Hey Father Longenecker – thanks for the publicity!

Hey Father Longenecker – thanks for the publicity!

Posted by Vox Cantoris at Friday, May 27, 2016

Truly, Fathers Rosica and Longenecker, need to smarten up and not be so judgemental and uncharitable. They need to examine exactly why faithful Catholics, whom they take relish in insulting publicly, find it so necessary to counter the machinations of certain prelates and yes, even the Pope himself, through the most effective tool that we have available.

Perhaps Father Longenecker can tell us all how much money he makes from blogging at Patheos. Perhaps he can advise us how much money he puts into their bank by writing for them – a webpage that puts the one, true, faith of Catholicism on an even par with Protestantism, Hinduism, Paganism, witchcraft and atheism! Is that something that a faithful Catholic priest or layman such as Armstrong or Shea should be supporting?

What does Father Longenecker do all day?

Does he not have a family as a married priest? What about his parish? How is he able to visit the sick, bury the dead, give spiritual direction, offer the Divine Sacrifice, and otherwise manage a parish, when he writes all day about those nasty radical traditionalists that were once just known as faithful Catholics. So who changed?

I wish to address both of these priests directly.

We did not ask for this. It was thrust upon us. How do you know that our blogging is not a result of prayer and discernment? Have you considered that it is our role as Catholic men and women to stand up and fight for Holy Mother Church as she is attacked from all sides and even from within? Do you think it is possible that the Holy Spirit has called us at our Confirmations decades ago for this moment? What happened to the “god of surprises?” Who are you to judge our motivations?

How do you know that we do not have encouragement from some of your very colleagues?

Monsignors and bishops, priests and religious, heck, even a few Jesuits write me and encourage me in this work. I can write this paragraph because if it is true for me and this rather obscure blog, it follows then it must be surely true for Steve Skojec and Ann Barnhardt and poor Louie Verrecchio and Hilary White whom you forgot to chastise in your screed. What would you think if these priests actually offered the Holy Mass for us, as many of them do, as we engage in this battle?

People have set out to manipulate a Council that in a half-century would lead to a near collapse of the Faith in the West. We have sold out to a culture that is evil and dedicated to the destruction of the Church Herself because she is all that stands between Truth and the world of evil.

Some of those are indeed within Her and you think we should sit by and just let it happen?

Oh, sorry, it is all about tone and feelings, (strike your chest here and sigh, “pastoral”)

Yet, you; Father Longenecker, chose to write a column using our names that is dripping in the very venom that we bloggers are accused of undertaking. Tom Rosica has done the same thing numerous times.

What is it with you guys?

Is it classical narcissism?

Is it psychological projection?

Is it sociopathy?

It surely says much about you and your priesthoods when you consistently lead with your chins then recoil in horror that you’ve been called out by those who will not stand for it.

You think your priesthoods give you the right to publicly rail against the laity, send nasty emails and worse, which I won’t public state here.

This is the height of clericalism!

You label people, such as us, as part of a “brood of vipers” or “whitewashed sepulchres” and dare to quote Our Blessed Lord. But in my reading of Holy Writ, Our Lord was speaking of the ruling and the priestly classes, not Joachim and Miriam Hebrew.

What would you say about St. John the Baptist?

Did he not have the blog of his day on the shores of the Jordan? Would you both not call him with his feet in the River Jordan as one with in a “cesspool of hatred, venom and vitriol” as he railed against Herod and the corrupt priests, pharisees and sadducees and scribes of his day? He had his head chopped off to shut him up. I suppose we should have the same done to us or have our tongues cut out or our fingers sliced off to shut us down.

Would that you make you happy?

When was the last time either of you wrote of Asia Bibi?

Yes, please, pray for me and Ann and Hilary and Steve and Mundabor and the rest of us, we all need prayer and daily conversion.

Just like the two of you.

Oh, and thanks for the publicity!

Sorry, no link, I won’t feed the bear!

By Father Dwight Longenecker
Crux Contributor May 27, 2016

Earlier this month, Basilian Father Thomas Rosica, who serves as an English-language aide to the Vatican Press Office, launched a fierce attack on radical traditionalists in the Catholic blogosphere.
As reported by the Catholic News Service, Rosica stated, “Many of my non-Christian and non-believing friends have remarked to me that we ‘Catholics’ have turned the Internet into a cesspool of hatred, venom and vitriol, all in the name of defending the faith!”

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3 comments on “Hey Father Longenecker – thanks for the publicity!

  1. Father Longenecker is a convert Protestant preacher with a family to support. Sadly, like many converts who imbibed the fairy tale of the Pope being Simon – as in Simon says – he is busy as a bee in his effort to recreate the Catholic Church into the malformed fantasy promulgated by Her enemies.

    House divided.

    Pray for the man. He needs it if only to gain the chutzpah to own his own hypocrisy.

    • Hey, that was neat, pgmgn!

      Nicely phrased!

      I’d only add that Wrongagainecker is STILL an Anglican (i.e., a Talmudic co-conspirator) in his stony heart and that miserable lot NEVER sits still for anything actually Catholic.

      Another “fruit” of Benedict XVI’s initiative to “embrace” the Brit heretics upon whose hands the blood of their Catholic victims is still fresh.

      • Fr. Hunwicke a UK Ordinariate has posted the best exposition and criticism respectively of the true meaning of the Eucharist and the current approach of both many clergy and parishioners. He is no Longenecter.

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