Pope Francis v. St. Thomas More: Pope to Express Gifts of Protestant Revolt and Ask Forgiveness

Pope Francis v. St. Thomas More: Pope to Express Gifts of Protestant Revolt and Ask Forgiveness

Written by Michael Matt | Editor

“You’re kidding me. Right, Francis?”

This just in from various mainstream Catholic news outlets:

“Pope Francis’ visit to Lund, Sweden, to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation will comprise “two parts” beginning with a “common prayer” service in Lund’s Lutheran cathedral and continuing with a public event at Malmö Arena that will be open to wider participation, Vatican and Lutheran leaders have announced.

“In a joint statement issued today by the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, they reiterated that the Oct. 31 event will be centered on the themes of “thanksgiving, repentance and commitment to common witness”.

It also said the overall aim of the ecumenical event “is to express the gifts of the Reformation and ask forgiveness for division perpetuated by Christians from the two traditions.”

REMNANT COMMENT: Ah, yes, the ‘gifts of the Reformation’ — such as the tearing in half of holy Christendom. The beginning of the end of the Holy Roman Empire. The destruction of the Catholic state. The loss of millions of souls who fell victim to the vile heresies of Martin Luther.

And let’s not forget to ask forgiveness for the great saints who gave their lives in defense of Holy Mother Church under vicious assault of Protestant ‘reformers.’ Thomas More, for example, used the Greek term “anarchos” to describe the Protestant Revolt. He believed that the “whole great change of European consciousness in the sixteenth century was due to the hatred that they [Protestants] bear to all good order and the great hunger they have to make [everything] disordered.”

You see, poor Thomas More didn’t think ‘making a mess’ was a particularly good idea. He regarded Lutherans as “daemonun satellites” (“agents of demons”), in fact, who had to be stopped before they brought civilized society to ruin.

In his book, The Life of Thomas More, Peter Akroyd explains: “This was no longer a time for questioning, or innovation, or uncertainty of any kind. He [More] blamed Luther for the Peasants’ Revolt in Germany, and maintained that all its havoc and destruction were the direct result of Luther’s challenge to the authority of the church; under the pretext of “libertas” Luther preached “licentia,” which had in turn led to rape, sacrilege, bloodshed, fire and ruin.”

And why not? Of the Mass of his own priestly ordination, beloved liturgy of his fathers and forefathers, saints and martyrs, for a thousand years, Luther hisses: “I declare that all the brothels…all the manslaughters, murders, thefts and adulteries have wrought less abomination than the popish Mass.”

This from one who, by his own admission, was “inspired”—while on his toilet, no less—with the certainty that the Church was the great Whore of Babylon, that four of her seven Sacraments were abominations, as were her priesthood, celibacy, papacy and monastic life. On his toilet, Luther figured it out—all that’s needed is Faith alone…and the laws of Christianity be damned!

“Be a sinner and sin on bravely,” said Luther, “but have stronger faith and rejoice in Christ, who is the victory of sin, death, and the world. Do not for a moment imagine that this life is the abiding place of justice: sin must be committed… sin cannot tear you away from Him, even though you commit adultery a hundred times a day and commit as many murders.”

Compare these words to similar ones written by the Satanist Aleister Crowley: “Are we walking in eternal fear lest some ‘sin’ should cut us off from ‘grace’? By no means…Live as the kings and princes, crowned and uncrowned, of this world, have always lived, as masters always live… make your self-indulgence your religion…When you drink and dance and take delight, you are not being ‘immoral,’ you are not ‘risking your immortal soul’; you are fulfilling the precepts of our holy religion [Satanism]…Is not this better than [to] go oppressed by consciousness of ‘sin,’ wearily seeking or simulating wearisome and tedious ‘virtues’?”

Protestantism, Satanism, Freemasonry—these were but brothers-in-arms in the ancient war against the holy Church, a war fomented by agents of disorder. Even some of Luther’s friends readily admitted that the “Reformation” was anarchistic.

For example, the ex-priest Martin Bucer, who’d benefited from Luther’s moral dispensations where an ex-nun and his vows were concerned, nevertheless admits: “The whole Reformation was one grand indulgence for libertinism. The greater part of the people seems only to have embraced the gospel in order to shake off the yoke of discipline and the obligation of fasting and penance, which rested upon them in popery, and that they may live according to their own pleasure, enjoying their lusts and lawless appetites without control. That was the reason they lent a willing ear to the teaching of justification by faith alone and not by good works, for the latter of which they had no relish.”

It is no wonder that Erasmus (who also advocated reform) would write: “Lutheranism has but two objects at heart—money and women.”

And now Pope Francis is heading off to Sweden to commemorate what Martin Bucer called ‘one grand indulgence for libertinism” and St. Thomas More condemned as the demonic project of the Antichrist himself — the Protestant Revolt.

God help us, what is the matter with this man!

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One comment on “Pope Francis v. St. Thomas More: Pope to Express Gifts of Protestant Revolt and Ask Forgiveness

  1. When the Pope is exploited as a useful idiot by anti-Catholic liberals, secular progressives, Protestants, and the Illuminati, implying that the Protestant Reformation was justified or good,
    this promotes ideas and attitudes of indifferentism and relativism which are a grave scandal and which certainly flirt with outright heresy. In the absence of leadership by the modernist bishops of the USCCB who are, in fact, enabling the modernist revolution and dissembling of this revived Spirit of Vatican II from the 1970s, the burden falls on laymen to cry foul and alert Catholics to these errors. Sweden may not survive as a European nation affiliated with Western civilization thanks in large part to the indifferentism which has come from the Protestant heresy. The Holy Father should be preaching the Catholic faith to this nation and to the anti-Christian barbarians which will soon overrun it. But, apparently, his humility in the service of climate change, social justice, and the relativism of ecumenism, is too great to bring himself to fulfill that function of the papal office. While the sworn enemies of the faith rejoice in adoring Pope Francis as he distances himself from the Catholic faith, his progressive modernist buffoonery does not advance the Church and brings direct harm to Catholics. A flaky New Age guru of climate change for anti-Catholic pro-abortion celebrities may make good copy for the secular media, but it is a grave scandal for Catholics and, indeed, a danger to civilization.

    Will he also take time to praise the multicultural de-Christianization of Sweden for secular television reporters while honoring the Lutheran Protestant Reformation without seeing any contradiction? This is the madness of the modernist Spirit of Vatican II in 2016. Luther may have been a nut, but he did not intend for his Protestant followers to escape Roman papal authority only to become the victims of anti-Christian jihad in the name of multiculturalism and diversity. Who among the hierarchy will have the courage to explain this to Bergoglio?

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