Breaking Heterodoxy: Priests can either restore orthodoxy, or they cannot

Breaking Heterodoxy: Priests can either restore orthodoxy, or they cannot

The return to Roman Catholic Orthodoxy, which leads the way in restoring American cultural morality

Vic Biorseth, Sunday, June 05, 2016
Catholic American Thinker

It’s all very simple really; it’s black and white.

On an individual level, you and I either know right from wrong, and behave accordingly, or we do not. We either do what is right, or we do what it wrong.

At the federal government level, our government action is either constitutional, or it is unconstitutional. What does that mean? Well …

A President, or his Justice Department, can either order people into wrong-sex bathrooms, or he cannot. A Supreme Court can either adjudicate cases and set legal precedents that are effectively new federal law pertaining to such things as marriage and homosexuality, or it cannot. A Congress can either legislate federal laws pertaining to medicine and insurance, and order citizens to buy products they do not wish to buy, or it cannot.

And, at the nexus of ecclesial authority and Catholic Orthodoxy, a Pastor of a Parish can either return to facing the Tabernacle, and distributing Communion at the communion rail on the tongue, and eliminate lay distribution at Mass, and more, or he cannot.

1. We either know right from wrong, or we do not.

2. The Constitution is either the supreme law of the land, or it is not.

3. The Catholic Church is either orthodox, or it is heterodox.

Very simple, nothing to it.

The problem is, in each of these areas, the solution involves division, rather than unlimited uniting, and “bringing us all together”. Maybe we’re not all supposed to be together. Maybe the real problem in American culture is that good people are now “united” with bad people, and even with downright evil people.

So what’s rubbing off on whom? Who’s evangelizing who?

Which way does it look like our whole culture is moving?

Bipartisanship and total toleration is devastating decent culture

The whole reason younger generations don’t know right from wrong is that they no longer know Who God Is, or they don’t see the relationship between Him and His Creation. Which is another way of saying that they see no real relationship between morality and Christianity. Or between God’s Law and Natural Law.

To say nothing about their own immortal souls and their eternal destiny.

Faith, where it exists at all, is weak; too weak to stand up to evil. Outside evil forces are devastating faith everywhere, having penetrated even the Church, and Catholicism itself is becoming a “bipartisan”, super-tolerant, over-inclusive, “Let’s all be nice” sort of social club, rather than the Church Militant.

We Catholics, first and foremost, are supposed to stand against evil.

How many of us today even recognize it when we see it?

Marxist ideology in general and our Marxocrat Party in particular steadfastly and openly, and unconstitutionally, does everything in its power to suppress Christian religious exercise in culture, and to advance various forms of evil, such as homosexuality, imaginary non-existent “genders”, aborting people, eugenics, contraception, all sorts of sexual depravity, elimination of our borders and national sovereignty, the virtual erasing of the meaning of American citizenship, and more, and still, many millions support all that, and consistently vote Marxocrat.

Our Republicrat Party does nothing whatsoever to stop any of that, and attacks those of us who openly oppose any of it as evil extremists.

Our Libertarians go along with all of it, in a “hands off the social issues” neutrality that actually supports all of it, just like the Republicrats. To not oppose it is to allow it to grow without opposition. Evil feeds on toleration.

Islam, in and of itself, as proven by it’s own unholy scripture and by the irrevocable words of its own prophet, is just plain evil; but anyone who points that out today is labeled an Islamophobe and somehow evil himself.

Open public homosexuality has bludgeoned its way into social acceptance, by force, using our own courts against nature and against all Christian morality, in open denial of biological science, being pretended to be a “constitutional right” not to be violated under penalty of law, all thanks to determined, unopposed activism and the absolutely unconstitutional action of a constitutionally created Supreme Court. And anyone who points that out today is labeled a Homophobe and somehow evil himself.

It all begins with knowing right from wrong

Knowing right from wrong begins with knowing natural from unnatural, and that begins with knowing truth from falsehood. God is the center of all Truth, and movement away from God is movement toward and into evil. Knowledge of the very existence of God stirs fear of God.

Fear of God is the very beginning point of wisdom. Absence of fear of God is the very beginning point of the opposite: Nonsense and Folly.

Increased knowledge of God involves properly learning about Love; decreased knowledge of God involves improperly learning everything.

Proper knowledge of God’s love for His creation and for man settles the soul and calms the seeker of truth; it stirs and grows true love of God, fellow man and the natural world. God’s law and natural law make sense. Synergy, balance and orderliness are seen to dominate creation. God points the way to objective truth – truth that does not ever change.

