“We Will Drown the Streets of Rome with Your Blood” — Islamic State Threatens the Conquest of Rome

“We Will Drown the Streets of Rome with Your Blood” — Islamic State Threatens the Conquest of Rome

Text: Andreas Becker
Trans: Tancred
Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Islamic State Threatens to Conquer Rome

(Rome) The Islamic State (IS) has released another document, in which it proclaims the conquest of Rome and the Vatican. It is the second title in four days.

A corresponding PDF document was published on social networking sites, so Askanews . It can be seen on the front page with a picture of the Colosseum (see picture above). It says:
“They want at Raqqa, and we want to Rome”. The threat appears to be directly related to the double attack against the IS-capital ar-Raqqah in Syria. Al-Ragga is the objective that the US-led coalition and the Russian-Syrian alliance are advancing toward.

The document says: “They want ar-Raqqa, because it is governed by the law of Allah, and we want to Rome, so that it is governed by the law of Allah.”

The Vatican is a “cave”, they describe as the “den of thieves.” “It is Rome that we want, the cave city of the Vatican, the capital of the Nazarenes, from where an impure man, known as Pope, sends an impure man known as the Pope, who always crusades against the Muslims.”

Last Saturday the jihadists released a video that announced that the streets of Rome “are impregnated with your blood”.

“We will rape their women”

The second document, published yesterday, was spread on the Twitter account of Al-Wafa Foundation of the Islamic State (IS). As an author himself has a woman who describes herself as Um al-Samh al-Qureishyah which in Arabic means “Mother of Tolerance of al-Quraysh”. Quarysh is the Arab tribe that lived in the time of Muhammad in Mecca, to which Mohammed belonged.

The text says: “We will humiliate the unbelievers of Rome, we will rape their wives […]. Only he will save himself, who embraces Islam or submits to Islam. There is no other faith than Islam. They will soon realize. “The diction at least places the authorship of a woman in question.

The alleged author explains that an alliance of “over 60 countries” has started a war for the conquest of the capital “of the Caliphate”. It is reminiscent of the ruins that have been left behind by the jihadists of the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobane, before the Islamic State withdrew (IS) from there. Kobane was freed by Kurdish militias after a long siege in January 2015. “How did our jihadists leave the city Kobane? As a heap of ruins. Not a wall remained standing, which reminds us that here once stood buildings.”

The document ends with the statement that “there can be only Muslims and those subjugated to Islam on earth of our Lord Allah”.

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7 comments on ““We Will Drown the Streets of Rome with Your Blood” — Islamic State Threatens the Conquest of Rome

  1. [A case of “whistling past the graveyard”?]

    Italian expert: Pope is terrorist target, but security is good

    Catholic World News – June 08, 2016

    An Italian prosecutor has said that Pope Francis is a target for terrorists, but security precautions are working to keep him safe.

    During an appearance on an Italian Catholic television network, when questioned as to whether Pope Francis might be a target, Franco Roberti answered: “In theory, Yes.” But he quickly assured viewers that “with the constant investigative attention of the intelligence services, we are managing to prevent eventual attack plans in Italy.”

    “A good number have already been prevented,” he added.

    Reference: Roberti says pope possible terror target, prevention working (ANSA)

  2. I actually can see “sacking Rome” (at least serious damage in an intensive, short strike) as a real possibility. Frankly, the Italian police, military and intelligence service are first rate. I do not doubt the claim that they have frustrated plots.

    Nevertheless, and with no need to explain to our literate members here – anyone, anytime, who really wants to pull off a suicidal assault can pretty much do what he wants.

    In the armpit of the world, the propaganda value would be over-the-top, even if the average moose-limb goat hugger can’t tell the difference between a pope and pop music.

    Essentially, publicity hound popes are the softest of all soft targets.

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