Raleigh bishop calls for reversal of controversial ‘bathroom bill’

Raleigh bishop calls for reversal of controversial ‘bathroom bill’

[His Excellency is really screwed up: He breaks ranks with his fellow North Carolina Catholic Bishop Peter Jugis of Charlotte to side with the pansexualist-ethic Episcopal “bishops” in opposing the bill, but he defends his own diocese’s policies for “gender specific multi-stall bathrooms”!]

Catholic World News – May 09, 2016

BIshop Michael Burbidge of Raleigh, North Carolina, has said that state’s new law prohibiting men from using women’s restrooms should be repealed and replaced by more prudent legislation.

BIshop Burbidge– who had opposed the Charlotte ordinance that gave rise to the state law–said that the legislation was too broad, giving rise to complaints that it would result in discrimination on the basis of “gender identity.” Citing the nationwide protest campaign against the North Carolina law, the bishop said: “Maybe we tried to do too much within that one bill that has created such discord.”

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