Improper knowledge of God points the way to subjective truth – truth that changes, with feelings, popular fad, whim and fancy. This subjective truth often even involves fear and hatred of natural things or nature itself, and even hatred of man and mankind itself. At the opposite end of the spectrum of fear of God is fear of man, and fear of all of God’s creation, and even fear or hatred of self.

The absolute opposite of wisdom.

The man who fears God learns to love Him and seek relationship with Him; to know Him more and more. There is growing inner peace and calmness in recognizing, embracing and participating in objective reality. The study of objective reality is, indirectly, the study of God.

Catholic Eucharist: Actual Communion with God

Eucharist is the pinnacle; it is the source and summit of close relationship between God and man. There is and can be no closer communion between the supernatural and and natural worlds. Eucharist epitomizes close friendship and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is an actual embrace; it is where God and man embrace each other. It just doesn’t get any closer than that.

Enter, Catholic heterodoxy, stage left.

In Babbling-Christianity, among other places, we talked about the damage done to Eucharist by Catholic clerics acting under the influence of the evil viral infection known as “The Spirit Of Vatican II”. First and foremost among the victims of this evil was recognition of the objective reality of Jesus, present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.

It began with allowing reception of Communion in the hand, and rapidly advanced to lay distribution, and lay lectors, and all sorts of laymen in the sacred area during Mass. Turning the Priest to face the congregation, changing focus from Jesus to the community, contributed mightily to the lessening of the importance of Eucharist.

The important thing to note is that none of this came from Vatican II, or from the 1967 Paul VI Missal, or from the rubrics of the Novus Ordo Mass. They were all purely subjective innovations, instituted or allowed by Bishops.

And that was just the beginning.

Once God was “demoted” in the general Catholic psyche …

Among the Papal Imperfections pages will be found a softening of Church teaching regarding the intrinsic evil of Communism. And, from the bottom up, “Cultural Marxism”, already discreetly in possession and near total command of formal education everywhere, infected Catholic teaching institutions, including seminaries, with a warped and Marxified interpretation of Justice, to be related more to equal distribution of material than to equal application of justice. More to do with citizen “benefits”, equal social status, and imagined-into-being “rights” than anything to do with equal standing before the law.

“Justice” today, in the eyes of many Catholic clerics, involves unnatural citizen rights. Rights to food, shelter, medicine, clothing, pay, retirement, sick pay, etc., etc., etc., in a never ending drive to total social equality. Pure folly. Utter nonsense. The utter impossibility of it all is not even recognized.

Yet, this is the “revolutionary” social vision that inspires mob chants of “No Justice, No Peace!” and lends support to the advance of two mortal sins as acceptable agenda items to satisfy social needs:

1. State stealing of private property for purposes of redistribution.

2. Citizen envy of all citizens who are better off.

In Crony Catholicism we talked about how the USCCB is in truth a religious version of a Political Party. In point of fact, it operates exactly as if it were a wholly owned subsidiary or a franchise operation of the American Marxocrat Party. Its true goals appear to be more politically than religiously motivated, and its true aim seems to be the acquisition of more and more political clout within (and without) the Church. It is aligned with American politicians, including the most vehemently anti-Catholic politicians, in promoting the new Marxified agenda of Social Justice, and even “understanding” if not promoting Class Warfare to achieve it. To that end, the USCCB promotes the “Open Borders” and “Amnesty” agenda of both the Marxocrat and the Republicrat Parties, by championing the expansion of Social Diversity to the point of the elimination of an identifiable human culture in America.

Even Scripture is abused for “Social Justice” purposes.

Jesus said to him, “If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.” –Matt 19:21

I have heard Catholic clerics interpret that Scripture to be a recommendation for Socialism, from the Lord’s own lips. Not a call to the Priesthood, but a call for all of society to sell all they had, give to the poor, and follow the Lord.

Everyone. Right.

And that’s the interpretation many now give to Acts 2:44 and Acts 4:32, and similar verses, where the Apostles and the closest Disciples “held everything in common”. That’s supposed to be Socialism, not the beginning of a vowed religious order. All of human society was supposed to take similar vows and stop working for a living.

What is neglected here is that this first religious community described in Acts, once they ate up all that each had brought in to the community, was totally dependent upon the tithes, offerings and charity of the laity, which was still out there working for a living.

If everyone stops producing, but not eating, it won’t belong before everyone stops eating, too.

Why is that very simple thing no longer clear and obvious to everyone?

