It is important for the American people that the following information is made widespread. Several news sources are now covering the vital information that Omar Mateen, the man responsible for the killing of at least 50 individuals at Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, was a G4S security guard. G4S is the world’s largest security company, a British multinational, working with government agencies, including the military and intelligence agencies and corporations, managing security contracts from schools and prisons to nuclear facilities and airports. The following is an official statement by the North American division CEO John Kenning:

    “We are deeply shocked by this tragic event. We can confirm that Omar Mateen had been employed by G4S since September 10, 2007. Mateen was off duty at the time of the incident. He was employed at a gated retirement community in South Florida. Mateen underwent company screening and background checks when he was recruited in 2007 and the check revealed nothing of concern. His screening was repeated in 2013 with no findings. We are cooperating fully with all law enforcement authorities including the FBI as they conduct their investigations. In 2013 we learned that Mateen had been questioned by the FBI but that the inquiries were subsequently closed. We were not made aware of any alleged connections between Mateen and terrorist activities and were unaware of any further FBI investigations. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the victims of this unspeakable tragedy and their friends and families.”

    Within only the last hour, this statement has been pulled from the G4S North American website and no longer appears at the URL where it was posted originally.

    Furthermore, though the assignment to which Omar Mateen was posted would seem to be fairly low level, another employee of G4S has confirmed that Mateen was an armed security officer. That’s right! His gun licence and his firearm have almost certainly been supplied for him by the world’s largest security firm with acknowledged ties to governmental, corporate, military and intelligence agencies and on the day he was carrying and using both an assault rifle and a pistol.

    A CNBC news article makes this clear:

    “He was an armed security officer,” said a spokesman, David Satterfield. G4S said in a statement that Mateen had been employed by the company since Sept. 10, 2007. Satterfield said G4S was trying to ascertain whether any guns used in the attack were related to Mateen’s work. “A lot of that is dependent on what law enforcement is releasing,” he said.

    An FBI spokesman said on Sunday that FBI agents had twice interviewed Mateen in 2013 and 2014 after he made comments to co-workers indicating he supported militant groups, but neither interview led to evidence of criminal activity. Satterfield said G4S was still gathering information on any contacts employees or the firm might have had with the FBI regarding Mateen.

    Two consequences of this information become immediately apparent, whatever you think about America and guns and its rights and its wrongs.

    Guns don’t kill people. Brainwashed/radicalised G4S employees do.

    Firstly, gun laws would make no difference in this case because we can safely assume that British multinational security companies with responsibility for guarding everything from gated Florida-based retirement communities to nuclear facilities in Nevada would be exempt from them.

    Secondly, it must be asked how it can be that a man who has been ‘on the radar’ of the intelligence agencies, known to have associated with terrorists and/or Islamic extremists can have been allowed to work for the World’s largest security company, in an armed capacity, to be given a gun licence and a firearm and neither the company nor the FBI have any problem with this.

    The official (now hastily removed) statement, from G4S makes it known that they had knowledge of the fact that Omar Mateen was indeed questioned by the FBI in 2013. Apparently, the FBI dutifully informed them of this fact. Did the agencies and G4S think it wise to leave this man in place despite the fact he was suspected of sympathies for violence and terror. He was ‘screened’ by G4S in both 2007 (when he was given a contract) and in 2013 (the very year the FBI questioned him).

    In 2013, following ‘questioning’ by the FBI over a matter the subject of which is not disclosed, the FBI’s investigations were, to the public knowledge of G4S ‘closed’. We are to believe that the one company with truly intimate ties with intelligence agencies were left ignorant of FBI’s continuing concerns with Mateen and were told the investigations were ‘closed’? G4S say this is what the FBI told them.

    Yet the CNBC article makes it clear that the FBI say that they interviewed him in 2013 and 2014. It clearly states:

    ‘An FBI spokesman said on Sunday that FBI agents had twice interviewed Mateen in 2013 and 2014 after he made comments to co-workers indicating he supported militant groups, but neither interview led to evidence of criminal activity.’

