Vatican Insider: Pope Probably Dislikes America and Americans

Vatican Insider: Pope Probably Dislikes America and Americans

20 May 20162

Respected Vatican journalist John Allen reports today his speculation that Pope Francis just does not like America or Americans.

One major clue lies in the Pope’s periodic condemnation of “doctors of the law” and “traditionalists.”

But who are these vaguely-defined groups? After asking many people in and around the Vatican to identify those groups, “the answer I got most was ‘Conservative Americans,” Swiss-born Bishop Bernard Fellay of the renegade Society of St. Pius X, said in an interview with journalist Edward Pentin.

Allen writes,

One might suspect Fellay was deflecting, except for this: He’s absolutely, one hundred percent right about what one typically hears in Rome on the subject of who leaves this pope cold. By now, it’s clear that one defining feature both of Francis’ personality and his approach to governance – which shouldn’t be at all surprising, when you think about it – is a distinct ambivalence about the United States and about Americans.

Allen says the Pope’s dislike of America and Americans springs from his Latin American origin and the fact that the “resentment of the U.S. is sort mother’s milk across the region.” Allen cites various coups engineered by the the U.S. in Honduras, Chile, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic.

There is likely a fair bit of jealousy that Latin America has always stood in the religious, political and economic shadow of the United States. When U.S. presidents are not overthrowing leftist Latin American regimes, they tend to forget that Latin American even exists. This certainly must rankle even Catholic Bishops.

Allen also cites the criticism the Pope has received since his elevation and that most of it comes from conservative American circles. Rush Limbaugh called him a Marxist. American Cardinal Raymond Burke was an outspoken critic of the Vatican powers-that-be and was demoted by Francis.

Americans used to hold many positions of power in the Vatican. An American was the long-time head of the Papal Household, and the number two man at the Secretariat of State was Oklahoman Peter Wells, who is now Nuncio in South Africa.

Francis was the only Pope in the last 80 years, except John XXIII, to have never set foot in the U.S. prior to his elevation to the Papacy.

Though hundreds of thousands of Americans turned out for the Pope’s visit in September and, except for the massive fumble related to the private visit with Country Clerk Kim Davis, the visit was judged a huge success. Even so, there has been a steady chorus of criticism from US-based Catholic intellectuals and activists over many of the Pope’s utterances and seeming shifts in Catholic teachings, like communion for the divorced and civilly remarried.

At best, there is an uneasy relationship between Pope Francis and an important strata of believers in the United States.

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6 comments on “Vatican Insider: Pope Probably Dislikes America and Americans

  1. Probably hates Europe also ! Link from Breitbart :

    Pope Hails Election of Sadiq Khan, Celebrates Mass Muslim Migration Into Europe

    Pope Francis poses with a dog of the Barry Foundation of the Great St Bernard after his weekly general audience at St Peter’s square on May 18, 2016 in Vatican. / AFP / Filippo MONTEFORTE (Photo credit should read FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/Getty Images)

    by Virginia Hale22 May 20163,140

    The Pope has hailed the election of Sadiq Khan as “Muslim” mayor of London, claimed mass Muslim migration is “necessary” for Europe, and blamed Paris and Brussels for the attacks on European soil.
    In an interview with French newspaper La Croix, Pope Francis strongly implied that the terrorists who attacked Paris and Brussels did so because they “grew up in a ghetto.”

    He also applauded the election of Muslim mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, stating it “illustrates the need for Europe to rediscover its capacity to integrate,” evoking “Pope Gregory the Great, who negotiated with the people known as barbarians who were subsequently integrated.”

    However, the situation of mass Muslim migration that Europe now faces is distinctly different: the “barbarians” (the term referring in this case to Franks, Lombards and Visigoths) were Europeans, and did not follow a religion which historically, violently, conquered dozens of countries and preached supremacy.

    Even today, the Muslim country Indonesia is currently committing what has been widely described as a genocide against Christian West Papuans with mass migration, violence and the banning of Papuan nationalism.

    Pope Francis also claimed Europe’s declining birth rate is a “grave problem” that makes mass Muslim migration “necessary.” He described this “demographic emptiness” as a result of “a selfish search for well-being.”

    The Pope stated that Muslims and Christians need to learn to live peacefully together, citing Lebanon as a good example of this. Though Lebanon is perhaps not the best illustration for the Pontiff to draw upon.

    Lebanon was a majority Christian country up until the 1960s. In the 1970s, after an influx of Muslim refugees, tens of thousands of Christians were ethnically cleansed from the country.

    Since 2005 there have been as many as 14 terrorist attacks a year in Lebanon, and the UK government’s travel advice on Lebanon advises against traveling to certain parts of the country as there is a “high threat from terrorism.”

    Pope Francis criticised France’s “exaggeration” of the separation of church and state, expressing disapproval of the country’s ban on the niqab in public places. This type of veil has been banned in Muslim-majority countries Azerbaijan and Chad. Polls show the vast majority of people in Islamic countries, apart from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, widely disapprove of the garment.

    Suggesting that the fear of migration in Europe is partly based on a fear of Islam, Pope Francis was asked whether he felt that such fears are justified. He said he didn’t think that “there is a fear of Islam as such but of [Islamic State] and its war of conquest, which is partly drawn from Islam.”

    “It is true that the idea of conquest is inherent in the soul of Islam. However, it is also possible to interpret the objective in Matthew’s Gospel, where Jesus sends his disciples to all nations, in terms of the same idea of conquest,” the Pope said.

  2. “Pope Probably Dislikes America and Americans”

    No problem Jorge, the feeling is mutual, at least from this American Catholic.

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