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Martyrology-June 30th
Roman Martyrology-June 30th- on this date in various years-

The commemoration of the holy apostle Paul.

At Rome, St. Lucina, a disciple of the apostles, who relieved the necessities of the saints with her goods, visited the Christians detained in prison, buried the martyrs, and was laid by their side in a crypt which she herself had constructed.

In the same city, St. Aemiliana, martyr.

The same day, the saints Caius, priest, and Leo, subdeacon.

At Alexandria, the passion of St. Basilides, under Emperor Severus. He protected the saintly virgin Potamioena from the insults of shameless men when he was leading her to execution. He was rewarded for his considerate action, for at the end of three days she appeared to him, placed a crown on his head, not only converting him to Christ, but by her prayers making him, after a short combat, a glorious martyr. read more


Martyrology-June 29th
Roman Martyrology-June 29th- on this date in various years-

At Rome, the birthday of the holy apostles Peter and Paul, who suffered martyrdom on the same day, under Emperor Nero. Within the city the former was crucified with his head downwards, and buried in the Vatican, near the Triumphal Way, where he is venerated by the whole world. The latter was put to the sword and buried on the Ostian Way, where he received similar honours.

In Cypus, St. Mary, mother of John, surnamed Mark. read more


Martyrology-June 28th
Roman Martyrology-June 28th- on this date in various years-

The vigil of the holy apostles Peter and Paul.

At Lyons in France, St. Irenaeus, bishop and martyr. St. Jerome relates that he was the disciple of blessed Polycarp, bishop of Smyrna, and lived near the time of the apostles. After having strenuously opposed the heretics by word and by writing, he was crowned with a glorious martyrdom along with almost all the people of his city, during the persecution of Severus.

At Utrecht, St. Benignus, bishop and martyr. read more

Church doctrine on homosexuality remains, says priest


Church doctrine on homosexuality remains, says priest


01:28 AM June 28th, 2016

A ROMAN Catholic Church official on Monday said the call of Pope Francis for the Church and Christian communities to apologize for their treatment of gays and other groups throughout history did not mean a change in the Church doctrine on homosexuality.

Fr. Jerome Secillano, executive secretary of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) Episcopal Commission on Public Affairs, said Francis’ statements expressing compassion for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community again showed his humility. read more

Justice(?) Kennedy Does It Again

This so-called Catholic has done it again by voting with the liberals on an Abortion-related case. He is an embarrassment to the Catholic Faith and he has no right to call himself Catholic. One wonders how much he gets paid-off by the Planned Parenthood lobby. One also wonders what he will tell women at his particular Judgment – women who have been butchered by incompetent practitioners at clinics without proper medical facilities.


Martyrology-June 27th
Roman Martyrology-June 27th- on this date in various years-

In Galatia, St. Crescens, disciple of the blessed apostle Paul. In passing through Gaul he converted many to the Christian faith by his preaching. Returning to the people for whom he had been especially made bishop, he confirmed the Galatians in the service of the Lord to the end of his life. He finally completed his martyrdom under Trajan.

At Cordova in Spain, St. Zoilus and nineteen other martyrs.

At Caesarea in Palestine, in the persecution of Diocletian, under the governor Urban, St. Anectus, martyr. For having exhorted others to suffer martyrdom, and having overthrown idols by his prayers, he was scourged by ten soldiers, had his hands and feet cut off, and merited the crown of martydom by beheading. read more


Martyrology-June 26th
Roman Martyrology-June 26th- on this date in various years-

At Rome on Mt. Ceolius, the holy martyrs John and Paul, brothers. The former was steward, the other secretary of the virgin Constantia, daughter of Emperor Constantine. Afterwards, under Julian the Apostate, they received the palm of martyrdom by being beheaded.

At Trent, St. Vigilius, bishop, who, while he endeavoured to root out the remains of idolatry, was overwhelmed with a shower of stones by cruel and barbarous men, and thus endured martyrdom for the name of Christ. read more


Martyrology-June 25th
Roman Martyrology-June 25th- on this date in various years-

In the territory of Guletto near Nusco, St. William, confessor, founder of the hermits of Monte Vergine.