    Smells fishy, no? Why would the FBI not make global partner in intelligence operations, surveillance, crime response unit and armed security force, G4S, ‘aware’ that Mateen was still being investigated in 2014 and that he has been ‘on the radar’ of the FBI, under suspicion, presumably, of being, at the very least, a terrorist sympathiser, for the past 3 years?

    And in a turn of events that I personally find just a little chilling, it just so happens that one of the major beneficiaries of mass shootings just so happens to be, that’s right, security companies.

    This article from 2012 for ‘Security Info Watch’ makes abundantly clear the fact that interest in armed guard services are ‘up’ following mass shootings in the US.

    In that article, G4S’s west region vice president, Robert Bobo said:

    There’s a perception out there that’s there’s more liability exposure that may or may not be true, but it goes back to the qualifications of the person you’re putting in those armed positions,” he said. “Selecting a person that is a military veteran that has three years of experience as a military police officer and taking that person and training them to be a civilian security officer will carry a lot more weight and reduced liability exposure versus taking someone off the street, training them as an armed guard and putting them in that position.”

    Another reason that a lot companies eventually decide that armed security is not in the cards for them is due to the fact that there’s simply less licensed armed security officers who cost more to hire than their unarmed counterparts.

    “An armed security officer, because of the higher standard and higher training involved, typically can be twice as much or more per hour than an unarmed security officer,” Flint said.

    People are rightly wondering how it is that Mateen was able to shoot so many people in such a short space of time, with such precision and expertise. Well, if he’s an armed security guard, he’s been very well trained by G4S for such a task and may have had military training beforehand. Bobo adds that getting a job as an armed security guard with the company is difficult – not easy – because screening and vetting is very stringent and training is very intense.

    “The requirements vary state-by-state,” said Bobo. “Typically, for an armed security officer, state regulations might require that the person be 21-years-old and they would require the person pass a background check investigation. In addition, they would require that person have completed training, and it’s anywhere for armed guards specifically, between 12 hours to 40 hours based on state regulations and that’s in addition to any additional requirements that might be setup for unarmed. So, it really varies across the country.

    Bobo said that G4S’ requirements to become an armed guard are much more stringent than that and that just because someone may pass muster for a state armed guard license doesn’t mean they will meet company standards. In addition to having to have prior experience in law enforcement or the military, Bobo said that G4S armed personnel undergo a minimum of 40 hours of training and that in most cases, they far exceed that.
    “It’s our responsibility as an organization to ensure that we’re putting the right talent in those positions,” Bobo added. “Our guys are getting anywhere from 50 to 160 hours of training based on the particular organization’s requirements and what they need that person to perform.”
    This training involves everything from the legal aspects of being an armed to security officer, to reporting responsibilities, firearms qualifications and weapons retention. O’Bryan said that armed guards are also trained on the use of force continuum, understanding behavior triggers in people and how to diffuse a situation through verbal commands.’

    Clearly either something in the vetting and screening process either went very wrong – if G4S are innocent parties in this mass murder – or very right, if they are complicit. Either way, public knowledge of Mateen’s employment by this truly massive and global surveillance and privately owned, very heavily-armed security firm needs to be broadcast loud and clear. I am yet to see this fact in the British press.

    In the ultimate irony in this story, is it really possible that included among the ‘law enforcement agencies’ who turned up to offer a rapid response unit to the mass shootings at Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando was G4S, the same G4S who, until late 2014, managed ‘security’ operations at…wait for it…Guantanamo Bay. This is the same company that ‘secures’ the US nuclear facilities in Nevada and the same outfit whose employee had suddenly gone ‘rogue’?

    Good Heavens. I suppose with the reach and global presence of this mammoth security firm with responsibility for ‘securing’ everything from schools to government offices, managing the seas, borders and responsibility for ‘combatting human trafficking’ while maintaining surveillance operations extending throughout vast regions of the world in alliance with their partners, that’s quite a dystopia you could build, especially with the same company managing and securing borders, airports and nuclear facilities. Let’s hope and pray, for everybody’s sake, that they never build it, because you know, if I were an ‘ISIS fighter’ or sympathiser who wanted to wreak massive destruction on the West, it’s pretty clear which company I’d try getting a job with.

