Church Must Change “Deficient Mindset” on Homosexuality, Says German Jesuit

Church Must Change “Deficient Mindset” on Homosexuality, Says German Jesuit

[A case of “throwing gas on a fire”]

Bob Shine, New Ways Ministry
June 5, 2016

Fr. Klaus Mertes

Appealing to lesbian and gay Catholics to remain in the church, a German priest said the church must change its “deficient mindset” on homosexuality and must defend human rights.

Jesuit Fr. Klaus Mertes was interviewed by the German newspaper Taz [as reported by the National un-Catholic Reporter]. Asked why lesbian and gay Catholics should remain in the church, especially after Pope Francis’ disappointing exhortation Amoris Laetitia, the priest replied:

‘I know many Catholic gays and lesbians who refuse to be ostracized and who remain in the church despite what they have had to and are having to suffer. . .This helps me to see that the church has a great deal to offer. Every Catholic who leaves the church at the same time loses contact with their spiritual home in the church community, with their weekly encounter with the Gospel, the Eucharist and the Sacraments. That is a big loss.

Mertes was clear, however, that he respected people who choose to leave the church. He also noted the many Catholic parents he has met seek greater solidarity from the church for their LGBT children.

Mertes condemned present church teachings on homosexuality, saying the “deficient mindset” about them must be reformed. Noting that sexual morality is indivisible from reproduction in present church teaching, he said the church should instead consider sexual morality in view of charity and relationship, rather than “a concept of nature which views the sexual act in isolation.”

Speaking about the struggle for human rights, the priest criticized the hierarchy’s inaction on defending LGBT people from discrimination and violence. With its global influence, the church should be ensuring their basic rights are protected, including the ability to be openly gay without being ostracized. Mertes said vocally opposing the death penalty for homosexuality would “at least be a beginning” from church leaders, adding:

‘I am appalled that the church is so silent on this issue. It saddens me to see that in some African countries where homosexuals can be imprisoned or even put to death for holding hands in public, the church does not demand that homosexuals at least be given the most elementary human rights.’

Mertes called upon Catholics to work actively for such LGBT reforms in church teaching and practice, stating:

‘All of us [Catholics] — homosexuals and heterosexuals [Which kind is Fr. Klaus?] — must join together to get the church to give up its deficient mindset on homosexuality. . .The Catholic Church is a world church. In Europe it took us 200 years to get as far as we are at present on this issue. Africa and Southeast Asia are still miles from where we are, but the struggle to achieve for gay rights the world over is worth staying in the church for. . .

‘[Ireland’s passage of marriage equality by referendum in 2015 is an] example of how, after decades of struggle from inside a predominantly Catholic culture takes place an opening for the rights of gay people. That’s how it goes. Processes must come from within, because only then they are sustainable.’

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6 comments on “Church Must Change “Deficient Mindset” on Homosexuality, Says German Jesuit

  1. I know many Catholic gays and lesbians who refuse to be ostracized and who remain in the church despite what they have had to and are having to suffer.
    … countries where homosexuals can be imprisoned or even put to death for holding hands in public, the church does not demand …

    Boo hoo hoo. The pansy priest plays the victim. Oh, the SUFFERING! And the death penalty … for holding hands? Yep, that’s the bad Church’s fault, too, for not telling those ragheads to stop it.

    • First of all, Cyprian, raghead isn’t a very nice word. Please substitute ‘millinery challenged’ in its stead for now on. And ‘pansy priest?’ Really? How about ‘gyno inspired erectilly disfunctioned president of faith based community’

      Got to keep up with the times and the lingo if you want to stay current, and, y’know, matter.

      When we were little and living on Long Island, whenever we’d visit dad’s family 8 hours away in Pennsylvania, he’d go apoplectic stuck in bumper to bumper traffic trying to get over the only bridge off LI at the time. He’d say things like, ‘evacuate this city, drop the bomb on it and start all over. ‘

      Not bad thinking given the state of these apostates.

      I’m sorry, was that not PC?

  2. St. Paul said of men like this, “I wish those who unsettle you would mutilate themselves!” (Gal 5;12), also translated “emasculate.”

    Father, since you have already followed St. Paul’s direction and thrown away your manhood, you might want to consider crossing the street to Henry VIII’s fake congregation. They are way ahead of you in fighting “internalized homophobia/biphobia/ transphobia/queerphobia.”

    Episcopal [Woman] Priest: LGBTQ People Will ‘Revitalize Christianity’
    by former priest Thomas D. Williams

    In a recent essay in Salon Magazine, the “Reverend” Elizabeth M. Edman argues for the power of “queer virtue” to combat “heteronormativity” and revitalize a Christianity that is too wedded to traditional ideas of human sexuality and marriage.

    An Episcopal priest and a political strategist, Edman attempts to redeem the concept of “Pride” as central to the LGBT movement and integral to an authentically Christian life.

    In her essay—excerpted from the book titled Queer Virtue: What LGBTQ People Know About Life and Love and How It Can Revitalize Christianity—Edman laments that in Christian scripture and hymnody, pride is “condemned as a glaring and destructive human sin,” when in her mind it is a good and virtuous attitude.

    “The complexity of these dynamics makes many of us queers keenly aware that our Pride is born of something deep within that connects us to one another, and also to something bigger than all of us,” Edman writes, which might indeed be God.

    … “If we are to use queerness to help us understand our own identities and Pride, Christians must become aware of and resist the impulse, conscious or subconscious, to deny the existence of LGBTQ people,” she writes.

    “Our attempts to proclaim a more authentic Gospel will not go far enough unless and until we become conscious of heteronormative impulses within our tradition and work to dismantle them,” she says.

    This is the onerous task that Rev. Edman proposes, one that involves stripping the Bible of its “heteronormativity” and remaking Christianity in the image of a society that glorifies gender fluidity and pansexualism.

    “Queerfolk will tell you: for us, rooting out all the internalized homophobia/biphobia/ transphobia/queerphobia is a lifelong endeavor,” Edman writes.

  3. “I wish those who unsettle you would mutilate themselves!” (Gal 5;12)

    I see time and time again in the Church today, how many times the strong, direct words used by Out Blessed Lord, and His Apostles, are simply ignored.
    We are told by the limp wristed, feeble brained mob of today that we “mustn’t judge” we “mustn’t use harsh language” – yet look at Our Lord’s words in Scripture where He talks about the fires of Hell where the worm never ceases!
    And look at that incredible comment by St Paul where he literally tells the false teachers to castrate themselves!
    Whoah! Can you even begin to imagine what would happen if a bishop of toady used such language?
    The time has come where such blunt direct talk is desperately needed.
    We are talking about vital issues of eternal life and eternal judgement.

  4. I also have to add, pharisaical though this might sound, that the moment I see a priest or religious dressed in secular clothes I immediately:
    1. judge them to be modernists who both hate the Church and are embarrassed by it
    2. dismiss everything they say as probable heresy.

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