Hey, neo-Catholics! Stop trying to gaslight us on Fatima

Hey, conservatives neo-Catholics! Stop trying to gaslight us on Fatima


JUN 06, 2016 by HILARY WHITE

Joanna Bogle, noted trad-hater and increasingly desperate “conservative neo-Catholic” water-carrier, has tried to ridicule the Fatima people and has been thoroughly raked over the coals for it by neo-Catholic World Report’s increasingly fed-up readership. A chorus of rather angry sounding messages, demanding that she and her like quit trying to push their Soma on the rest of us. “Stop trying to gaslight us. We’re on to you.”

The boring Third Secret of Fatima
Those who feel the Third Secret ought to be more exciting—and who indulge in conspiracy theories about the “real” secret—are missing out on the greatest and most exciting truth of all.

…which is kind of hilarious, as we watch Putin rattling his sabers at NATO and murdering in Ukraine; a twelve-year old princess installing death camp legislation in Canada; the grinning Pope Pennywise busy dismantling the Catholic Church in Rome and the Murricans setting up a choice between Kang and a clown-nosed Kodos …

… the hordes of orcs, morlocks and zombies howling for blood at the gates of Europe …


the UN shouting at Hungary for refusing to allow them in and the elites of the EU actually really for realsies bowing down to Stan in Switzerland last week …


Yeah, everything’s perfectly all right now… We’re all fine down here. How are you?

Anyway, here’s the comment I left but that didn’t get approved… for some reason…

“…A journalist in the United Kingdom” … so bland a description of someone who is widely known for her loathing for anyone who expresses the slightest doubt of the “everything’s fine, nothing to see here” conservative Catholic position. Nice little slag-piece, CWR, accusing people with serious concerns and unanswered questions of being nuts on a par with UFO-chasers. But it’s not going to work. The Fatima thing isn’t being dragged along by a bunch of disgruntled knuckle-draggers. That embarrassing “denial” concocted by the notoriously mendacious Vatican Press office and claimed to be from Benedict -without the slightest shred of confirmation – is certainly not going to quell the growing concerns that precisely the outcome predicted by the Fatima seers and dozens of other approved visionaries – to wit, a great apostasy starting from “the top” – is unfolding daily before our eyes.

Joanna, just screeching and pointing and calling people nutters isn’t going to make the difficult realities go away and stop bothering you.

[BTW: neo-Catholic World Report… this is what happens when you don’t publish comments; you get featured. You don’t want to be featured, trust me.]

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2 comments on “Hey, neo-Catholics! Stop trying to gaslight us on Fatima

  1. The controversy over the Fatima prophecies is not boring. The neo-Catholic modernists are the ones calling Lucia and Catholic bishops liars. For many years, it was reported by high-ranking Catholic clergy that the Third Secret contained words of the Blessed Virgin about the faith in Portugal: “In Portugal the dogma of the faith will always be preserved, etc.” This was common knowledge among literate Catholics. The document, the piece of paper, on which Lucia wrote down those words of the Blessed Virgin has not been produced or revealed. Whatever else it might have said, what happened to it and where is it?

    It’s entirely possible that it was lost, stolen, hidden, or suppressed BEFORE the pontificates of John Paul II and Pope Benedict. That would not make them liars. However, the part of Fatima prophecies mentioning the faith being preserved in Portugal has not been published or revealed. That is a legitimate story for investigation. That Pope John XXIII also decided not to make it public or to publish the rest of the words of the Blessed Virgin spoken to Lucia is also a legitimate story for investigation. Pope Benedict could clarify this controversy by stating publicly if he knows what happened to that part of the Fatima message and to the piece of paper on which it was written.

    Recent events in Europe and around the world are already grave and apocalyptic leading to serious doubts that the prophecy and the vision of the bishop in white falling can be interpreted as only referring to events of the past. The Fatima message also warned that “entire nations will be annihilated” if men did not repent for their sins. Considering that the current anti-Catholic, anti-Christian socialist regime in power by electoral democratic vote signed an executive order to fund abortion all over the world, which neo-Catholic modernist or pontificating professional Protestant convert lecturing to Catholics thinks there is enough repenting going on to rescind that prophetic warning? Really?

  2. The controversy over the Fatima prophecies is not boring.

    What happened to the piece of paper with the words of the Blessed Virgin regarding the preservation of the faith in Portugal: “In Portugal the dogma of the faith will always be preserved, etc.”? Pope Benedict could clarify the controversy by stating publicly what he knows about that, if he ever read that, or what he was told about what happened to the original document which contained those words. Shushing, scolding, and ridiculing those asking questions about this is silly.

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