    It goes without saying that given that G4S manage airport security in Europe and elsewhere, could it not be said that the company is overdue something of a public investigation into their employees potential roles in airplanes that explode in the sky? Or does nobody in Government think that is worthwhile? It is now being alleged by eye-witnesses that the ‘off-duty’ G4S gunman at the centre of this horrendous tragedy did not act alone. Helpers or colleagues, I wonder?

    May the victims of this attack rest in peace and their families find consolation from the Lord.

    May God come to the aid of the United States of America.

    May God help and have mercy on us all.

  7. As with the Tsarnaev (Boston bombers) case, and the San Bernardino case, this case is one of the FBI / DHS dropping the ball. Or maybe I should say, ordered off the case by the Muslim Brotherhood influence in our gov’t (can you say Huma?)

    First, this report from former DHS agent who was ordered to destroy files that might have prevented San Bernardino. He says Orlando is connected — no gaps– to the radical Islam front groups he’s investigated before. We’ve been betrayed by our own gov’t.

    Philip Haney: Orlando Shooting ‘Remarkably Similar’ to San Bernardino, ‘There’s a Lot of Overlap in the Two Networks’

    Department of Homeland Security whistleblower Philip Haney, who said an investigation into radical Islam that might have stopped the San Bernardino jihad attack was scuttled by DHS for politically-correct reasons, joined SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon for a special edition of Breitbart News Sunday on the evening after the Orlando shootings.

    Haney said he had some “devastating things to share” with the Breitbart News Daily audience about the Orlando case, based on his “expertise on the global Islamic movement, and the individuals and organizations affiliated with that.” He specified that there were some chilling parallels between the Orlando shooter and the San Bernardino jihadis, because both were involved with Islamist networks that were on the National Targeting Center’s radar when he worked there.

    “All day, I’ve been digging in and finding the links, connecting the dots, and now I’d like to share with you what I found,” said Haney. “According to its website, the Islamic Center of Ft. Pierce – where Omar Mir Seddique Mateen regularly attended – according to the imam, Shafeeq ur-Rahman, he confirmed that that was the mosque Omar Mir Seddique Mateen attended. The Islamic Center of Ft. Pierce is directly linked to an organization called the Sharia Board of America.”

    Haney explained that sharia means “Islamic law,” and said the Sharia Board of America is, in turn, a “direct division of an organization called Rahmat-e-Alam,” whose name means “Mercy to the World.”

    Rhamat-e-Alam is directly affiliated with the Darul Uloom Chicago, which Haney described as “a madrassa [Islamic school] that teaches young boys to memorize the Koran.”

    “Now we get deeper,” said Haney. “In turn, the Darul Uloom Chicago is directly linked to my 2012 case involving the Institute of Islamic Education, along with two other Islamic centers like the one in Ft. Pierce, which is the case with the 67 deleted records that I’ve been talking about for several months.”

    “The entire case is linked to at least two major organizations, and 18 other Islamic centers across the United States that were part of the Tablighi Jamaat case at the National Targeting Center,” he continued. “There’s a complete circuit, all the way from Florida, clear to the Tablighi Jamaat at NTC.”

    As Haney explained during his ground-breaking interview with Breitbart News in December 2015, the Tablighi Jamaat is a Salafi Muslim fundamentalist group whose name means “Party of the Promoters.”

    Haney described the Tablighi Jamaat in December as a key element of global Islamic radicalism, a group that has been working to bring large numbers of Salafi Muslims into the United States on the visa waiver program. It was Haney’s attention to this group that was declared “politically incorrect” by the Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Division of the Department of Homeland Security.

    Haney said on Sunday night that he didn’t need access to any of the voluminous data he compiled on the Tablighi Jamaat during his NTC days to connect the dots after the Orlando shooting — he just went to the websites of the groups involved, as any media or law-enforcement investigator could do.

    “This stuff is in broad daylight,” said an astonished Bannon. “How can our officials sit there, and how can President Obama — the Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces — stand in front of a microphone, and not mention anything about this? How can they be sending people on TV all day, and we’re talking about domestic violence, if you just went to open-source websites and connected dots, how can people in the government who are being paid to protect us today, how can they not be doing this? It makes a rational person go crazy. It’s like we’re in some sort of Kafka novel.”

