Denzinger on a “Doublemint Papacy”

Denzinger INNOCENT X 1644-1655

No. 1091 Error of the Dual Head of the Church

[From the decree of the Sacred Office, Jan. 24, 1647]

The most holy … has decreed and declared heretical this proposition … there are two Catholic heads and supreme leaders of the Catholic Church, joined in highest unity between themselves”; or, “the head of the Catholic Church consists of two who are most divinely united into one”; or, “there are two supreme pastors and guardians of the Church, who form one head only.”


Recent eyewash and bafflegab about a “dual papacy” is but one more example of Newvatican’s Stalinization of defined teaching.

[ hat tip to “Maty,” a savvy trad friend on a traditional FB site ]

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6 comments on “Denzinger on a “Doublemint Papacy”

  1. As a great sage once said, “Two es Petrus.”

  2. Kudos to Tom for the hilarious graphic.

  3. This has nothing much to do with this thread, but it may be the best possible explanation for all the madness coming out of the Vatican:


  4. The best commentary to come along since the bunny with the pancake on its head:


  5. Back in the 70’s and 80’s it was fashionable to have co-pastors in certain parishes. It was a total failure for the obvious reason that the sole authority of a pastor cannot be split between two individuals.

    • I wonder if that was where the Clintonovichs got their idea for a “co-presidency” in which Bubba got to “play” president while his charming wife, Bruno, called the shots?

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