Vatican officials downplay speculation on women deacons

Vatican officials downplay speculation on women deacons

[The papal pooper-scoopers again go into action]

Catholic World News – May 16, 2016

Two Vatican officials downplayed speculation occasioned by Pope Francis’s call for the establishment of a commission to study women deacons– “above all with regard to the early days of the Church,” as the Pope said during a question-and-answer session with women religious superiors on May 12.

In examining the Pope’s remarks, “we need to be honest” said Father Federico Lombardi, the director of the Holy See Press Office. “The Pope did not say he intends to introduce the ordination of female deacons, and even less did he talk about the ordination of women as priests.”

“The Holy Father has telephoned me, surprised about the … deaconesses!” tweeted Archbishop Angelo Becciu, the Substitute of the Secretariat of State, who coordinates the work of the Curia. “He thinks about a commission. Let us not rush the conclusions!”


In a video statement a day after the UISG meeting, Sister Carmen Sammut, president of the UISG, said of the Pope’s remarks: “He was very strong about the fact that women should be in the decision-making processes and the decision-making positions of the Church,” she said.

“About the diaconate,” she said, the sisters “had proposed that there would be a commission. He accepted that proposal and has said that he would bring that forward so that it could be studied even more than it has already. And I hope that one day there will be a real decision about this.”

FutureChurch, the Catholic organisation striving for greater recognition for the role of women within the Church, welcomed the Pope’s plans for the commission saying they had been praying for this for over ten years. In an e-newsletter sent to supporters, FutureChurch said they would “closely follow the development of the commission and other initiatives focusing on Catholic women deacons and work to influence the development of the commission to study women deacons and its membership”.

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5 comments on “Vatican officials downplay speculation on women deacons

  1. AQ’s crack -(What’s Left Of) – the – Vatican’s – Administrative – Management- Training – Program team has just released this hidden surveillance cam evidence of PR office candidates learning the ropes…

  2. Quote: “In examining the Pope’s remarks, “we need to be honest” said Father Federico Lombardi, the director of the Holy See Press Office. “The Pope did not say he intends to introduce the ordination of female deacons, and even less did he talk about the ordination of women as priests.”

    Captain Kirk: Mister Spock! Vatican officials rolling back the modernist female deacons project…
    analyze using your usual superior Vulcan logic!

    Spock: Fascinating, Captain. Perhaps Father Lombardi is aware that a Church with a Deacon Nancy Pelosi in the pulpit would clear out the pews and cut into the collection plate.

    Professor Sartre had to think about this…Would he ever attend a church where a Deacon Nancy Pelosi was giving the sermon? Hmmmm…..

    Professor Derrida: Here the discourse is being subverted as the Spirit of Vatican II jumps the shark.

    Father Sarducci: I have heard that there will also be a commission to study whether Protestants and secular progressives can become Bishops and Cardinals without having to convert to the Catholic faith.

    Hans Küng: I would like to address that!

    Father Mulcahy, S.J.: Oh, I don’t think that Protestants and secularists are allowed to become bishops. Father Gannon never would have approved of that at Fordham in his day.

    Father Copleston, S.J.: That’s never stopped Bergoglio before.

    The Professor: Why, yes, Gilligan. Can you imagine the confusion that would result if Protestants could become bishops in the Catholic Church?

    Father Mulcahy, S.J.: Of course, Pope Francis is no longer under Jesuit authority.

    Reverend Neuhaus: That’s my opening. Forgive me for interrupting again as aggressive and pushy professional Protestant converts sometimes do, but I would like to say something about the Naked Public Square in modernity and Professor Charles Taylor’s secularization theories….

  3. The elevation of Bergoglio has spawned a veritable industry of spokesmen, advisors and trolls all intent upon informing us that as Franciscus he did not state that which he clearly did, and/or, ignoring the Vatican II speak loopholes which are left to reside within the statements. Can anyone name a predecessor who required such a facility with regard to their statements?

  4. No. But his style is reflective of a type of progressive modernist that was familiar in the 1970s, one who enjoys making shocking, anti-bourgeois, anti-orthodox liberal statements while casting aspersions on opponents which demonize them. This is the scorched-earth version of progressive modernism from the Spirit of Vatican II that clears out pews and reduces the take in the collection plate. He says something outrageous then grins and laughs at those he has offended. Modernist seminaries were full of these flamboyant, passive-aggressive progressive types in the 1970s as they cleared out the pews and bankrupted entire dioceses. Think Andrew Greeley, Hans Küng, and Richard McBrien.

    There is also the possibility that this is a slightly senile modernist, thinking out loud with a very sloppy South American peasant mind that is oblivious modern media culture. Take your pick. Either way, it is a very troubling pontificate that is becoming much harder for the more smug neo-Catholics to defend with the ambiguous hermeneutics of the modernist evangelization of culture and the “New Evangelization” (although some are still bending over backwards in their hair-splitting casuistry to try to do this, as ridiculous as they are starting to sound).

    Did you hear that Pope Francis has “rebranded” the Church?
    You can’t make this stuff up:

    Pope Gets Media Attention as He Rebrands the Church and the Papacy

    Maybe Coca-Cola or Facebook will hire him.

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