    “I say that we’re in Alice in Wonderland, where the Dormouse has a .45,” replied Haney. “It’s very surreal.”

    Haney said he was “struck by the statement earlier today that there were two cases opened on Mateen in the past, and in both cases, they didn’t find any evidence to charge him, when it took me three or four solid hours of work, but I found the direct link all the way from the Islamic Center of Ft. Pierce, all the way back to my case that I worked on at the National Targeting Center.”

    “There’s no gaps in it,” he declared. “It’s a direct, step-by-step, dot-by-dot affiliation and link — just exactly what we were supposed to do as law enforcement, connect the dots. Well, sitting here, I connected the dots on the whole network.”

    “This is remarkably similar to the San Bernardino shootings. There’s a lot of overlap in the two networks. They tie together,” Haney said.

  8. Second, in addition to the report from Haney above, is this report that the killer was getting online training with a former sidekick of the “Blind Sheik,” an Imam who spent time in jail. Hello, FBI … DHS … anybody doing their job?

    [An aside: I heard FBI head Comey today explaining how the FBI found nothing wrong with this killer. This proves Comey is either totally incompetent (I’ve heard otherwise), or he’s totally owned. In other words, anyone expecting Comey to indict Hillary can now move onto other fantasies. Me included.]

    Report: Orlando Jihadi Joined ‘Fundamental Islamic’ Group Run by Blind Sheik Bodyguard

    Omar Mateen, the Orlando terrorist who killed at least 50 and injured as many in an assault on a gay night club Sunday morning, took an online course run by a radical Imam who spent four years in prison, Fox News reports.

    The outlet reported Monday that Mateen was a member of an online group run by former U.S. Marine Marcus Dwayne Robertson, who now goes by “Abu Taubah.” Robertson leads the Fundamental Islamic Knowledge group in Florida.

    Robertson worked for Omar Abdel-Rahman, “the Blind Sheik,” who was involved in the 1993 World Trade Center Attack, as a bodyguard—and now runs the Islamic Sanctuary he started in Florida. During the time Robertson served as a body guard to Omar Abdel Rahman, he led the group of “Ali Baba and the forty thieves” as they robbed post offices, banks, and homes at gunpoint.

    Robertson now has thousands of followers, who have listened to him preach against homosexuality.

    “FoxNews.com has reported extensively on Robertson, a former U.S. Marine who served as a bodyguard to the Blind Sheik involved in the 1993 World Trade Center Attack and led a gang of New York bank robbers called ‘Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves’ before resurfacing in Orlando, where he started an Islamic seminary,” Fox News reports. “The school, recently renamed the Timbuktu Seminary, is operated by Robertson, a 47-year-old firebrand known to his thousands of followers as Abu Taubah.”

    Fox notes that law enforcement evidence has shown Robertson actively encouraging students in his Islamic teaching group to travel abroad for suicide bomber training. According to prosecutors Robertson is “…focused on training others to commit violent acts as opposed to committing them himself”… Overseas instead of inside the United States,” Fox reported.

    Robertson also had a reputation for violence in prison. Considered to be so dangerous in the John E. Polk Correctional Facility, he was kept and shackles and had his own guards. A seven car escort was required whenever he was transported to court, and he was placed in solitary confinement after it was “believed he was radicalizing up to 36 fellow prisoners,” Fox News reported.

    Mateen has multiple connections to undesirable characters, as he was with Radical Imam Shafiq Rahman of the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce just two evenings prior to massacre at Pulse—according to the Washington Post.

  9. Ragheads cover for their own. Here’s the proof:


    Omar Mateen and his [second] wife, Noor Zahi Salman, visited Walt Disney World in April, the source says. Salman told federal authorities on Sunday that her husband had more recently been “scouting Downtown Disney and Pulse [nightclub] for attacks.”
    She said what!!?? Prosecute her! And that’s enough proof. She knew what was going on and said nothing. The ROP center in Fort Pierce plays innocent. But that “mosque was frequented by American-born suicide bomber Monar abu Salha, who blew himself up in Syria in 2014.” Nobody had an issue with that? No. They’re all in it, either by their approval, or by their silence.

