Vatican should crack down on liturgical abuses, not petty trademark cases

Vatican should crack down on liturgical abuses, not petty trademark cases

By Phil Lawler | May 03, 2016

Dunno about you, but I can’t get too worked up about the merchants who sell trinkets bearing an image of Pope Francis without authorization from the Vatican. Sure, it’s a trademark infringement. Sure, the Vatican loses money (did I touch on a sore spot there?) when the merchants don’t pay the licensing fee. But in the grand scheme of things, life doesn’t change very much when a kiosk outside St. Peter’s Square sells bogus Vatican flags.

Life does change, however, when the faithful don’t have access to the sacraments (What are the times for Confessions in your parish? From 3:05 to 3:07 on alternate Saturdays?), or when pleas of the laity for reverent liturgy are ignored.

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3 comments on “Vatican should crack down on liturgical abuses, not petty trademark cases

  1. Sheesh, what happened to a poor church for the poor. Jorge, where’s your humility?

    What a crock of…..

  2. Liturgical abuses? Seriously, Phil? Isn’t that so “1980’s Wanderer”-like, dude?

    Neocat comeuppance is a treatable condition, Phil. I realize Francis has left you in the fetal position, at a complete loss for words or coherent thought. Even the NFL knows when it’s time to warm the bench because you could get really hurt, or in the case of a columnist, come out with something like “liturgical abuses.”

    In any case, thanks for the 3 AM laugh. It will help me fall back asleep.

  3. When Pope Francis starts taking an interest in liturgical abuses and begins flexing some of his Ultramontane South American peasant neo-Jansenist clericalist passive-aggression to crack down on the Novus Ordo menagerie, ping me to let me know since the blizzard from hell freezing over may throw a wrench on global warming. Likewise, if he issues an exhortation to roll back the Land O’Lakes agenda at Notre Dame. Since neither are likely to happen any time soon under this progressive pontificate, praying for a new pope might be more useful and prudential for the Church. Still, you could always give Dolan or Wuerl a call, just in case they woke up today and realized they’re supposed to be Catholic bishops.

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