Reality or twisted fantasy? More “straight” guys than ever delving into same-sex sodomy?

Reality or twisted fantasy? More “straight” guys than ever delving into same-sex sodomy?

June 7, 2016
Posted by Tantumblogo

I’m going to be careful in how I deal with this report, because the source is heavily biased (and I won’t link to it), and, being lost in this particular perversion, seems to have more than a passing interest in seeing what might be a fantasy confused for reality. Nonetheless, some of what is claimed below jives with much of what we have seen in the increasingly depraved culture of late, so it could be true, at least in part.

The claim is that more men than ever are having “bisexual” dalliances with other men. Women’s rates of same have also reportedly increased, but since the origin of this material is a male same-sex-attracted website, the obviously don’t give a flip for the latter.

See what you make of this. I have some thoughts at the end:

……researchers have found that more Americans are having gay and bisexual sex than ever before……

The findings appear in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior. Researchers studied surveys about sexual behavior from 30,000 people, spanning from the 1973 to 2014.

From 1990 to 2014, both men and women doubled the rates at which they had sex with someone of the same sex. Men rose from 4.5 percent for men to 8.2 percent. For women, it went from 3.6 percent to 8.7 percent. Notably, the percentage of people who reported having sex with both men and women went from 3.1 percent to 7.7 percent…….

…….Americans have grown significantly more accepting of gay sex during that period. In 1990, only 13 percent of people thought that there was no problem with such activities. Now, that’s at 49 percent, and 63 percent among young people……

………Ultimately, what we’re seeing are the death throes of dumb old taboos that once shamed and controlled our bodies. Everyone’s starting to figure out that life’s a lot more fun when you take off your clothes with whoever you like.

Oh, yes, so much more fun! You get to enjoy things like moral degradation, the development of a reprobate sense unable to distinguish right from wrong (indeed, such is a veritable requirement to fall into this kind of lifestyle), sky-high rates of depression, substance abuse, and even suicide. But remember, all these things are fun!

Obviously there’s more than a bit of wish-casting going on in the above. As for the data, I have a healthy skepticism for such politically loaded “scientific” reports. Having said that, I do not doubt that there are a lot more people, especially young people, now falling into same-sex deviant sexual behavior, for the following reasons:

The destruction of stable family life, and especially the absence of stable father-figures, leaving people with gaping holes in their souls

The explosion of self-abuse and pornography use, literally creating a sort of brain damage and leading to out of control appetites always searching for the next higher thrill

The indoctrination through media and the schools of millions of people, especially young people, in the supposed “virtues” of the same-sex lifestyle. Indeed, in today’s victim culture, being able to proclaim some kind of minority, victim status is the ultimate symbol of moral authority and gets one a lifetime “get out of accountability for one’s actions free” card.

Many readers will know I have what one might consider a troubled past. In the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous, I got to hear many a sordid tale. So many were heartbreaking. One I heard with grim regularity was the reports of those who had given their bodies to the lusts of people of the same sex in order to score drugs. These reports were some of the most emotional, heart-rending I ever heard. The sense of self-loathing and overwhelming shame at having perpetrated these acts was palpable even many years later for these folks.

But what struck me the most was the uniformity with which these souls reported the unnaturalness of the act(s) they had lowered themselves into. I’ll forever remember the guy twitching and writhing in his seat as he shared the unforgettable discomfort he felt when allowing men to mess with him for drugs. That’s because the acts he engaged in were profoundly counter to his nature. Even a drug addict’s nature.

But nature can be somewhat fungible. If the data below is even remotely correct, it rather explodes the “born that way” meme, doesn’t it? Of course, now that the sodomites and gomorrists have obtained just about everything they want, they have left that meme behind as no longer helpful, as leftists always do.

Those with a lick of sense (and at least a somewhat living conscience) know that the sources of the sins of sodom and gomorrah among people of the same sex has always been very much due to environment and particular choices, rather than some unshakable affliction with which one was born. The breakup of the family, the collapse of fatherhood as a lived experience in the lives of many, and the widespread abuse of self accompanied with porn use has created a fertile breeding ground for these sins which cry out to Heaven for vengeance. We have seen, over the past several decades, each succeeding generation fall further and further into out of control lust, unceasing narcissism, moral depravity, and now outright perversion. Contraception begat fornication, which begat divorce, which was accompanied by the normalization of porn use and self-abuse, which gave way to the normalization of sodomy of all kinds.

All these things have created an environment where today it is almost considered at least a rite of passage young people from many milieus to dally with people of the same sex. This has been so prevalent among young women as to be virtually a meme regarding girls in college (as they rediscover their heterosexuality at graduation), but I have little doubt it is now passing over to men. Given that “transexual” porn is one of the most popular forms of pornography among “straight” men, the next step – actualization in reality – has been waiting to happen.

Don’t mean to be a downer, but as I hope to show later today, God willing, all this reveals a decadent culture in severe, virtually irreversible decline. The harridans of the sodomite agenda are laughing gleefully as they help drive the final implosion of civilization as we know it.

I don’t know what the civilization that replaces this failing one will be like, but I am absolutely certain those hastening the end of the current one won’t like it one bit.

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