    In other words, I’d like to propose we retire the chimerical nonsense known as “peaceful Muslims” and “moderate Muslims.” The kindest term that could be applied is “useful idiots.” There must be no more construction of mosques, and all existing mosques must be put under surveillance.

  10. “allahu akbar” was heard again today in Paris. A policeman and his wife are dead. Fortunately, the raghead is dead, too.

    What’s next? Are we ready for church bombings? More airplanes downed?

    When do we admit that we’re at war with this pestilence? When do we start pushing on the folks who attend ROP centers? You’re no longer welcome here. Give us your jihad promoters or we’ll dog you day and night.

  11. Seems Omar was a latent poofter himself. “The classmate said that he, Mateen and other classmates would hang out, sometimes going to gay nightclubs, after classes at the Indian River Community College police academy. He said Mateen asked him out romantically.”

    How to spin this?

    • Islam tolerates discrete sodomy among males especially when they are away from their (or any) women for a period of time.

      Also according to the ROP website:

      Beneath the surface, however, there are implied references to homosexual behavior in paradise, and it has been a historical part of Arab and Muslim culture.

      … in paradise, where martyrs for the cause of Allah enjoy an orgy of virgins and “perpetual youth” Quran (56:17) (otherwise known as “boys” Quran (52:24)). Quran (76:19) bluntly states, “And immortal boys will circulate among them, when you see them you will count them as scattered pearls.” Technically, the mere presence of boys doesn’t necessarily mean sex, however it is strongly implied from the particular emphasis on the effeminacy, handsomeness and “freshness” of the boys …

  12. By the way (I just had to write another comment), one casualty of this shooting is the further capitulation of “conservatives” to LGBTQ. For example, Breitbart, which has been cramming their resident fag reporter down our throats for months, is now featuring Milo the super grieving “conservative” queer boy calling liberal queers to “sanity.” Another big disappointment is Jim Hoft, thegatewaypundit.com , who has now come out of the closet to call queers to unite with Trump. I want to puke.

  13. [Another Frankenbishop weighs in]

    San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy: mass shooting a call to Catholics to combat anti-gay prejudice
    Tom Roberts | Jun. 14, 2016 | NCR Today

    The mass shooting in Orlando represents “a wound to our society,” as well as “a call for us as Catholics to combat ever more vigorously the anti-gay prejudice which exists in our Catholic community and in our country,” said San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy in a statement posted Monday on the diocesan website.

    * * *


    Eliot Milco Responds Perfectly to Fr. James Martin on Orlando

    I saw Fr. James Martin’s video about the Orlando terrorist attack and I meant to say something about it but didn’t get to it because eighth grade graduation and all that. Now, I’m glad I didn’t. Because Eliot Milco of First Things did.

    And he does it well. It’s not a takedown. And that’s what I like about it. It’s well thought out and loving.

    To catch you up, Fr. Martin posted a vid essentially chiding the American bishops for not expressing support specifically for “the LGBT community” in their responses to the murders in Orlando. Mind you, many bishops did offer words of condolence but most didn’t specifically mention that particular community.

    Eliot Milco writes:

    Fr. Martin’s video is a great example of his thoroughgoing humaneness and care for words. He says what he means, and makes clear as always that he deeply means what he says. He is nonetheless wrong, and I think his statement is misleading and uncharitable to the bishops in question.

    What does it mean to be “gay” or “LGBT”? This question could be answered in many different ways: according to sexual preference, behavior, orientation, identity, psychology, biology, lifestyle, etc. There can be no question, though, that at present the label “LGBT” and its components represent more than simply a fact about the dispositions, lifestyles, or biologies of various individuals. They represent a highly developed political and anthropological ideology, which makes hard claims about human nature and desire, morality, the structure of the family, and the proper use of bodies.

    To be clear, everyone who identifies with any of the labels that go into “LGBTQ…” is worthy of our love, our sympathy, and our solidarity in their quest (with all Christians) for the truth, for justice, and for eternal happiness. But what we share with our brethren on account of our common humanity does not nullify what divides us in terms of our choices and beliefs about happiness, justice, and the truth.