At Beraea, the birthday of St. Sosipater, disciple of the blessed apostle Paul.

At Rome, St. Lucy, virgin and martyr, with twenty-two others.

At Alexandria, St. Gallicanus, exconsul and martyr who had been honoured with a triumph, and was held in affection by the emperor Constantine. Converted by Saints John and Paul, he withdrew to Ostia with St. Hilarinus, and consecrated himself entirely to the duties of hospitality and to the service of the sick. The report of such an event spread throughout the whole world, and from all sides many people came to see a man who had been a senator and consul now washing the feet of the poor, preparing their table, serving them, carefully waiting on the infirm, and exercising other works of mercy. Driven from this place by Julian the Apostate, he repaired to Alexandria, where, for refusing to sacrifice to idols, at the command of the judge Raucian, he was put to the sword, and thus became a martyr of Christ. read more


Often we hear the cry: what can we do when this Pope and his henchmen in the hierarchy openly profess heterodox views or, some would say, heretical views? Despite the many prayers we and others have submitted, it seems the crisis just worsens.

I believe there are many who wear the robes of ecclesiastical power and jurisdiction in the Church who are in their positions merely to have a way of “paying the bills” and they “go along to get along.” Whether they, in fact, believe in the four last things: Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell is debatable, to say the least. So, what are we poor sinners to do in such a situation? read more


Martyrology-June 24th
Roman Martyrology-June 24th- on this date in various years-

The Nativity of St. John Baptist, precursor of our Lord, son of Zachary and Elizabeth, who, while yet in the womb of his mother, was filled with the Holy Ghost.

At Rome, in the time of Nero, the commemoration of many holy martyrs. Being falsely accused of having set fire to the city, they were cruelly put to death in various manners by the emperor’s order. Some were covered with the skins of wild beasts and torn to pieces by dogs, other were fastened to crosses, others again were delivered to the flames to serve as torches in the night. All these were disciples of the apostles, and the first fruits of the martyrs which the Roman Church, a field so fertile in martyrs, offered to God even before the death of the Apostles. read more


Martyrology-June 23rd
Roman Martyrology-June 23rd- on this date in various years-

The Vigil of St. John Baptist.

At Rome, in the reign of Julian the Apostate, St. John, a priest who was beheaded on the old Salarian Way before an idol of the sun. His body was buried near those of other martyrs by the blessed priest Concordius.

Also at Rome, St. Agrippina, virgin and martyr, under the emperor Valerian. Her body was taken to Sicily, where it works many miracles.

At Sutri in Tuscany, St. Felix, priest. By the command of the prefect Turcius, he was struck on the mouth with a stone until he breathed no more. read more

Precious Blood of Jesus novena June 22-30

O my God, I beg of Thee in union with the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
through the merits of the Precious Blood offered in every Sacrifice of the Mass throughout the world,
to grant that this day one mortal sin may be averted,
one soul in doubt may be converted to the truth,
one soul about to die in sin may receive the grace of repentance and a happy death,
and the deliverance of that soul in Purgatory which is nearest Heaven.
I wish by this offering to console the Heart of Jesus
in agony for the souls lost through the teaching of error against the
True Church of Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen read more

TIA Quotes Pius XII on Tradition

In this instance, TIA avoids yet another conspiracy theory or batty prophecy – and makes a valuable point…


Tradition Is Complementary to Progress

When people use the word traditionalist, they imagine someone who is locked in the past and unwilling to admit any progress. This is a wrong notion of tradition. True tradition is the foundation for an authentic and stable progress. The following words of Pius XII make it very clear.

_______________________ read more

I have been among those who have applauded the Pope enthusiastically in the past, but lately…

Source: The Miami Herald

Pope Francis losing support in Argentina

Andrés Oppenheimer

Pope Francis is very popular around the world, but there are growing signs that his popularity is dwindling in his own country, Argentina. And there are good reasons for it.

When former archbishop of the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires Jorge Bergoglio was chosen pope of the Roman Catholic Church in 2013, there were massive celebrations in Argentina. He was the first Latin American pope, and a respected priest in Argentina, where he was known to be at odds with the corrupt populist government of former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. read more