Why Doesn’t This Surprise Me?


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4 comments on “Why Doesn’t This Surprise Me?

  1. [Nor did this surprise me]

    Officials raise transgender flag at Boston City Hall



    BOSTON — Elected officials and activists have raised a flag at Boston City Hall representing the transgender community.

    Democratic Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, a supporter of transgender rights, said Monday the flag will continue to fly until everyone is equal under the law in Massachusetts.

  2. [But this did surprise me – especially so soon]

    Boston City Hall moves transgender flag a day after raising it

    By Amanda Hoover May 3, 2016

    Less than 24 hours after Boston City Hall raised a flag in solidarity with the transgender community for the first time, a Polish flag was seen flying in its place.

    At a flag raising ceremony Monday, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said that he was proud to fly the flag for the first time in state history, and that the city would continue to do so until all people were deemed equal under Massachusetts law. Then, on Tuesday morning, Universal Hub’s Adam Gaffin tweeted a photo of the swap, noting the quick turnaround.


    Bonnie McGilpin, a spokeswoman for Walsh’s office, told Boston.com that the city raised the Polish flag Tuesday in recognition of Polish Constitution Day …

  3. [Although not for long, because …]

    Bonnie McGilpin, a spokeswoman for the Mayor’s office said that didn’t mean they were saying goodbye to the transgender flag. “The transgender flag has been moved to the flagpoles facing the Congress Street entrance to City Hall,” McGilpin said in an email statement.

  4. Not surprised, considering the gay state was the first state in the union to “legalize” homo”marriage”.
    Fortunately the average person doesn’t know what that flag is.
    At least I didn’t until seeing it and being told what it represents. Sickening!

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