    And so, here’s the rub: The Catholic Church and the LGBT Community have divergent understandings of human nature, personal identity, the proper use of bodies, and the requirements for happiness. As Fr. Martin rightly points out, Catholics treat the LGBT Community as “other”—not because the Church wishes to exclude members of the LGBT Community from the mercy of Christ, induction into the Church, or eventual participation in the Sacraments (on the contrary, this is one of our great hopes), but because the beliefs, practices, politics, and morals proposed by the LGBT Community as an ideological bloc are fundamentally inimical to the primary end of man.

    You can read the whole thing here. I don’t want to be THAT GUY and steal the whole thing.

    The Church is open to ALL. And that’s a great, beautiful, and wonderful thing about the Catholic Church. We are all sinners. It is specifically because we are not labeled by our sin that the Church calls out to us as human beings loved by God, our Creator.

  15. Red flag #277: Gun shop called Omar in to the FBI just 5 weeks ago! [If you imagine that our gov’t is working to keep us safe, please send me $5000 so I can send you counter proof.]

    Gun Shop Reported ‘Suspicious’ Omar Mateen to FBI

    Robbie Abell, owner of a Florida gun shop, says he alerted authorities that a suspicious man had come in asking about body armor. Five weeks later, Omar Mateen – equipped with weapons he bought at a different shop after Abell’s employees refused to sell to him – killed 49 people and injured as many at Pulse night club in Orlando.

    UPDATE: Abell has since confirmed the agency he contact was the FBI.

    The Wall Street Journal quotes Abell as telling them that his store, Lotus Gunworks of South Florida, “shut him down on all sales” after be began asking bizarre questions about body armor and bulk ammunition. “The questions he was asking were not the normal questions a normal person would be asking… He just seemed very odd,” Abell said. The armor Mateen asked about is not traditionally available to civilians.

    Abell noted that he made a phone call during his time in the store, and appeared to be speaking in Arabic. Mateen is from an Afghan family, and his father – a prolific pro-Taliban Youtuber – is known to speak at least two Afghan languages, Dari and Pashto. Mateen’s wife, Noor Salman, identifies as “Palestinian,” which would make her a likely Arabic speaker. She has confessed to shopping for weapons with Mateen.

    Abell says his store alerted authorities to the suspicious man, though he did not say which authorities– whether he spoke to local police, FBI, or Homeland Security. Local CBS 12 notes that Abell’s store appeared to be following the procedures “in line with the FBI’s push for people to ‘see something, say something,‘ if they witness anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.”

    The FBI had been alerted to Mateen as a potential terrorist in the past. The FBI had investigated Mateen for violent remarks and suspect behavior three times between 2013-2014, while he was employed as armed security personnel at the firm G4S. He was never fired despite being investigated, however, and the FBI eventually dropped their probe against Mateen.

    Witnesses speaking to media who knew Mateen throughout his life have consistently described him as odd, unsettling, and violent. Former classmates recall him threatening to kill everyone present at a cookout on one occasion because of the presence of pork meat; a former G4S coworker said he routinely discussed committing a massacre.

    Before being killed by police on Sunday, Mateen left several Facebook messages pledging allegiance to the Islamic State, and also did so in a phone call to 911 from inside Pulse.

  16. Carry two guns and lots of bullets ! Just took a 5 Day active shooter response class and ” graduated ” a day before the Orlando shooting and also had attended an Active Shooter Response seminar where the DA, Sheriff of the County, lawyers , SWAT team members, etc. we’re there to explain what really is going on.The theme of the seminar was that the Police cannot protect you, so you have to protect yourself and loved ones. The DA basically went over the rules of engagement , when to shoot and not to shoot etc. while the Sheriff explained the SWAT AND OFFICER respond times are from 20 min to and hour. By that time most people are dead and the police are there to either clean up or engage the bad guy if he is still alive . Bottom line was , they cannot respond fast enough to save you ? You are on your own !

  17. Is Islamic Terror America’s Future?

    Friday – June 17, 2016
    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    If the cliches hold — nothing succeeds like success, the past is prologue — this generation will not likely see an end to the jihadist terror that was on display at Pulse in Orlando on Sunday.

