Year of Mercy Logo Takes on New Significance

Year of Mercy Logo Takes on New Significance

that the bones you have crushed may thrill


When the website and blog, One Peter Five, published a priest named Fr Dollinger’s claim that Cardinal Ratzinger told him that there was more to the third secret of Fatima than which was revealed the Vatican immediately responded with a press office denial, paraphrasing the Pope Emeritus’s rejection of the claims as ‘pure invention’.

However, when the Pope Emeritus’s secretary Archbishop George Gangswein claimed that the Pope Emeritus’s resignation was intended to enlarge or rather ‘expand’ the papacy, controversially implying that the Office had been changed to include an active occupant and a contemplative occupant, from the Vatican press office, a statement denying this claim there came none and neither was any response from the Pope Emeritus given,

Make of that what you will, but I can’t help thinking the Year of Mercy logo has been given a whole new meaning by the hydra-headed papacy debate. Which Pope is carrying whom?

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