To Boycott Year of Mercy is to Lose Sensus Ecclesiae?

To Boycott Year of Mercy is to Lose Sensus Ecclesiae?

Written by Michael Matt | Editor

In December of 2015, Father Celatus—a diocesan priest—penned an article for The Remnant in which he promised to boycott the Year of Mercy. At the time, Father wrote: “The Last Word is boycotting the Year of Mercy, much as we have boycotted the Luminous Mysteries and other V2 novelties. I urge all pastors and the faithful as well to be very wary of this Jubilee Year Trojan Horse.

“If Francis of Rome wants a Year of Mercy then he should act in obedience to the Blessed Mother and consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. That single act would usher in an entire era of divine mercy and peace for the Church and world. But short of that long overdue act of consecration we should not expect mercy but rather an ever intensifying application of divine wrath upon the V2 church and world. Regrettably, there is little hope for divine clemency under the pontificate of Francis, who continually proves to be an unprecedented chastisement and scourge upon the Church and world.” READ FATHER’S ARTICLE HERE

REMNANT COMMENT: Lately, traditional Catholics are being told that to boycott the Year of Mercy would indicate a schismatic mentality of sorts. Father Franz Schmidberger of the SSPX, for example, noted in a recent letter that “the criticism here and there against any participation in the Holy Year…[is] cause for concern…[that] indicates a creeping loss of the sensus Ecclesiae.”

We here at The Remnant have a confession to make: We’re less than inclined to play along with the bizarre agenda of the most dangerous pope in history, who is at this moment and according to many serious Catholics—including the top philosopher in Germany (highly regarded by Pope Benedict XVI)—threatening to divide the Church by causing an actual schism. Does this mean that we too have a “creeping loss of the sensus Ecclesiae?”

What do you think: Should we all be enthusiastically celebrating Pope Francis’ Holy Year of Mercy?

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4 comments on “To Boycott Year of Mercy is to Lose Sensus Ecclesiae?

  1. I think those who subscribe to either side of the argument seem to be making something out of nothing.

    Firstly, it should be obvious that the Pope has the authority to declare a year of Mercy, but my question is to both sides is, how does one exactly participate or not participate in the year of mercy? – Maybe it is something I missed. Is there something we should or should not be doing?

    The Remnant want to act like they are playing the hard line and Fr. Schmidberger seems to want to rightly correct a mentality which would make little of the Popes legitimate authority. However, I don’t think the ‘year of mercy’ topic is one for doing so.

  2. I think you’re missing the fact that this year of mercy–sorely lacking any mention of the Sacred Heart and its elements of the Passion– is the herald of the pornographic exhortation ‘a Mortis laetitia.’

    God have mercy on us.

  3. I think while you can take the papal document how you want, I still think objectively speaking the points made are valid regardless of how the document is taken and regardless of who which pontiff has given it. If we start to go down the road, of O but this was written by such and such a Pope, then we start to go down the road of subjectivism.

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