    For terrorism has proven to be among the most cost-effective and successful strategies of war that the world has ever seen.

    Consider. The 9/11 attacks involved 19 hijackers willing to crash airliners into four buildings: the World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon and the Capitol.

    So doing, those 19 altered the foreign policy of the United States.

    They drew the world’s last superpower into wars that have bled and almost bankrupted us, broken a president, and left us mired in half a dozen civil and sectarian conflicts with no exit or end in sight.

    As a political terrorist, Osama bin Laden rivals Gavrilo Princip, whose assassination of the Austrian archduke set in train the events that led to the Great War that brought on the downfall of the West.

    Consider the success of Islamist terror since 9/11.

    As Gerry Seib of The Wall Street Journal notes, in the 15 years since then, just 95 Americans have died in jihadist attacks in the U.S.

    Yet, one atrocity in Orlando, where 49 were slaughtered, polarized the nation, brought the presidential candidates to savaging one another, and held a national TV audience spellbound for a week.

    The whole world is talking about Orlando.

    And what did this victory cost the Islamic State?

    Zero. What Omar Mateen did suicide bombers do every day in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, kill dozens of innocent people while shouting “Allahu Akbar!”

    Yet compare the returns from this act of Islamist terror in Orlando, to those from similar attacks in Kabul, Baghdad or Damascus.

    Any wonder ISIS would implore its followers to strike where they are, inside the U.S., inside Europe, and not come to Syria to die anonymously?

    Under siege in Raqqa, Mosul and Fallujah, being bombed and bled as it surrenders the conquered lands of its caliphate, ISIS’ shift in strategy and targeting makes perfect sense.

    Consider, now, the triumphs of Islamist terrorism in Europe.

    The 2004 Madrid train bombings led to the defeat of a centrist government and rise of a socialist regime that pulled Spanish troops out of Iraq.

    The Paris attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the Bataclan theater strengthened the National Front of Marine Le Pen.

    The Beslan massacre of school children in North Ossetia in 2004 led to a consolidation of power by Russian strongman Vladimir Putin.

    Across Europe, the political impact of Islamist terrorism, though the numbers of dead and wounded have been, measured against the casualties of conventional war, relatively few, has been extraordinary.

    Islamist terrorism has helped spawn anti-immigrant parties and “illiberal” regimes. The association of Islamic terror with Muslim immigration and refugees from Syria’s war has helped to drive “Brexit,” the British campaign to secede from the EU.

    Islamist attacks have helped propel anti-EU movements and to incite nationalist demands for a recapture of state control of borders and security policy from Brussels.

    Obama explains his reluctance to use the term “radical Islamic terror” on his not wishing to validate ISIS’ claim to be the spear point, the fighting arm of the world’s largest religion in fulfilling the mission given to it by Allah — to make the whole world Islamic.

    And this is exactly what ISIS has in mind.

    By the frequency and ferocity of its attacks, it seeks to displace al-Qaida and other Islamic resistance movements in the eyes of the 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide, and to be seen by the young as the great liberator of the Islamic world and future conqueror of the West.

    The crushing of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is a necessary but not a sufficient condition of victory in this war, for ISIS is not just an organization but a cause, a movement, an idea.

    ISIS believes that by repeatedly wounding and provoking the West, it can reignite a war of civilizations. And though the West is vastly superior in nuclear weapons and conventional arms, economic power and technology, ISIS believes it can gradually drive the West out of the Middle East, as it has already helped to drive the Christians out.

    Then, ISIS believes, through mass Muslim migration into a West whose native-born are dying out, Muslims can reoccupy these lands they had almost wholly conquered, until stopped by Charles Martel 14 centuries ago.

    For some few Muslims, as we saw at Fort Hood, San Bernardino and Orlando, ISIS offers a dream worth dying for. And as they kill and die for ISIS, they will push America where they are pushing Europe — to the right.

  18. Islam & the West: Irreconcilable Conflict?

    Monday – June 13, 2016
    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    On Saturday night, Omar Mateen was a loner and a loser.

