In the Interests of More Efficient Blogging

In the Interests of More Efficient Blogging


Holding down a real job can get in the way of wasting my time blogging. Posting news and analysis every day is taxing.

As in most areas of Catholic life, Pope Francis has made my job easier: simply do the same thing every day! So, dear readers, I hereby present today’s Catholic news. Simply access this post every day and you will be up-to-date:

Today, Francis said and/or did something shocking and/or scandalous, throwing Catholic practice and/or teaching into turmoil.

Mark Shea and/or Jimmy Akin and/or Simcha Fisher and/or Fr. Longenecker assure everyone that Francis didn’t say that and/or he said that but it doesn’t matter and/or Catholics have always believed and/or done this.

George Wiegel is writing a 1,000 page book all about it.

No one in a diocesan news bureau cares enough to write about it, let alone denounce it.

Two to five bishops around the world lament it, in very measured terms.

Everyone (except those two to five bishops) agrees that the real problem is that there are too many traditional Catholics, and that they won’t shut up. Therefore they ridicule and scold them.

Meanwhile, traditional Catholics pray, go to confession, and drink, in random order. Their confessors tell them to have more faith and patience.

See you tomorrow! Wash, rinse, repeat!

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