Jesus nowhere called for any civil revolution whereby all property and all wealth would be equally distributed. That would have brought about instant famine, as Socialism has done, throughout its history, wherever it has gained control over any government.

Is any of this nonsense building up the Church?


Quite the opposite.

Let’s just look at the numbers, between 2000 and 2015, for the results [see the] figures from , at the page.

Before you get all excited about how ordinations are up, you had better recognize the fact that they have a long, long way to go to catch up to the retirement rate.

Before you get all excited about how Catholic college enrollments are up, you had better take a good long look at the current state of the Catholicism that is currently taught in most “Catholic” universities.

I didn’t include Catholic laity numbers, which are up, because, what’s the point? Many if not most self-identified Catholics seldom or never go to Mass. Numbers do not equate to disciples. Those who do attend Mass are, for the most part, “nominal” Catholics, or going-through-the-motions Catholics. People who always go to Communion but never go to Confession. And, at another level, people who anxiously “do their part” in some lay ministry or other, but clearly do not recognize Who is present in that little Tabernacle. And those lay ministers who are so preoccupied with lay ministry that they cannot rest until they have proactively recruited every other member of the whole congregation to also become lay ministers.

Lay Ministry, for some, has become more important than Eucharist.

God is not recognized.

God is, most certainly, not feared.

Wisdom has left the scene.

And yet He is right there, right in front of us, in that Tabernacle, every time we walk into a Catholic Church. He is there while we loudly, loudly, talk and gossip and blather on about the issues of the day while others may be trying to pray to Him. He is always aware of us and our presence, even when we have forgotten Him and are unaware of His presence.

God has not moved.

Objective Truth does not change. Our religion has become subjective. Or at least our overall practice of it. And much of the authoritative teaching of it.

And that’s the problem.

It began, as we said, with lay reception of Him in the hand. That became a liturgically destructive snowball rolling downhill.

When His presence first became less recognized and respected, lay attendance began to drop. Why should Catholics go to Mass? What’s so special about Catholic Churches? While most Catholics instinctively know that Catholicism is true, they are not broadly, and certainly not universally encouraged by modern liturgy or the attitude of clergy and laity to even properly recognize the actual Presence of God Himself.

After all, a once-upon-a-time Catholic can get a “personal relationship” with Jesus in a lot of Protestant Churches, and get a really nice, warm and fuzzy feeling about it.

Satan knows that the less difference there is between the Catholic Mass and any other non-Catholic religious service, the weaker the whole Catholic Church will become.


Join the Catholic Resistance.

May you please God, and live forever.

Addendum, Wednesday June 8, 2016:

A long time ago, seemingly in another galaxy, Bill Beinlich sent me some CDs from ChurchMilitant showing how the evil, sneaky Communist organizer Saul Alinsky virtually invented the USCCB and the CCHD, among other things.

And we know that our own Marxocrat Party is more Alinskyite-Marxist than any other variety, and that all of its constitutionally destructive political agenda is masked under the false title of “Social Justice”.

And we know that our “establishment” Republicrat Party is in full bipartisan cooperation with the Marxocrat Party, and whether their motivation for that collusion is just to grow government and keep their power and positions, or that they are secretly Communist too, is irrelevant to the point. They, too, oppose the Constitution, and that is the only relevant point pertaining to them.

In Lucifer and the CCHD, the USCCB Flip-Flop, Catholic Communizer Dorothy Day and elsewhere herein, we highlighted Communist infiltration into Catholic thought, at high levels, negatively affecting and misguiding the direction of Catholic Social Justice.

Now, Soupermom has sent me a link to an article by Marita Vargas, at , asking the question, did the Catholic Church in America work to advance Socialism in the United States? Based on much of the same evidences we have looked at, her conclusion is hard to refute. The same sort of sneaky Communist infiltration may have been, and probably was, going on in the rest of the Catholic Church, too. How successful it may have been remains to be seen. Even John Paul the Great and Benedict XVI may have been fooled by parts of it.

There is no doubt in my mind that Pope Francis is a Socialist.

The one, single, tight link between Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, Pope Francis, the USCCB, the CCHD, the CRS, the Marxocrat Party, the Republicrat Party, and all the current above-board and maybe behind-the-scenes contenders for the American Presidency (except for Donald Trump) is … wait for it … Social Justice.


The new mask of Communism says “It’s all for the good of the people”. See?

I highly recommend giving the Marita Vargas article, linked above, a read.

Pray that Trump triumphs, and that he discovers the Constitution, and uses it as recommended in Destroying the Establishment. After all, the Establishment is doing everything in its power to destroy him.

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