    Sunday, he was immortal, by his standards, a hero. Mateen had ended his life in a blaze of gunfire and glory. Now everybody knew his name.

    He had been embraced by ISIS. His face was on every TV screen. His 911 call to Orlando police identifying with the Islamic State and the Tsarnaev brothers of the Boston Marathon massacre was being heard across America.

    He was being called the most successful Islamist terrorist since 9/11. A hater of homosexuals, Mateen had, all alone, massacred more than four dozen patrons at a gay Florida nightclub, wounded 53, and driven deeper the wedges breaking up America. When it was learned that he used an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, America’s gun wars were reignited.

    And make no mistake. There are out there in society some few looking at what Mateen did, and how he left this world, not in revulsion and disgust but admiration and awe.

    Omar Mateen will not lack for emulators. While we see him as a sick and crazed mass murderer, some will see him, as he surely saw himself, as a warrior for Islam and Muslim martyr who earned paradise.

    Yet, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama seemed either unable to recognize the roots of Mateen’s malice, or they were inhibited from identifying those roots by the commands of political correctness.

    The president called this “an act of hate,” but declined to name the source of the hatred or motive for the massacre.

    Where did Omar Mateen learn to hate not just homosexuality but the homosexuals themselves? Where did he come to believe that they deserved to die and he had a right to kill them?

    Where might he have gotten such ideas? Who teaches this?

    Well, not only do the Taliban and ISIS hurl homosexuals off buildings and stone them to death but 10 nations — Mauritania, Niger, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Yemen and Pakistan — impose the death penalty for homosexual acts.

    Peoples of these nations approve, for such laws find sanction in the holy book, the Quran. Sharia teaches that homosexuality is a vile form of fornication, punishable by death.

    Clinton declared that we must redouble our efforts to work with “our allies and partners” to go after international terror groups.

    Did she have in mind the Saudis and Gulf Arabs?

    For they have on their books laws calling for beheading the same sort of people Mateen shot to death at the Pulse club in Orlando, and for the same reason — what it is they do.

    A co-worker said Mateen had an abiding rage over the behavior of American women. Where did Mateen get that idea?

    After San Bernardino, where an ISIS-adoring Pakistani woman and her husband perpetrated a massacre, Donald Trump called for a ban on Muslims entering the United States, until they could be better vetted, and we “can figure out what the hell is going on,”

    This was regarded as quintessentially un-American.

    But “refugees” from the Syrian war have been found abetting Islamist atrocities in Paris. Terror cells containing “refugees” from Syria’s civil war have been discovered in Angela Merkel’s Germany.

    We are learning that second-generation Muslims like Mateen seem susceptible to Islamist imams preaching terror against the West to advance the restoration of the caliphate.

    Does this not suggest a pause, and a long hard look before we continue with a policy of warmly welcoming all refugees fleeing the half-dozen wars roiling the Islamic world?

    After World War II, we vetted German and East European migrants to ensure they were not fleeing Nazis or Soviet saboteurs or spies.

    No one seemed to regard that as outrageous.

    Devout Muslims believe there is “no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his Prophet.” Logically then, Muslim nations reject a “First Amendment” in their own societies that would protect a right of Christians to convert Muslims, or any “freedom of speech” that permits the mockery of Muhammad.

    The iconoclasts at Charlie Hebdo learned that the penalty for blasphemy against Islam or insulting the prophet can be severe.

    “East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet, Till Earth and Sky stand presently at God’s great Judgment Seat.”

    So wrote Kipling. Islam, not only in its extremist forms but in its pure form, is incompatible with modern Western democracy.

    And the conflict appears irreconcilable.

    The policy that should result from this reality is that while we fight side-by-side to annihilate our common enemies, ISIS and al-Qaida, the West should give up the idea of democratization and secularization of the Islamic world.

    And those who believe Islam is the one true faith, to which all of mankind must eventually submit, should be told that they are welcome as visitors — but not as immigrants. For that would ensure endless conflict.

    The more Islamic the West becomes, the less it remains the West.

  19. ” And the conflict appears irreconcilable ” ! Buchanan is correct. When they come to kill you, the only thing one can do, is kill them. That is where we are now. Sad but true !

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