Lepanto Institute: Catholic Week in Review (Fishwrap Edition)!

Lepanto Institute: Catholic Week in Review (Fishwrap Edition)!

Michael Hichborn

This week was an action packed week: five days of work in a four day week, of course, and kicked off with a report on some of the activities of employees working for the Catholic bishops supporting — you guessed it — gay marriage on their social media profiles in direct opposition to the very Church from which they earn a paycheck.

As I mentioned in the report, it is extremely painful to publish reports on individuals. We never set out to expose employees, but if the old adage “personnel is policy” means anything, then to have USCCB and CRS employees actively work against the very thing the Catholic Church stands for? That’s a problem — A HUGE PROBLEM.

The interposition of the professional Catholic bureaucratic class and the will of faithful Catholics, our bishops, and our priests is a systemic problem in the Catholic Church today. We will have to bear it out… not in a spirit of “gotcha!” or anything of the sort, but in a spirit of fraternal correction that hopefully enables each of us to bear witness in an authentically Catholic way.

Interesting (but sad) side note? When we approached the USCCB with this information, the individuals (and others) started on a massive cleaning spree of their social media accounts. Unfortunately, Lepanto received no official response from the USCCB.


You’ll recall last week how Fr. Rosica of Salt and Light TV went on a tirade against traditionalist Catholics that was covered by the Crux blog. Needless to say, the criticism was about as uncharitable as its pretended target.

Not to be outdone in the echo chamber, Michael Sean Winters of National un-Catholic Reporter (Fishwrap) decided to chime in as well. Guess what? Faithful Catholics who see a problem with the Church employing individuals who hate Her teachings are — get this — McCarthyites.

Yes, the publication specifically banned from calling themselves “Catholic” by the Kansas Archdiocese yet continues to do so in open defiance of their own bishop — that’s the National “un-Catholic” Reporter — has decided, nay decreed, that all faithful Catholics raising questions about actions that are decidedly un-Catholic are just rank McCarthyites. To wit:

Even if some bishops are sympathetic with the idea that promoting gay rights in one’s private time is an offense worthy of terminating employment, the bishops should at least recognize that they cannot tolerate these attacks and also make the claim that their opposition to gay rights is not bigoted.

Color me confused. The USCCB has been emphatically clear that the assault on marriage and redefinition of family is a direct threat to the Catholic Faith. Moreover, the compulsory nature of recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions have moved religious freedom from an assumption to an imperiled topic for debate.

The Second Vatican Council (which NCR LOVES to cite) is clear on religious freedom, and for NCR to openly question Catholic concerns as “bigotry” seems extraordinarily myopic… even oppositional to what the our bishops are clearly trying to do: protect marriage and defend the family.

Every child has the right to a mother and a father. Is this bigotry? When staff members of purportedly Catholic institutions boost the cause of those who take direct aim at Catholic values, is this bigotry? When Michael Sean Winters himself lauds the North Korean government for playing the socialist Internationale — a government that starves its own people and persecutes the Catholic Faith — is that bigotry?

Yet despite the mewlings from the professional left bunkered inside the National “un-Catholic” Reporter, the fact of the matter is that fidelity to Catholic teaching — all of it, not just the parts that MSW and the opinion poll junkies occupy their time trying to change — is the absolute heart of the matter.

Faithful Catholics expect Catholic resources to be spent in a Catholic manner. Why is this so hard?

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